Security Camera Buying Guide

Generally, a very common phrase is heard that ‘when a problem arises, it comes with a solution.’ In this busy, overpopulated world, no individual can keep an eye on every particular situation and that is when people with wrong intentions take advantage.

But here’s a solution for this situation. SECURITY CAMERAS are those devices that just work as a bodyguard or rather act as our shadows when we are absent. Not just that, it keeps an eye on every particular particle 24hours and warns us during any kind of emergency.

But installing security cameras can be expensive and hence one should be aware of every detail before jumping into the installation process.

Here, this article will help you learn every detail about security cameras so that you don’t feel lost during installation.


Important Factors That Should Be Kept In Mind

Security cameras should have an HD video

Cameras help us to secure our stores, house, buildings, offices, etc, It also helps us during any medical emergency. But if the camera does not have an HD video quality, then it is useless for that individual as HD video quality will help us identify the suspect easily.

Security cameras with low quality video of course capture everything but will not show a clear picture of the situation.

Security Cameras should be placed at the appropriate positions.

Security cameras are no less than security guards. Hence before installing it, the appropriate positions should first be marked by the owner so that the areas become safe.


Types Of Security Camera Systems

On a general basis, security camera systems are divided into three parts

  1. Traditional Analog CCTV Systems
  2. HD-CVI Systems
  3. Network IP Systems


Traditional Analog CCTV Systems

Traditional Analog CCTV Systems

Traditional analog CCTV systems are most widely used all over the world. These CCTV cameras normally operate over RG59. These cameras can be most effectively used but their one and the only disadvantage is that they have a limited zoom range.


HD CVI Systems

HD CVI Systems

HD CVI systems are normally found in industrial areas where CCTV with HD video quality is a must. These cameras generally operate over coaxial cable with BNC connections.


Network IP Systems

Network IP Systems have a very easy installation with high-quality video quality which may exceed 1080p. This system can operate over a range of CAT5/6 internet cables.


Types Of Security Cameras

There are a lot of cameras invented to date, but all are not suitable for every situation and position. So we have provided you a list of cameras with their features so that it is easier for you to buy one.



In dome cameras, generally, the camera is installed into a transparent dome.


  1. Either analog or IP
  2. can capture videos up to a range of 50 feet
  3. can rotate and capture


Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are mainly used for security surveillance in schools, buildings, hospitals, etc. Bullet cameras are generally connected to a surveillance system where all can be continuously monitored captured by the camera.


  1. Have 4 selectable video format
  2. Waterproof
  3. HD resolution
  4. Rotates


PTZ Cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are the most efficient cameras capturing the maximum area.

These cameras look like dome cameras but the camera is enclosed in shell type covering which protects the camera.


  1. Auto tracker
  2. Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  3. can capture a huge area


Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras

A hidden camera, also known as a spy camera is in general used to record any situation without letting the person.


  1. cannot be detected
  2. records video and audio
  3. can click still images
  4. can set an alarm before recording


Box Cameras

Box cameras have outstanding professional picture quality. To change the box video pickup division, we only have to change the body of the box camera.


  1. can work as a heater or blower
  2. can withstand weathering conditions
  3. Has a lens of 2.8mm


Wireless Camera

Wireless cameras generally transmit both video and audio singles to a broadcast recipient through radio links.


  1. high quality of both video and audio
  2. can accept digital signals
  3. can capture an area up to 450feets
  4. has a night light


Advantages Of A Security Camera?

Few important advantages of a security camera have been listed below. Give this a read before the installation.

  1. decreases the percentage of fraud cases and keeps the area safe
  2. protects against burglary
  3. keeps the recordings as proof which can be used later in legal cases.
  4. lasts for more than 3 years
  5. does not need regular maintenance

Disadvantages Of A Security Camera

  1. might interfere in others privacy
  2. the installation process is costly



Hence, an individual must keep the above points in mind before the installation process. Jumping to a sudden conclusion without any kind of research may lead to a huge loss.

This article will help you gather every detail about the security cameras.

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