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Until a few years ago, many of us were sure that a robot vacuum cleaner is just an expensive toy, which has almost no benefit. However, with the improvement of these unusual devices, wanting to buy a similar gadget every day becomes more and more. And this is not surprising, because the robotic assistant can independently move around the room, bypassing any obstacles and collecting garbage. The robot vacuum cleaner is indispensable for those who do not want to waste their precious time cleaning. The main thing is to choose the right vacuum cleaner model, and then even the high cost of the device will not be an obstacle on the way to its acquisition.



Cleaning area

The area intended for cleaning is the first thing to pay attention to when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates the maximum cleaning area in the technical passport. You can also define this option yourself. To do this, you need to take 10 minutes from the vacuum cleaner’s time. The result will be the area that the robot vacuum cleaner will be able to process qualitatively without recharging.

Cleaning brushes

  • Robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with two or three brushes. The side brush collects large debris and moves it to the main. Excellent if the device has two side brushes at once. Due to the additional traction, when rotating towards each other, they will qualitatively remove any garbage.
  • The main brushes collect both small and large debris and move it into the dust collector.
  • It is equally important to pay attention to the brushes themselves and assess how comfortable they will be in operation.

The volume and view of the garbage collector

  • The view. Robots, as well as traditional vacuum cleaners, can be equipped with a conventional bag, aquafilter and container. The dust bag is most common in the simplest models. Cyclone filters (containers) create less noise and are easier to clean from debris. Models with aquafilter are much more expensive and are quite rare, but they cope perfectly with any pollution.
  • The volume. The standard size of the garbage collector is from 0.25 to 1 litre.



  • Overcoming obstacles. Many underestimate this important parameter for nothing. But what quality of cleaning can we talk about if the vacuum cleaner gets stuck on every corner? Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how the vacuum cleaner overcomes obstacles.
  • Speed. The speed will depend on how quickly the robot will cope with its work. Unfortunately,nothing is written about it in the instructions, so you can estimate the speed of the vacuum cleaner only when it is turned on. It is also important to pay attention to the movement patterns that the robot uses while working. Some smart assistants move erratically, others build a map of the room and move only on it.
  • Cleaning time. This indicator determines how long the cycle of one cleaning will last. It is usually between 40 minutes and 4 hours.
  • Soft Touch Mode. Many models are equipped with a spring bumper, mitigating impacts in a collision. But if there are a large number of fragile objects in the room, it is better to give preference to vacuum cleaners with soft touch function. Such models have special sensors, thanks to which they are suspended when approaching obstacles.
  • Cleaning schedule. This mode can be very useful for those who are often away. At the same time, you only need to create a cleaning schedule, and the robot will start cleaning and return to recharging.
  • Power. In the case of vacuum cleaner robots, this option is not decisive. The quality of cleaning in “smart assistants” is determined, first of all, by brushes that collect garbage.
  • The filtering system. Since cleaning is done with brushes, the air will get much less dust, but without the filtration system still can not do. Therefore, it is necessary to check the presence of hepa filter.
  • Battery. It is better not to buy models with a Ni-Mh power element, as in 6-12 months you may need to replace the battery. A much longer robot vacuum cleaner will run based on the Li-Ion battery.


  • Among the most popular manufacturers are such brands as iRobot, YUJIN ROBOT, NEATO ROBOTICS and ROB’ONE. The products of these brands are of high quality and long life.
  • In the hotel category you can distinguish robot vacuum cleaners from such well-known firms as: Philips, Samsung, Karcher, LG. These manufacturers, although not specializing in the production of such smart gadgets, but have in their range quite good models.
  • Smart appliances from Chinese manufacturers Deebot, xRobot, Clever and Clean, Panda, LRobot and some others is low priced, but often very quickly fails and can not boast good cleaning quality.



  1. Not all robot vacuum cleaners are able to clean up in the corners. Even the square shape does not guarantee the complete cleaning of treacherous dust in inaccessible places, so it is better to give preference to the model that has two side brushes at once.
  2. Equipping a vacuum cleaner with a UV lamp supposedly designed to kill bacteria and microorganisms is nothing more than a marketing move. It is better to give preference to a high-quality model from a proven brand.
  3. Many manufacturers instead of a multi-layered HEPA filter install thin almost paper filters in vacuum cleaners, which hold the dust only partially.

It is a mistake to think that a robot vacuum cleaner will be able to completely put cleaning the room on its smart shoulders. The apartment will still have places where the little assistant will not be able to penetrate, but it will greatly facilitate the daily cleaning and will keep the house clean.

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