Weathered skin, cracked lips, and wrinkles in the corners of the eyes are not signs of real masculinity but traces of careless attitude to their appearance and the first signs of aging. Do not hesitate to look better – it’s time to choose special means for care.

I work as a beautician and dermatologist, so I know what approach is needed to men’s skin. I will tell you what you can’t do without if you want to keep your youth and fresh face for a long time.


How to Properly Care for the Men Skin of the Face

Know the differences between men’s skin and women’s

Men’s skin is different from female skin: it is thicker, rougher, has higher acidity, pH 5.4, and is 15-25% denser. More sweat and sebaceous benefits are on the male skin, so it is more prone to inflammation and acne. The skin type is often oily or combined.

In men, more intensive circulation – small blood vessels on the face quickly lose elasticity, become fragile. The first wrinkles appear in men later than in women, but they are deep and more difficult to correct with cosmetics.

Early wrinkles, dry skin, and vascular mesh in the nose and neck can be reduced with modern facial, lip, and eyelid skincare products – it is important to choose the right products and use them correctly.

Men’s skin is thicker and denser than in women but more prone to inflammation and deep wrinkles.


Three mandatory stages of care

Men do not like to tinker with jars and creams for too long, so for them, beauticians develop multifunctional and versatile products. I recommend choosing professional cosmetics: it is more expensive, but better and does not cause problems.

There are rules common to male and female care: it is necessary to carry out basic procedures every day in the morning and evening – cleansing, toning, hydration, and nutrition for those over 25 years of age.

Cleansing is the first step. Because of frequent shaving, the male skin experiences mechanical damage to the upper layer: it is cut off along with the hairs of the film with lipids, but at the same time, there is an increased release of skin fat (sebum), and the top layer is often inflamed. At the same time, the pores in men are wider than in women, so the top layer of the skin should be properly cleaned in the morning and the evening. For washing, it is best to use no soap but gel or foam.

5 common mistakes in male skincare

Toning is the second stage. After washing with gel or foam on the skin, you need to apply a tonic. It dries the top layer of the skin if there is a tendency to elevated fat. A good remedy also fights inflammation and moisturizes. The best way to get a spirited lotion after shaving – it perfectly relieves irritation and soothes the skin damaged by shaving.

Applying the cream is the third stage. Nutritional and moisturizing creams at the end of care are necessary for a man as much as a woman. Skin is subject to the same stresses and loads: bad habits, poor ecology, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep. In addition, the condition of the upper layer of the skin is poorly reflected by the constant exposure to a sharp razor.


Don’t forget about eyelid skin and exfoliation.

To make facial wrinkles and flabby stretched eyelid skin not become a problem, beauticians recommend using special men’s creams or gels every day to nourish the skin around the eyes. As a rule, such means also help prevent the appearance of bruises and bags under the eyes, useful after sleepless nights and flights.

To look clean and fresh, the skin will help regular exfoliation and cleaning with special scrubs: procedures allow the cover to renew and recover, longer to maintain elasticity and retain moisture. The scrub also cleanses and narrows pores, improves circulation and complexion. It is enough to use it once a week.

Exfoliated and cleansing the skin makes it look fresher and more rested.

Additionally, use masks, serum, and sun protection.

In addition to gels, foams, lotions, creams, and scrubs, the man should have sunscreen, a nourishing mask, serum, and remedies for joint inflammation, for lips, against swelling, and to solve other specific problems.

The mask should be used when the skin needs additional cleansing and hydration. The principle of action is important: for example, for oily skin, matting products with white clay and anti-inflammatory effect will be suitable for other types of skin – and moisturizing masks. It is enough to use the mask once a week and follow the instructions on the label.

A good serum will come in handy to saturate the epidermis with large doses of active substances. It is selected for specific tasks and applied with courses two to three times a year to improve the complexion, reduce wrinkles, remove peeling and solve other skin problems. The right serum will help the dermatologist.

Consider age in care.

At the age of 25, it is enough to regularly take care of cleansing and moisturizing the skin, periodically clean it with scrubs. Young skin is more prone to inflammation due to fatness, and frequent shaving, so suitable means regulate fat separation, remove inflammation, and soothe, such as lotions and peels with ANA-acids.

It is important to observe proper shaving principles – to remove the bristles on the face only after cleansing the skin. Hygiene is obligatory: the machine’s blades should be changed at least in seven to eight shaving procedures, and keep the razor clean.

After 35 years, it is time to switch to a rejuvenating cream from the first wrinkles. At this stage, be sure to need the means to hydrate and nourish the skin on the forehead, cheeks, and temples. Also important is the skincare cream around the eyes and lips – it should contain substances to renew cells and lift the effect.

To have less inflammation, you need to shave only after cleansing the skin

After 50 years, you can and should actively use anti-aging balms and gels with hyaluronic acid, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, a stable form of vitamin C and peptides. Peeling of age-related skin should be carried out with soft enzymes because due to reduced production of the hormone testosterone, it becomes drier around the lips and on the cheekbones.

Constant shaving of the neck, chin, and neck impairs the natural processes of skin recovery, so it is useful for men of age to use care products with light oils, nourishing and moisturizing masks with anti-aging effects.

You can start using anti-aging cream gradually – start applying it in the morning after washing. If in the evening, after cleansing and tonic, the skin seems dry, then it is time to use the cream in the evening.

Know the most useful cosmetics ingredients

I recommend not being lazy and before buying to read the label of cosmetics – pay attention to what substances and components are included in it, study the properties of the product, and the cosmetics rules.

For example, anti-aging cream for men should be absorbed quickly not to have to wait too long. It usually contains hyaluronic acid.

Exfoliating and renewing the skin is helped by retinol, as well as lipohydroxyxlot. It is good if there are antioxisilither substances – vitamins A, C, E, astaxanthin, or resveratrol. Skin peptides, proxylan, and energy such as adenosine and caffeine are palpable.

Plant extracts, allantoin, and B vitamins give a soothing effect.

Anti-aging cream for men’s skin should be quickly absorbed and contain hyaluronic acid.

How to properly care for men’s skin

  1. Start taking care of the skin from the age of 25.
  2. Twice a day, pay attention to your face and use special male means of care.
  3. To observe three mandatory steps in care – cleansing, toning, and moisturizing or nourishing.
  4. In addition to gels, foams, tonics, creams, and scrubs, pick-up serum, mask, sunscreen, and skin cream around the eyes.
  5. Choose procedures and cosmetics according to skin type and age. The beautician can tell you more specifically.
  6. Anti-aging cream for the face and skin around the eyes begin to use from the age of 35.
  7. Read the tool label before you buy to roughly understand the composition, properties, and way of use. 
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