Smoke Coming Out of the Air Conditioner Condenser

If on cold days you notice that your outdoor unit is smoking, don’t worry, it’s not about to catch fire, nor will it be harmful to your health, you’re just doing the vaporization that mixes hot air with cold air.

This is a completely normal activity. It is the same as transmitting this fact to our daily actions, such as taking a can of soda from the freezer. You can see that the smoke comes out of the can as soon as it is exposed to the hot air of the street. The same goes for the airtight system of your air conditioner. A thermal shock is caused by sudden changes in temperature. That is, the water contained in the condenser evaporates at the time the appliance starts operating on a cold day.


Smoke Coming Out of the Air Conditioner Condenser

Air Conditioner Condenser

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Smoke exhaust doesn’t just happen on Split and Janeiros models. For those who have air conditioning in their car, you can also notice that there is a transformation of matter from the liquid state to a gaseous state. However, this chemical production only occurs from the moment it has two different climates in the environment. For example, if it’s cold on the street and I turn on the air in hot mode.


When smoke is a device problem

If you notice that this upstream smoke is not just water vapour, start imagining the potential problems that are causing this. In some cases, smoke may come from the ventilation system of the appliance. If this is the problem, it’s probably coming out of the engine compartment. This happens if there are any wires that touch any material, such as the exhaust pipe. This and other electrical problems should be corrected as they present a risk of short circuits and fires.


Smoke identification

In any case, it is necessary to identify the type of smoke coming out of the condenser. The best method is by smell. Another method that is very easy to identify smoke is its density. When the flow is visible, it means that the source is very close to the air inlet. If the smoke is thick enough to contaminate much of the air conditioning site, it means it has some burning component. If the smoke emitted by the appliance is not water vaporization, turn off the equipment immediately and call a service technician.

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