Types of Rings for Special Occasions

The ring is not only a symbol of love and eternity. For a long time, this decoration was attributed to magical properties, the ability to protect against evil forces. Kings and commoners wore it; jewellery gave people power and became a confirmation of marriage promises.

But even today the rings remain loved by women and men. For some – it is an irreplaceable everyday decoration, for others – the opportunity to shine at a party. Anyway, there are very few people indifferent to the rings.




The fashion for jewellery changes every season. But no matter how hard the designers worked on the new collections, classic gold wedding rings do not go away from the most sought-after jewellery distance. Time-tested forms and the absence of additional elements do not cause inconvenience. This product serves for decades, being a true symbol of strong, indestructible relationships. And all that remains for designers is to experiment with the colour of gold and its texture.



It was not accepted to offer a hand and a heart together with a gold ring encrusted with a diamante in our country 30 years ago. But today the foreign tradition has moved to us. Usually, the gold ring for the engagement is thin with a smooth surface and a gemstone or finite. Less often the ring has a scattering of stones. This ring often turns out to be more expensive than an engagement ring. Now it is customary to combine an engagement ring and an engagement ring to have a similar design.



A ring is a ring with one large insert with a precious, semi-precious stone or pearls. Previously, it symbolized the owner’s belonging to a noble family. Today we entered the category of ordinary jewellery. There are both men’s and women’s rings. These rings can be smooth, engraved, diamond facet, etc.



Rings are worn on phalanxes of different fingers or put on not on the first, but the second or third phalanx. People wore similar accessories back in ancient times. Not once did they go out of fashion to later return to the ladies’ fingers again. Rings on the phalanx of fingers are present in the collections of well-known brands. There are many such decorations: from minimalist thin single rings to rings-castes and rings-armour covering the whole finger.

Phalanx rings refer to evening decorations, especially for brass knuckles and armour. The comfort of such decorations does not have to talk; it is obvious that the extravagant ring is designed only for informal celebrations.

Single phalanx rings can be worn as daily decorations only if you do not adhere to the official business style.




Another fashion trend is a ring in the form of a crown. Usually, such a ring is expensive, as it has a lot of weight because of the complex design and width. Girls wear it both as an everyday decoration and as an accessory to the evening alongside. Gold crown rings come in four models:

  • Classical crown;
  • In the form of tiara;
  • In the form of a tiara;
  • Transformer ring.

Some couples choose crown rings as wedding rings. Models for men in this performance are also possible. They will be more massive and most likely without inserts.



Pottery for jewellery differs from the material intended for everyday purposes. It has strength, does not oxidize, is not scratched, has a natural sheen and hypoallergenic. Jewellery ceramics acquire these properties due to the special composition of the material, which used to be used only for medical purposes. Women love ceramic rings for convenience, small price and reliability. It can not be removed when going to the pool or during water procedures. It is not scratched when cleaning, washing dishes and other household duties.

Pottery is often combined with precious metals, particularly gold. These two materials look luxurious and stylish. Especially if the designers thought out the colour scheme of gold and ceramics, usually gold serves as the frame of the product, but can also be used as an insert.




Every year unusual decorations are only added. Jewellers are looking not only for unusual forms but also to experiment with materials. Recently, not only shoelaces but also rings are made of rubber. This material is durable, elastic, comfortable. Rubber rings are suitable for men and women. To make the accessory more refined, it is complemented with gold. Black rubber and yellow gold are perfectly combined; the product looks stylish and fresh.



Beautiful air rings are created by connecting thin gold wire into a single pattern. The rings are usually wide, but this does not affect the weight of the product. The decoration weighs a little; respectively, its cost will not be high. Those who consider such rings rough and massive are also mistaken. Both men’s and women’s fingers they look neat and easy.

Gold is the best way to create delicate rings. Precious metal bends well, so it is easy to work with masters. The combined delicate rings in a combination of yellow and white gold look luxurious.



The ring on the leg in India once meant a married girl. Today, this accessory is not very common. It is mostly preferred by fans of mystical forces and alternative exercises.

Gold rings on the toes are often immeasurable, that is, not closed. Therefore, they can be put on almost any finger (if you do not consider the big one). But the convenience of such an accessory is questionable. The golden ring before going to the shower or in the pool should be removed not to oxidize. And if the girl suffers from swelling, the decoration will interfere with her.



Rings of this design appeared more than half a century ago. It is a product of Swiss jewellers. Over the decades, their design has changed a lot, but the concept has remained.

The spinning ring has another name – anti-stress. The decoration consists of two rings, most often of gold of different colours, spinning. If you want to encrust the product, the stones are inserted into the moving part.

Fans of such a model are present, but to say that it enjoys frenzied popularity is impossible. Fashion for spinning rings gradually goes away, and the newlyweds return to the usual classics.



The design of the ring is similar to a watch strap or a chain. The product’s main idea is that the ring consists not of a single piece of gold, but separate links. Such a ring does not press and looks unusual. Soft rings perform both the role of the wedding and are an everyday accessory. Like other rings, the ringing is encrusted with additional precious, semi-precious stones or finite. The unusual ring can be picked up for a woman and a man. Depending on the links and weaving, the ring takes a different look: romantic and playful to laconic and even brutal.

But as for comfort, here opinions differ. Some find this design convenient: the ring does not press and does not rub. But in some cases, people note that the finger’s skin clings to the void between the links, which brings unpleasant feelings.



In 2022, rings that were made of stretching gold appeared for the first time. Their basis was a metal spring, and the ring itself was like a thin rope. Today, weaving is only an element of the ring, harmoniously complementing the precious or semi-precious insert.

A fully braided gold ring is usually wide and heavy. So it will be expensive.

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