Sleepyhead Mattress Review

Faced with foreign players such as Emma, Eve or Simba, the French Sleepyhead strengthens its position in the bedding market. The Toulouse-based company now offers a range of mattresses on the internet at attractive prices. She capitalized on a unique model that allows you to try the product at home for 120 days to be convinced.

To meet the ever-increasing demand since the health crisis, Sleepyhead has not hesitated to expand its product range. It now has no less than 9 mattresses to its credit, many of which combine bagged springs and memory foam. The French brand is banking on premium materials to become the new benchmark in the sector.

Hypatia’s success is because she has developed a range of quality mattresses. Today, she does not hesitate to communicate about the rate of returns of her beds. In total, less than 3% of all mattresses sold are returned. This figure is well below the industry average (between 5 and 10%), attesting to the French public’s satisfaction. To show its confidence in its product, it even offers 15 years of warranty.

Below, we’ll go into more detail with our review of Sleepyhead and its mattresses. That said, society goes much further than its sleeping quarters—some of the largest selections of duvets, pillows, beds/box springs and other bed linens. So you can renew all your bedding with Sleepyhead, but it doesn’t cost you too much.


Sleepyhead, a brand with 9 mattresses

We said earlier in this review about Sleepyhead; the French brand has a wide range of sleeping. There are two types of mattresses: foam mattresses (form memory or not) and hybrid mattresses. These combine both form memory foam with stained springs. The rendering is much more upscale than conventional foam mattresses, but the price is higher.

In this range of 9 mattresses, hypnosis has, however, some bestsellers. It is precisely on these that we will focus below in our opinion on Sleepyhead mattresses. These include the Comfort Plus mattress (form memory), vitality mattress (form memory) and the Supreme Wellness mattress (hybrid mattress).

Let’s look back at the various sleep accessories that the French brand highlights even further down this page. Sleepyhead offers a series of duvets, pillows, bed linens and other beds and furniture to all its guests. A bit like its rival Eve, it offers low prices on these products. In the end, it’s well worth it to equip himself entirely at home.


The Comfort Plus mattress is a bestseller.

Sleepyhead changed the codes in 2013 with a concept from the United States: the mattress in a box. Behind this anglicism, an up-and-coming concept: a mattress bought on the internet, delivered to you in a cardboard box (rolled and compressed). Once received, the customer takes the compressed mattress out of the cardboard to take its final shape. After a few hours, the Sleepyhead mattress will look like a standard bed.

The reality is that Sleepyhead mattresses are much better than the average mattresses found in a classic bedding shop. Indeed, by ignoring a physical presence, the brand reduces its costs (rents, wages …). It will then directly pass on the savings to the final price of the customers. The latter pay on average 2 to 3x less a Sleepyhead mattress than a similar store model.

Among Sleepyhead’s best-selling mattress models is Comfort Plus. It isn’t easy to find better in the French manufacturer’s range in terms of value for money. With a price of 350 and 600 euros, it is also the mattress that corresponds to the largest public. It is also for this reason that it enjoys such success.

The Comfort Plus mattress is 25 cm thick, and its composition is basic – but effective. The brand capitalizes on a thick layer of memory foam to bring a real comfort of sleep without the sleeper sinking too deep into the sleeping.

  • A micro-perforated cover: this cover that coats the mattress is anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic and above all, breathable. It ensures optimal ventilation of the mattress and shape memory. The latter is particularly hot, which can sometimes cause a feeling of warmth when the mattress is not balanced. At Sleepyhead, you won’t have that discomfort at all.
  • A layer of memory foam form: 8 centimetres of memory foam form, it’s very generous. With this layer, Sleepyhead provides relief from all the pressure points of the body with effective support. The foam adapts to each’s morphology, and it ensures the independence of the beds (for couples).
  • High resilience foam: As in all mattresses, a thick high-resilience foam (17 cm) supports the body and the mattress structure. It ensures an unformable mattress and maximizes the life of the product.

