Robot Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide? How To Choose

The robot vacuum cleaner is here to stay, and it is already one of the most common appliances in the home for its comfort and total autonomy to perform the cleaning. There are several options in the market, which is why it is good to know what to look for when buying robot vacuum cleaner.


What to look for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner?

What to look for when buying a robot vacuum cleaner

The main elements that you should look for are:

Navigation system

Most importantly, the basic models work simply with a sensor, determining when an obstacle is and brakes or avoids it. For this type of robot model, the idea is to have the room that we will clean as much collected as possible, avoiding that the objects hinder the robot vacuum cleaner. For example, raise chairs and remove tables or other small furniture as much as possible.

The most advanced models incorporate a mapping system to record your house and already know where to vacuum, where the rooms are, etc. It is the most comfortable since the carelessness is total. You can control it from the mobile, where you will have saved the map of your house, which you can divide or customize to choose when and where the robot should vacuum at all times. In addition, you will be able to see in real-time where it is cleaning.

Always check the navigation mode before buying it and if it is really what you are looking for. Not everyone has smart navigation.


Cleaning modes

Cleaning modes

The cleaning mode is another of the key points to consider before purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

It is clear that the primary function of robot vacuum cleaners is to vacuum, but they include other options, among which are: scrubbing and mopping. These options usually come with accessories to attach to the robot vacuum cleaner and a liquid tank that is very easy to clean.

On particular floors such as flooring or parquet, we will be very interested that it comes with a mop and in others that you scrub.

Battery life

Autonomy is not one of the critical factors of robot vacuum cleaners. However, it is interesting depending on the m2 that our home has and to make the whole house at once.

The vast majority of models at least have 90 min of autonomy. In higher-end models, they exceed 150 minutes and, in some cases, 200 minutes, which means more than 3 hours in operation.

It is also essential that you return only to the charging base because this way, you can charge yourself and once recharged, you will continue cleaning at the point where you stayed.

Tank capacity

The capacities of the tanks are usually quite similar, hovering around 0.6 or 0.8 litres. Emptying the vacuum cleaner tank is very simple and incorporates filters that are easy to renew. Now, keep in mind that the larger the tank, the longer it takes for the robot to lose suction power.



Checking if they are compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant is interesting if we have a smart speaker or the mobile itself. Most new models can interact with these voice assistants, but keep that in mind when you buy it that is compatible.



Are they all the same size?

While they are similar, there are differences in some models and things you should look at.

For example, a critical point is the height of your sofa, that is, if it reaches almost to the floor or there is a gap between the couch and the bed (because it has legs).

We say this because, for example, those of the Rowenta brand is very thin and enter tighter places. Therefore, we recommend that you consider the height because it can be fundamental no matter how small it is.

Most models are usually around 10cm in height; they are already relatively thin if they are below 9cm.


Are robot vacuum cleaners silent?

If you hear them, like any vacuum cleaner, they are somewhat noisy. Within the incredible variety, it depends on the model, and of course, on the suction power.

Usually, they are around 60-70 dB. Some models of a lot of suction can be in 80dB, which is already a considerable noise. We recommend that you do not need, in most cases, the highest suction power.


Robot vacuum cleaner pets?

Not all vacuum cleaners are equally practical with pet hair, which will depend mainly on their power and brushes.

With regular brushes, the tangles will be constant. If it does not have much power, it will lose great effectiveness within a few minutes of starting, so it is essential that you choose a vacuum cleaner with a lot of energy and mixed or silicone brushes, where the hairs do not tangle.


Which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is best?

Although there are several options, the brands of robot vacuum cleaners that we consider best are Cecotec Conga and iRobot Roomba, better known commonly as conga and Roomba to dry, especially since they have a lot of variety of models and ranges, depending on our budget.

While it is true, there are other exciting options from relevant brands such as Rowenta robot vacuum cleaner, Dyson or Xiaomi.

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