Supplements to Take For Muscle Growth

You want to be successful in muscle building and change your diet so that your sporting activity is finally worthwhile? Then you should know that good protein is of primary importance for the formation of dry muscle mass. Not just any protein, but a balanced supplement plan tailored to your goal is recommended.


Supplement Plan for Successful Muscle Building

Successful Muscle Building

The fact is that the formation of muscle mass does not work without training or protein. The quality of your diet is a decisive criterion, which also extends to the selection of proteins and a concrete supplement plan. Here you will find an immense selection of supplements that promote muscle mass formation and support your training. The body can only form a part of the important proteins themselves, whereby the supply of essential amino acids is part of your food intake in muscle building. With Update Nutrition®, you will find the right protein for every requirement and requirement in high quality and the best properties. In muscle building, the supplements must be effectively absorbed by the body and metabolized well. Find your personal supplement plan and take advantage of consulting you with specialists and recommending products based on your training goal.

Since we offer you low prices, you can easily order a muscle-building package or muscle building pro package with various Update Nutrition® products. Our 100% CFM Whey Protein Isolate, Pure Creatine and Pump Booster are also recommended for your optimal supplement plan. A matching shaker is available for free.


Whey Protein Isolate – lactose-free and rich in protein.

Whey Protein Isolate

Among all muscle building products, Whey Protein Isolate has proven to be the most popular supplement. This is not least due to the high quality and the amount of pure protein, which is incomparable with 90% and a high proportion of essential amino acids. You can specifically do without unnecessary fats and lactose by integrating this product in your supplement plan. In the numerous flavours such as cherry, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla and many other aromatizations, you will quickly find exactly the product that supports your training and provides you with valuable protein.

We recommend taking a portion of protein for three to four hours. This interval has proved helpful in professional muscle building. You can find out more about our product pages’ ingredients, where we provide you with all information transparently and clearly. The 100% CFM Whey Protein Isolate is made in Germany and is, therefore, a decision you make for safety and the highest quality diet standards for muscle building. Basically, we offer you quality from Switzerland and Germany in the shop. Also, a service that supports your decision and includes answering all questions.


Nutrition product for the first time?

We are happy to help you put together the optimal supplement plan and change your diet to the intended training goal. We can’t take the physical activity for muscle building off you. When it comes to your diet and the supply of important proteins according to an optimal supplement plan, we are your partner with many years of experience and the highest quality products.


Cheap offers in a carefully compiled protein pack

As a professional athlete, you need a meticulous selection of protein. Our Muscle Building Pro package includes everything that strengthens you for exhausting training and supports dry muscle mass formation. For maximum effects in muscle building, this package is optimal by assembling different products before and after training. You get a 100% CFM Whey Protein Isolate (1000 g), a Night Protein (750 g), Amino Liquid (1000 ml), Pump Booster (1000 g) and Pure Creatine (500 g) in the Muscle Builder Pro Package.

If you strictly adhere to the intake plan and the recommended amount of intake, you will accelerate muscle building and see a result within a short time. All products for your balanced supplement plan are optimal amino acids for the body.

The maximum quality factor ensures a clear conscience and your assurance that you decide with these products health and purposeful.


The Supplement Plan by Training Goal

There is no universal supplement plan suitable for every athlete. If you focus on your training goal and know your personal needs, you can supply yourself with sufficient protein. Your body weight and daily diet are included in the planning of the additional diet and are basic elements you have to consider when feeding protein. Excess does not achieve a larger or faster effect. On the other hand, a targeted supplement plan helps you accelerate your muscle building and achieve the desired result. Your body does not have to do without recovery phases and the necessary rest. Proteins for the night, which are processed by the body during sleep and absorbed at this resting stage, are just as important as your protein intake for the time after the workout.


Advice for beginners – which protein in what amount?

You are just starting with muscle building and do not know which product is optimal for you and which protein achieves which effect? We will not leave you alone with your questions and help you develop and develop a supplement plan. Get your support for muscle building supported. You only have to train yourself, but we are an optimal contact person and guide when it comes to your diet.

We are happy to put together a high-quality supplement plan together with you and recommend the advantages of our Update Nutrition® products.

Do you not want to order directly, but ask some questions in advance and accept our offer to prepare your supplement plan? You reach and send an e-mail to, and you can be sure that we will treat your concerns with the utmost competence.

Choosing a protein that matches your muscle building is crucial to your success. In our shop, you will find high-quality offers for every need and every training goal. The quality at a reasonable price will inspire you. We are your contact when it comes to continuous and sustainable muscle building and the necessary supplement plan.

Our protein portfolio offers you the best conditions for a healthy and balanced lifestyle through high-quality supplementary food.

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