Our opinion on this Mattress Sleepyhead is as follows: it is a rather simple product with 2 layers, but it goes straight to the essentials. While some mattress brands multiply the layers (sometimes up to 5 or 6) for their mattress, Sleepyhead remains at its most basic. And that’s what allows it to offer such an interesting price for form memory. If you want to buy French and quality, this is a perfect choice.

The reviews are unanimous on this Sleepyhead product: the mattress gets a score of 4.7 / 5 out of more than 1,300 customer feedback. Keep in mind that it is a mattress with a thick layer of memory form rather soft. If you prefer a firm mattress, you should choose other manufacturer models (such as Vitality or Supreme Welfare). The great advantage of this Comfort Plus mattress is that it helps to lower back pain.

In terms of availability, the Sleepyhead Comfort Plus mattress comes in 11 different sizes. Prices range from 339 to 599 for the largest format (180 x 200 cm). It should be noted that the brand also adds 2 pillows as a bonus for any purchase of a mattress. This is a real reduction, especially when you know that the cushions can quickly cost between 40 and 100 euros each.


The Vitality mattress, a fresh and sporty bed

While the Comfort Plus mattress is the best selling among Sleepyhead’s memory foam mattresses, the Vitality model also enjoys great popularity. If the Comfort Plus version is softer and more comfortable, it is for well-being and recovery. If you are a sportsman or if you have an intense pace of life, this is the one that will allow you to recover to the best.

As you will see with this Sleepyhead mattress composition in our review, it focuses on freshness and ventilation. Everything is designed to offer a fresh mattress that helps you fall asleep and avoids perspiration. To this, it also ensures good maintenance and relief of pressure points. In the reviews published by clients on the Sleepyhead website, many highlight restorative sleep and the disappearance of body ailments (back, shoulders, neck).

In terms of thickness, the mattress measures 25 cm, like the Comfort Plus model. This is already a positive point that says a lot about quality. Medium quality mattresses are between 15 and 20 cm, so this is a promising first sign. Below is the detailed composition of the product:

  • A micro-perforated cover: it’s the same cover as the Comfort Plus mattress; it brings softness and an efficient ventilation system for the mattress. Note that on the side of the Vitality mattress, 2 strips provide ventilation on side parts.
  • A memory foam cover: In the Sleepyhead Vitality mattress, the memory foam layer is more sophisticated. It is only 5 cm, but it has the merit of incorporating refreshing gel microbeads. The feeling of heat is even less present; it dissipates thanks to these microbeads immediately. These also make it easier to recover after an intense day (sport or lifestyle).
  • High resilience foam: As with the Comfort Plus mattress, there is a high-resilience foam on the lower part. Here, it measures 20 cm thick and guarantees even better support. Proportionately, this foam is much thicker than on the Comfort Plus mattress. The reception will therefore be less mellow, but the support will be firm.

With the Vitalité mattress, Sleepyhead offers an alternative to the Comfort Plus model with a more toned bed. For those willing to have a little less softness to recover better, remove pressure points and relax the joints, the Vitality model will be a perfect choice. It helps to wake up more effectively in the morning.

To finish our review on Sleepyhead and this mattress, let’s now turn to the price. This model is not fundamentally more expensive than the one presented above. The price range ranges from 389 to 659, depending on the format you choose. In the case of sleeping in a place, you will also receive a pillow offered. In case you take a 2-seater format, two pillows are included. The value for money is really excellent here, too; you are guaranteed to have a perfect memory shaped mattress for a reasonable price.

The Vitality mattress is less popular than the Comfort Plus model, and this can also be seen in the number of reviews. On the site, 371 people left their opinion on this Vitality mattress. That said, the average score is excellent since he got a score of 4.7/5, like his counterpart. Sleepyhead is a sure bet if you want a good bed, and this model is a perfect example.


