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The internet bedding market has grown considerably over the past decade. The health crisis has further reinforced this trend, and leaders are further strengthening their lead. Among them is the British brand SleepyCat, whose premium mattresses are unanimous. He sold more than a million units of his history mattress, the SleepyCat Hybrid.

Unlike its German counterpart Emma, SleepyCat capitalizes on higher-end beds. While its range has long been made up of a single “universal” mattress, the company unveiled in October 2022 a new model, even more, comfortable and premium. What about value for money? What about quality? You will find out all our answers in our review of SleepyCat below.

Before going into detail, we must recall the main reasons for the brand’s success: a quality product, a price defying all competition, a trial period of 200 nights, a 10-year guarantee and a payment staggered 12 times without charge. All these assets make SleepyCat Matelas one of the elite in Europe for its sleeping areas.


SleepyCat has long relied on a single mattress.

SleepyCat has long relied on a single mattress

If you have read our opinion on the Emma mattress, you will understand that these new companies have the same objective: to offer a good quality mattress, delivered at home (rolled and compressed), at a very competitive price. They do not hesitate to offer a long trial period that allows them to reassure themselves about the comfort of sleeping. At SleepyCat, for example, you will be able to test the mattress for 200 nights at home: if it does not convince you, a carrier will pick it up at no cost to you.

For a long time, SleepyCat was content with only one mattress in its range: the SleepyCat Hybrid. This model is already among the best mattresses available on the internet. You’ll see below on this page of reviews on SleepyCat the product’s composition: stained springs in titanium and foam with graphite, a perfect combination for ultimate comfort. No pure-player web does so well.

In October 2022, the English brand decided to offer a new, even more premium model. While some actors like Emma or Eve are getting closer to the SleepyCat Hybrid model, the British company wanted to set the bar even higher. The SleepyCat Hybrid Pro is even more sophisticated, but it is also 50% more expensive. If you want luxury for a mattress on the internet, you don’t have to look for it anymore: here it is.

The SleepyCat Hybrid, historic mattress

After Emma, SleepyCat is probably the most well-known bedding brand on the internet in Europe. However, the company is targeting a more premium niche with more sophisticated beds. In return, they are also a little more expensive than another pure player on the internet. That said, its beds remain 2 to 3x cheaper than equivalent models in a traditional bedding store.

To get to the heart of the success, we will first start our opinion on SleepyCat with the Hybrid model. It is still today the most popular model by the French. With the Hybrid Pro version’s arrival, this basic model has seen its price drop a little. This price repositioning allows it to be even more attractive in the face of competition.

Clearly, the SleepyCat Hybrid mattress is among the best products available on the internet. The brand wanted to combine all the best materials in one mattress to offer ultimate comfort, maximum relaxation to its users and an anti-mite bed. At 25 cm thick, this SleepyCat mattress fits in the upper average for a premium bed. For comparison, a basic mattress model measures between 15 and 18 cm, making a big difference.

Below, the composition with the advantages of each of the 5 layers:

  • A knitted hypoallergenic cover: among all the best mattresses on the internet, SleepyCat stands out with this 500 gram knitted cover that coats the mattress. It is ultra-breathable and provides optimal ventilation of the mattress: this will allow you to avoid any feeling of heat, promoting falling asleep. Note that this one is not removable; it is better to use a mattress protector.
  • A high-density open-cell foam: The mattress’s top layer is a memory-shaped foam (SleepyCattex) that provides a comfortable welcome on the bed. The SleepyCat mattress is perfectly balanced, both in terms of support and firmness. In other words, everyone can live with it. SleepyCat has preferred a banking neither too hard nor too soft – which is also ideal for protecting joints. Note that this layer is also composed of graphite, which is quite rare: the latter allows to lower the body temperature to facilitate falling asleep.
  • A layer of titanium stained springs: no competitor today offers a layer of stained titanium springs. SleepyCat is the only one to have developed a research and development lab to display the ultimate comfort. On this part, no less than 2,500 ultra-light 25 mm springs (you won’t feel them at all) provide good support.
  • High resilience foam – support base: like all premium mattresses on the internet, there is a cold foam (maintenance base) at the bed’s bottom to ensure proper sleeping. High resilience foam protects the 7 sensitive areas of the body (head, shoulders, back, lumbar, buttocks, thighs, legs). From a technical point of view, this SleepyCat Hybrid mattress ticks all the boxes to provide a feeling of ultimate comfort. Your joints can rest well; you can sleep better.

By combining memory foam, graphite and titanium stained springs, SleepyCat does better than all its competitors. On the same level, Emma’s alternatives (Black Diamond) and Eve (Eve Hybrid Classic) are not complete. In terms of fare, it is slightly below its rivals, although it is more expensive than a simple foam mattress.

