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Many sleepers find a soft mattress more comfortable than a harder mattress. However, it is often challenging to find a flexible mattress that supports the body well. Indeed, the spine of sleepers tends to sink too deep into it. Mattresses with low firmness often cause poor sleep, increased fatigue, stress and back and neck pain.

So that you don’t have that uncomfortable feeling every morning when you wake up and you can keep sleeping on a soft mattress, we’ve summarized the most important features for choosing the best soft mattress. In addition to a pleasant feeling of sleep and sleeping, the mattress’s stability and the dimensions of your body are also important. Finally, we’ll give you our best recommendations for mattresses.


Making the difference between stability and firmness

Making the difference between stability and firmness

Stability is one of the deciding factors in the purchase of a flexible mattress. In fact, in-store or online, you need to focus on three criteria when buying your mattress:

  • The welcome of the mattress
  • The mattress support
  • The suspension of the mattress

Stability plays an important role when buying any mattress, regardless of its level of firmness. After all, every sleeper must be well supported. However, it is a mistake to confuse the concept of stability with the degree of firmness and, therefore, with a mattress’s comfort.

Very important: stability is not equal to firmness.

Indeed, you should know that even a firm mattress can have poor stability. Besides, a mattress can be both fluffy or extra-soft while having a firm or substantial support. The stability takes into account the level of support of your spine. A good level of stability will ensure a healthy position for your back.

If a mattress cannot relieve your pressure points and keep your spine in a good alignment, you will wake up after only a few days with intense pain. In the short term, it may not be such a big problem, especially for young sleepers. But if you have a bad sleep because of your bedding and back pain, we advise you to change mattresses.

Stability indicates how well a mattress can hold the spine in the correct orientation and support it by reducing and relieving pressure points. The firmness, on the other hand, only shows the hardness of the mattress. Indeed, the level of firmness will help you to have a feeling of comfort when you lie down on the mattress.

If you are considering buying a fluffy mattress, you should pay particular attention to the materials used for its design and how the layers are positioned. We advise you to choose a mattress with a quality base layer with high-quality cold foam or polyurethane foam. It can also be essential to support the transition or comfort layers in cold foam.

Many mattresses now have built-in sleeping areas. These sleeping areas regulate and control the sinking of your body into the mattress. Your body needs to sink deeper in some areas of the mattress and less in others. For example, you should sink more into the shoulder and pelvis area than into the head or leg area. That’s why we recommend you pay special attention to “little things” such as rest areas.


What kind of sleepers is the soft mattress for?

We recommend the purchase of a soft mattress for people of lower body size. Indeed, for people with strong builds, it may collapse too quickly. Indeed, the biggest “risk” is that the mattress will sag very quickly and that your body will no longer be maintained optimally. This poor choice of firmness will result in back pain and restless sleep because the mattress will not properly support your body.


What materials to choose for my soft mattress?

The firmness of a mattress varies depending on the materials used. For example, memory foam mattresses are more flexible than those made with cold foam. They are appreciated by people looking for comfort and relaxation. However, be aware that a memory foam mattress is not necessarily soft; it can also be substantial. It all depends on the models, the marks and the composition of the other foams.

A good soft mattress is often fitted with memory foam. The advantage of memory foam is that it is very adaptable. NASA originally designed this type of foam to facilitate space travel. The foam’s objective was to reduce pressure points. The same goes for the mattress.

The foam distributes the pressure exerted by the sleeper on the mattress over the entire mattress. Pressure points are reduced and relieved, allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep. But the downside of memory-shaped foams is that they absorb much more heat than other types of foam. If you are one of those who sweat a lot at night or generally do not like to sleep warm, you can turn to materials like latex, gel foam, or similar materials. It is also important to know that many universal memory foam mattresses have a thermo-regulatory cover to compensate for this perspiration problem.


What sleep position should I prefer?

Your sleeping position is significant for choosing your mattress. Depending on whether you sleep most often on your stomach, back or side, some mattresses will be more suitable than others. Note, however, that better quality mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions.

The drawing below will help you choose the level of firmness based on your favourite sleep position.

As you can in the evening, the ideal position to sleep on a fluffy mattress is the side position on the side. To sleep comfortably in this sleeping position and spend restful nights, we recommend that you sleep with a beautiful Oreilly so that your necks are well maintained and the spine stays straight.


Our selection of the Good soft mattresses

The Emma Original Matelas – Good Soft Mattress

As you will see in our comparisons of the different mattresses, we always rank the mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10 to orient ourselves. On our scale, a degree of firmness, the fluffy mattresses rated 0 to 4 points.

The Emma Original mattress – soft mattress – 4/10

It is the preferred universal mattress of the French and number 1 in sales!

Emma Original is a cold foam mattress, which is also combined with other high-quality foam. The original aspect of the mattress lies in the fact that it offers gradual and adaptable damping.

Foams help reduce the temperature. We did not sweat during our tests. Besides, both foams adapt to the contours of the body and reduce pressure points.

The Emma Original mattress was named “Product of the Year 2022” and scored the highest in the UFC Que Choose rankings.

Check out the reviews of our independent testers on the Emma Original mattress.

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A good soft mattress: the most important points

Quelmatelas recommends paying attention to the following when purchasing a soft mattress:

  • Excellent and high stability of the mattress.
  • Cold foam or polyurethane foam as a base.
  • Watch out for comfort zones or shoulder areas.
  • If you sweat quickly, we advise you to choose a mattress with memory foam as the top layer but latex or gel foam.
  • If you are a heavy sleeper, choose a firmer mattress like the Eve Hybrid mattress, Hypnia Comfort Plus, Emma One or Tiber.
  • Soft mattresses are best suited to side sleepers.

Overall, the choice of firmness of a mattress will depend on your morphology and the balance between flexibility and firmness you are looking for.


Our recommendations

You often ask us if a soft mattress is suitable for back pain. For many sleepers, back pain is a frustrating part of their nightly routine. Back pain can occur for any sleeper, regardless of the position you sleep in. Besides, it can be caused by a wide variety of factors, but one of the most common is the wrong choice of the mattress’s firmness level. Most people who suffer from back pain need a balanced mattress and see a mid-firm or firm mattress. A soft mattress, even if it looks comfortable, can create additional back problems and pain.

In short, a fluffy mattress may be suitable for many sleepers and sleeping positions. In general, softer mattresses are ideal for side sleepers. The softer layers allow for better adaptation of pressure zones and better support along the body’s curves. Some people sleeping on their backs and tummy may also enjoy the softer feel, but it’s really a matter of personal preference.

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