The Supreme Wellness Mattress, the ultimate luxury

In addition to its range of memory foam mattresses, Sleepyhead has also implemented a range of hybrid mattresses. These are made of memory foam, latex and stained springs. They are very efficient and cheaper than similar mattresses found in traditional bedding stores (and most competitors on the internet).

The best sale at home is none other than the Supreme Wellness mattress, which we will dissect in our review of Sleepyhead. Interestingly enough, it’s not much more expensive than Comfort Plus and Vitality mattresses – yet it brings an ultimate level of comfort. It is 30 cm thick, which is already very thick for a consumer mattress. No actor on the internet offers such a thick mattress.

In this bed, we find no less than 5 different layers that come to overlap and bring a new comfort of sleep. With natural materials (latex, bamboo cover), you will also rule out allergy risks. This Sleepyhead Wellness Supreme mattress is a good choice if you want to sleep comfortably while protecting your joints and relieving body pain.

In terms of composition, here’s what you need to know:

  • A bamboo protective cover: The Supreme Wellness mattress is an even more premium product than the two beds shown above. For the occasion, Sleepyhead decided to propose a tick (cover) made of bamboo fibres. The latter has naturally absorbent properties, avoids any moisture, and helps to ward off heat. With this cover, the memory foam will not give you any feeling of warmth.
  • A memory foam: Sleepyhead is a reference in the form of memory foam. This premium model incorporates 5 cm of high-density memory foam that will ensure optimal reception. It will not be too soft or too hard, and it will therefore be able to relieve your pressure points (hip, shoulders, back, lumbar…).
  • A layer of natural latex: Sleepyhead only adds natural latex to its premium mattresses. Here, 2.5 cm of natural latex amplifies the comfort of the memory foam. This not only enhances its efficiency (elasticity) but also lengthens the life of the mattress.
  • A honeycomb foam: To relieve pressure and keep the spine straight, Sleepyhead adds a honeycomb foam to the Supreme Wellness mattress that aligns the spine regardless of your position. This layer allows the mattress to fit to provide maximum comfort while protecting your back.
  • A support foam: just above the famous layer of stained springs, we first have a support foam. This one provides balanced support to the mattress.
  • A layer of 20 cm bagy springs: the lower part of the mattress comprises baked springs. Depending on the mattress size you take, you can have up to 1,740 bagy springs on this part. The fact that each spring is in a pouch ensures the bed’s independence and cancels out the spring’s unpleasant sensation. With this layer, you are guaranteed to have comfort as in the hotel to protect the 7 sensitive areas of the body (head, shoulders, back, lumbar, buttocks, thighs and legs).

Clearly, in our opinion, Sleepyhead offers the best choice with this Supreme Wellness mattress. It combines the two most premium and popular technologies: memory foam and the bagy springs. It’s an even more generous level of comfort than the Comfort Plus mattress, that’s clear. Don’t see the stained springs like the old metal springs. Today it is the highest-end of the brand.

If this model convinces us so much, it is because the value for money is excellent. We have seen the quality above in this review on this Sleepyhead Wellness Supreme, so we must now look at the price. The first model (90 x 190 cm) starts at 399 degrees. It climbs up to 679 degrees (with the current discount) for the largest size, i.e. 180 x 200 cm. Here, pillows are not available.

Without a discount, the Supreme Wellness mattress is still about 100 euros more expensive than the Comfort Plus and Vitality mattresses. That said, with a discount, they have almost the same price. For a hybrid bed of this type, you won’t find a better price elsewhere. At Emma, Simba or Eve, these products will quickly go beyond the 1,000 euros for larger sizes.

Moreover, by opting for a mattress at Sleepyhead, you buy a French product. When you know that most of the best mattresses online are foreign, it’s a little pride. The Toulouse-based company is very competitive on its products, although it has a little less visibility. It has chosen to restrict its marketing budgets to better invest in products.


Why buy the Sleepyhead mattress?