Our opinion on SleepyCat Hybrid is positive in every respect: to try it is to adopt it. It is also for this reason that the brand offers up to 200 free trial days. There are also no less than 14,000 reviews of SleepyCat in French on the brand’s website for an average score of 4.8 / 5. On the independent website TrustPilot, the mattress enjoys a score of 4.3/5 for a total of 3,614 customer reviews.

Beyond the composition of the mattress, which is exceptional, we must consider the price in our opinion on SleepyCat. For the classic version of this bed, you will have the choice between 10 different sizes: the most popular formats are available, in one or two seating versions. In terms of fares, it takes between 700 and 1300 euros for such a mattress, excluding. SleepyCat rarely makes promos, but they are always good to take. Note that it is the only actor to offer a payment spread out 12 times, without charge.


The SleepyCat Hybrid Pro, V2 mattress

All superlatives are allowed for the SleepyCat Hybrid Pro mattress. This is the new version (released in October 2022) of the brand’s historic mattress. He decided to release a product similar to that of luxury hotels but at an affordable price. The first visible difference is the thickness: 28 cm thanks to 7 layers that come to overlap.

The protective cover is even softer and breathier. If you put a mattress pad and a sheet on top, you will still feel like the mattress, which is why it should be pleasant to the touch. Under this cover, you will have an extra layer of wool, which ensures even more softness.

The second layer on the SleepyCat Hybrid Pro mattress is a layer of bagy springs. This mattress, therefore, incorporates two layers of baggy springs of 2,500 titanium springs each (or 5,000 in total). On the internet, it is the only mattress that can claim to have such a composition. This reinforces our positive opinion of SleepyCat.

Instead of paying €3,000 or €4,000 in a luxury mattress in a bedding shop, why not opt for this model at SleepyCat? By excluding hard shops, the brand avoids many costs (logistics, rents, salaries). Therefore, it can impact these savings on the price of the mattress for customers, hence their more moderate rate than in a store.

If our opinion on this SleepyCat mattress is obviously very positive, it is not given to everyone. The Hybrid Pro model costs between €750 and €1,100 after reduction. For its start-up, the brand decided to apply a 25% discount on all models. Unlike the basic mattress, which is available in 10 sizes, it is only available in 4 different sizes.


Why buy the SleepyCat mattress?

Why buy the SleepyCat mattress

In Europe, SleepyCat has succeeded in revolutionizing the world of mattresses. The first company to have released a mattress sold 100% on the internet, with arguments against the plans of the classic bedding stores. To convince customers to buy their mattress on the internet without even trying it before, nothing better than a trial period. SleepyCat, however, does better than all its rivals, with 200 free trial nights.

How’s that guarantee going? Once you have ordered the SleepyCat mattress, it will be delivered to you in a box (rolled and compressed) at home or office. Once delivered, you then have 200 days to test it in real-world conditions. Experts advise testing it between 2 and 3 weeks to get a real idea of sleeping. If it does not suit you, the brand will then pick it up at no cost, in a folded format.

With the Covid-19 crisis, some industries have been heavily penalized – and the evolution of consumer behaviour does not bode well for them. In this case, traditional bedding stores were severely affected. Going to a shop to test a mattress (which others have touched before) has become less popular. Brands sold 100% online like SleepyCat are doing well, especially as their product is excellent.

In addition to the product, what makes our opinion on SleepyCat is the advantages next: delivery in 2 to 5 working days, contactless and free (via DHL, DPD or UPS). You can opt for express delivery (2 to 3 working days) for an additional cost. This is an ideal solution for those who do not have a truck to pick up their mattress in a warehouse.

Also, it is important to remember that SleepyCat allows you to pay for sleeping in several times at no cost. Between Cetelem and SplitIt, you can pay for your purchase in 3, 4, 9 or 12 times at no cost. For example, the SleepyCat Hybrid (including €628 discount) will cost you only €55 per month for a year. The 200 nights of testing are still valid, and you can be reimbursed for your contribution in full.

Like all mattress brands, SleepyCat also applies a guarantee on its beds: 10 years on both models. On the other hand, its sleep accessories (see below in our SleepyCat opinion) are not eligible for the warranty. They are also not eligible for the trial period. That said, SleepyCat offers the same guarantees as most pure-players on the internet.

In addition to the premium quality of the two SleepyCat mattresses, the price should also be emphasized. By opting for a 100% online model, the brand can significantly reduce the costs associated with selling mattresses. No excessive rents in the city centre, no physical vendors, fewer logistics, all of which reduce the cost of mattresses and the customer’s final price. On average, for a similar quality, the SleepyCat mattress is 2 to 3x cheaper.


