There are different ways to identify oily skin. Also, to shine, this type of hypersensitive skin is prone to blackheads and pimples. This is due to the dilation of pores and excessive sebum production. Having oily skin can be difficult for some people. However, it is not a very serious problem as long as you take good care of it and adopt the right routine. According to experts, hydration is the key to taking care of oily skin. But is it really effective? How do we do that? What should we avoid? Get the answers to your questions by browsing these few lines.



When you have oily skin, there are a few things to ban, products to avoid, etc. If you want to do everything you can to reduce the shine, you may be doing it wrong.

The first thing to avoid is to choose any product you find on the market. It is important to take the time to select a moisturizer for oily skin that can perfectly match your skin type. Contrary to what you may think, just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you can ignore hydration! In fact, moisturizers help to rebalance sebum levels.

Be aware that when the external elements attack the skin, it begins to overproduce sebum. Thus, moisturizers or cleansers too aggressive is to be banned. It is also not recommended to exfoliate the skin repeatedly. Indeed, removing your skin regularly will dry it out. This will make your moisturizers less effective.


As a general rule, when you have oily skin, you no longer need to apply fatty products. On the other hand, your skin will need water. Indeed, oily skin is the most prone to dehydration. This is why it is important to adopt a routine to moisturize your skin without clogging pores.

First of all, it is essential to clean your face in the morning after waking up. Above all, don’t wash your face with tap water! Instead, opt for micellar water to remove all impurities from the skin and eliminate toxins.

Afterwards, you can apply your cream for deep hydration. Choose a lightweight product with a subtle application. This will avoid loading the skin. You can also opt for a special mist to reduce sebum hypersecretion while unifying the complexion.

In the evening, remove well make-up and cleanse the skin to remove any dirt accumulated during the day. You can apply a special night cream oily skins.

The most important thing is to drink water, which is at least 1.5 litres per day. A lack of hydration will hurt the appearance of your skin. Also, eat a healthier diet and avoid saturated fat.

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