Why buy the Sleepyhead mattress

We saw it above in our review of Sleepyhead; the quality is at the rendezvous. Also, the brand offers some of the cheapest beds on the market, given the quality. On the web, few brands do as well. In physical shops, we’re a long way from that. If Sleepyhead mattresses are average 2 to 3 times cheaper than an equivalent mattress in-store, it is because the brand saves money on all positions.

It saves rent costs, salaries, and other complex logistics by ignoring in-store sales and focusing on the internet. By lowering these costs, Sleepyhead can also reduce the costs charged to customers. The latter end up with a cheaper and just as a qualitative product than models at more than 1,500 euros in store.

Certainly, some will object that it is not possible to try the mattress before the purchase. That’s true, but Sleepyhead found a pretty unbeatable parade. By purchasing its product, you will have a 120-night trial period to convince yourself of the mattress. It’s even better than testing it in-store since you will be able to test it in real conditions. Sleepyhead does better than Emma(read our test on Emma here), which only offers 100 nights of testing.


How does a purchase at Sleepyhead work? Once you have ordered the mattress on the site, you will then have the product delivered in a carton. The mattress will be rolled and compressed to take up as little space as possible (lower carrier costs). So you can easily have it delivered to your home… or at the office, it won’t take up much space. Once opened at home, it will take a few hours for it to take its final form. If you don’t like it at any time, a carrier will pick it up as it is (open), and the refund will be made to you in the aftermath.

Quality and price are not everything; the overall experience must be successful. And this is also the case with the French Sleepyhead. Beyond the management of delivery and returns, it is flexible in all aspects. One can mention the free delivery that is provided in less than 72 hours. There is also the possibility of having a payment facility in 3 or 4 x without charge.

As you saw earlier in our review of Sleepyhead, the brand is one of the longest offering trial period (120 nights). To this, it is the brand that offers the longest warranty on its mattresses: 15 years. So you are quiet throughout the period, the brand will then recover (or refund you) in case of default that came to appear.


A complete bedding brand

While Emma or Simba have deliberately limited the range of sleep accessories, Eve and Sleepyhead have made real efforts on this. Sleepyhead is the only brand on the internet to offer mattresses (Bambou or reversible). It also gives the possibility to equip itself with bed linen (duvet, pillows …), box springs, beds and other bedside tables.

Sleepyhead thinks above all of its customers, whose interest is to change all their bedding simultaneously. Indeed, to get all the benefits of a new mattress, it is highly advisable to take new pillows, duvets and box springs. This will allow you to make sleeping last longer and in better conditions. On average, you have to change it every 10 years.

A range of two mattresses

Sleepyhead mattresses are a good alternative if you don’t want to change mattresses directly. Indeed, if you have a mattress that gets a little damaged, the mattress is a one-off solution that allows you to get a second life for your sleeping without having to take out the amount of a new mattress.

At Sleepyhead, there are two types of mattresses. The most premium is the Bamboo mattress, which is very successful in France. It is a layer that is composed of 100% memory foam form (8 cm). It is coated with a bamboo fibre cover that ventilates the mattress and softens the sleeper. If you’re looking to add comfort and softness to your aging mattress, this is a great choice. In terms of price, it takes between 150 and 210 euros depending on the format chosen.

The second mattress we will see in our review on Sleepyhead is the reversible model (summer/winter). The latter is not composed solely of memory foam form. The latter measures only 2 cm, and it is on the “winter” side of the mattress (warmer). On the “summer” side, there is 3 cm of more classic and fresher high-resilience foam. The whole is 5 cm thick, and it is coated with a cover that breathes. It is less fresh than the natural bamboo cover, but it really helps to freshen up the Bamboo mattress. At the fare level, the reversible mattress costs between 120 and 170 euros.