A range of accessories to sleep better

By going to SleepyCat’s website, you will quickly see that the company has focused on technology. It has filed hundreds of patents to get the ultimate solution to make its customers’ nights more comfortable. After the Aerocoil technology (bagged springs) of her mattresses, she came up with innovative sleep accessories ideas.

True to form, SleepyCat is also a premium manufacturer here. The quality is, therefore, above all the classic actors. On the other hand, the price is also quite high. If you can afford it, it’s an excellent investment. However, you should be aware that you will not be able to spread the payment over time on accessories.

A pillow and a premium duvet

In addition to its mattresses, the two other vogue products at SleepyCat are the pillow and the duvet. In both cases, the brand has researched innovative and ultra-comfortable products.

In the pillowcase, microfiber fabric (soft, resistant and hypoallergenic) is found with a layer of open-cell foam nanocubes (you can remove it if necessary). This pillow combines all the best technologies to provide a soft, breathable and always at the right temperature. This comes at a price, as it costs 115 euros for a SleepyCat Hybrid pillow, regardless of the size (60 x 60 cm or 50 x 70 cm).

The SleepyCat Hybrid Stratos duvet uses the same technologies as the Hybrid pillow. We find an ultra-comfortable, airy and soft duvet. SleepyCat has devised a system of sewn alveoli to keep a homogeneous duvet everywhere, at all times. The down will not go into a corner of the duvet, which will prevent you from any arguments. In terms of price, this duvet is premium – but not inaccessible. It costs between 115 and 170 euros for the product.


Bed linen

Like all the best mattress brands online, SleepyCat has also thought of bed linen. The range is simple but effective: a sheet cover, a mattress pad and a children’s bed sheet.

The mattress protector seems unavoidable since the mattress cover is not removable. That said, the investment is not huge, it takes between 50 and 75 euros for such a product. It is made from plants and has a protective layer to preserve the mattress to the best of dust and moisture. It is hypoallergenic and anti-mite and provides good ventilation of the mattress.

To finish this part of our opinion on SleepyCat Matelas, we must keep one thing in mind. When changing mattresses, it is strongly advised to change all your bedding. What for? To reap all the benefits of each product and extend their duration further. Indeed, a bad box spring will tend to damage the mattress prematurely, for example.

Unlike an Emma or Eve, SleepyCat does not offer a bed (or box spring) in its range. You should know that it is a fairly complex product, both to deliver and to assemble. That’s why the British brand put an end to this adventure. It had done a test in 2022 with a high-end box spring, but the result was not up to scratch. The brand wants to focus on simplicity, and this product sold online is not really so.


A high-quality FAQ and customer support

SleepyCat is probably the bedding brand that offers the largest section of information. In its FAQ section (frequent questions), you will be able to find all the answers to your questions. This applies to products (mats or accessories) as well as delivery, payment or returns. The brand is very transparent, and this allows it to optimize the customer relationship.

For those who prefer to chat live with an advisor, SleepyCat is available throughout the day via an online chat. You can also send an email, email or message on social networks for help. To make your mattress in case of dissatisfaction, a clear and effective form available on the official website is available.


Our review of SleepyCat Matelas and its range

After reviewing all the brand’s products, it’s time to give you our opinion on SleepyCat Matelas. The English brand has succeeded in selling premium mattresses first on the web. It stands out with high-quality products (better than most competitors). They have the only drawback of being a little more expensive. That said, over a 10-year time horizon, the cost is largely depreciated and profitable.

Between the two mattress models that exist in their range, our preference is for the SleepyCat Hybrid model. It is cheaper, and the quality is already excellent. For 500 and 600 euros, you can enjoy an excellent bed that will last longer and that will help you sleep better. Its composition (with graphite and stained springs) is perfect for protecting joints and lowering body temperature. All these advantages will be felt in the long term.

Among the mattress brands on the internet, SleepyCat is the one that has worked the most on its technology. It has one of the best products on the market, and that’s why it can offer a huge trial period: 200 days. It changed this condition in the summer of 2022, increasing the duration from 100 to 200 days to show its confidence in its products.

Another positive point in our SleepyCat opinion is the timing of the payment. You will be able to spread the mattress cost over one year (12 monthly payments) at no cost. You have to realize that getting 600 at once is not always pleasant – and spreading it out over time makes it easier to pass the pill. It should be noted that the payment several times is not available on accessories.

While both SleepyCat mattresses are excellent, the value for money for accessories is a little less. The duvet and mattress protector are two very sophisticated products whose price remains affordable. On the other hand, the sheet cover is less interesting, especially given its high price. That said, if you buy a mattress from him, you will get a discount of about 20/25% on all accessories. This makes them much more attractive.

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