Pillows, duvets, mattress pads

If you take a mattress from Sleepyhead, you will get one or two pillows for free by default. That said, you can also buy more sophisticated pillows at his official shop. While the 100% ergonomic memory-shaped pillow is popular (and inexpensive), the Fraicheur model is the brand’s ultimate luxury. It combines form memory with CoolGel technology that helps you sleep. Both models, however, remain below 50 cent€ each, including discounts.

Without going into too much detail in our opinion on Sleepyhead, 2 duvets are available in French. There are a spring/summer duvet and another autumn/winter. While some internet brands have found a solution to have a 4-season duvet (such as Eve Matelas and her wide range of accessories), Sleepyhead continues to offer two solutions. So you will have to buy both if you want to hold on to a full year. The two combined will not even cost you 100 euros; it’s an excellent value for money.


A clear range of beds and box springs

To finish this part of our Sleepyhead review on sleep products, we will come to beds and other box springs. The brand offers a range of 3 beds and 3 box springs. They are of good quality and can enhance the benefits of the Sleepyhead mattress. The Scandinavian and Contemporary beds are very finely crafted, and their price is affordable: less than 300 euros each. A modern bed with LEDs on the top is available for less than 500 euros.

As for the box springs, there are three: a box spring, a slatted box spring with studs and a Scandinavian box spring. The first two are the most expensive (less than 300 euros in all cases) because they include a more solid part. They offer complementary support to the mattress, and this allows for even better comfort. That said, the Scandinavian box spring is beautiful, and it will sublimate a room.


French and organised support

Of course, Sleepyhead is a French brand (from Toulouse), and she was able to organize herself to accompany her customers easily. Unlike Eve, Simba or Emma, who come from abroad, Sleepyhead has managed to create an organization to meet her clientele’s needs. Before the purchase, after the purchase or for the return, the brand is very reactive.

To illustrate his efforts, just go to each page’s foot: the customer support’s phone number is displayed there. So you have no problem contacting customer service at any time of the day to get an answer to your questions. No rival puts as much emphasis on its telephone customer support as Sleepyhead. Only Eve offers a phone line that is readily available for help. Emma and Simba do not have a live number.

If you don’t want to exchange by phone, you can also contact Sleepyhead through alternative communication means. Between the mail, the contact form or social networks, the French mattress brand is present everywhere.


Our final opinion on Sleepyhead Matelas

After unpacking all the details about the brand, here is the final verdict: our opinion on Sleepyhead. The French brand has put all the chances on its side to become a giant of the online mattress. In 2022, it grew dramatically with the health crisis that forced people to buy on the web. They also understood that mattresses (and sleep) were crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

To cater to a vast audience, Sleepyhead has designed a complete range. While its spearhead remains the memory foam, it still managed to produce a hybrid mattress with high-quality banged springs. In our opinion, Sleepyhead stands out on two excellent products: the Comfort Plus mattress (memory foam) and the Supreme Well-being (hybrid).

Both products offer an excellent experience and royal comfort without being too expensive. The value for money of these products, even without the discount, is excellent. On hybrid mattresses, Sleepyhead places a notch below all its online rivals. It is among the cheapest on memory foam form, but it is also mostly among the best.

The French brand is now one of the leading brands of mattresses sold on the internet. She has managed to develop beds that correspond to the greatest number and offer complete satisfaction. On the independent website Trusted Shops, she received a score of 4.8/5 for more than 6,000 customer reviews.

It must be said that its model pleases: 120 nights of testing to convince the product is good. It is also compelling when you know that it is possible to test the product at home without any risk. Sleepyhead customer support is organized to recover the sleeping if you do not please. This is a good way to get a real idea of the product. Note that all the brand beds provide relief to your joints, which allows you to avoid a lot of pain.

To conclude our opinion on Sleepyhead, we will end with its range of sleep products. Sleepyhead is really strong with a full range, with good warranties and even trial periods. So you can buy complete bedding at her without breaking the bank. In any case, you will have the option to stagger the payment in 3 or 4x at no cost, not to feel your investment passing.

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