Refrigerator buying guide: How to choose the right fridge for your home

The refrigerator is one of the most important items of household appliances in every kitchen. In conjunction with the hob and sink, it forms the so-called working triangle, the comfortable location of the corners of which affects the productivity of the hostess. Now there are many different technologies, thanks to which refrigeration machines are constantly being improved. In this article, we will talk about choosing a refrigerator, taking into account all the characteristics, overall quality and price.


Types of refrigerators

How to choose the right fridge for your home

So which refrigerator is better to choose so that it is in the first lines of the rating, was inexpensive and easy to repair? After all, this is a complex, balanced and responsible decision – the choice of a refrigerator. The tips of the master collected in this article are designed to help you in this matter. Let’s first see what they are.

All refrigerators are divided into types depending on how many chambers are provided inside the unit. The most famous are refrigerators that have one camera, two or more cameras, and models called Side-by-Side. Let’s dwell on each one in detail to understand what is the fundamental difference between them.


A refrigerator with one chamber consists of a joint compartment and a freezer, the latter of which is very compact. In such models, the freezer sometimes goes along with its small door, which is additionally covered from above by a standard refrigerator door. In most cases, the freezer of single-chamber refrigerators is located above the main compartment.

Recently, there is also a different type of single-chamber refrigerator. This particular kind is a separately standing freezer of compact sizes.



Filling a two-chamber refrigerator necessarily includes two compartments:

  • refrigeration;
  • freezing.

Such models do not have one standard door; each compartment closes independently. The freezer cabinet in such devices can be located both on top and bottom. However, you could notice that among our compatriots, the freezer is under the main chamber that is much more common.

In addition to the apparent separation into two chambers, the refrigeration compartment can be divided into two, three zones and even more. The most common examples of such a division are:

  • meat or fish – maintaining the required humidity level of 50%;
  • vegetables or fruits – maintaining the level of humidity needed of 90%.



We have already considered single-chamber and two-chamber models, the simplest and most standard. But how to choose the right refrigerator with an extensive capacity index. A good refrigerator should be able to serve a large family. If you have similar requests, then perhaps this model will suit you.

A multi-chamber refrigeration unit usually consists of three compartments:

  • refrigerating chamber;
  • freezer;
  • zero cameras.

If we already have an established idea about the first two, then the third baffles and makes us lose our guesses. We dispel your doubts. The zero chambers, also called the freshness chamber, is explicitly designed to store in its products, the optimal temperature of which is an indicator of 0 ° C. In this mode, products are stored longer without losing their original freshness and valuable properties.

In multi-chamber models, there are several compartments, each of which is closed by a separate door. Here is a list of cameras that can be supplemented with the main functionality of the refrigerator:

  • fast deep freezing chamber;
  • chamber for heating products;
  • wine storage compartment.

There are many variations; just keep in mind that such a refrigerator can not cost inexpensively. Its cost, in any case, will be significantly higher than that of one- or two-chamber models.



If you are faced with the question of what is better to buy a refrigerator for the home, choosing among the representatives of the premium class of equipment, think about purchasing a Side-by-Side model. Such versions are huge capacity, for the first time came to the world market from a point on the map called America. If we talk about the components of such a refrigerator, then the situation is as follows:

  • refrigeration compartment – on the right;
  • freezer compartment on the left.

In Side-by-Side refrigerators, the cameras are not located on top of each other but on the same level. They are located on doors that can swing wide, providing the household with a complete view.


Refrigerator selection parameters

We have already understood how to choose a refrigerator for the home; tips and recommendations on household appliances helped us in this. An equally important part is the choice of the refrigerator by parameters. This is not only the unit’s dimensions but also its volume, the type of defrosting system, the number and types of compressors. You will learn about all this below.


When buying a refrigerator, it is always important to coordinate its size with the size of the kitchen. There should be enough space in the room to accommodate this device. Therefore, it is better first to measure the area of the room and the space for the refrigerator, and only then go to the store for purchase.

The width of the refrigerator directly depends on the number of cameras since they determine the overall size of the device. So, in single-chamber models, the width is about 50-63 centimetres, two-chamber ones are produced wider; this is already 60-70 centimetres. Multi-camera options are very diverse, very different from each other. Therefore, there are models with a width of 55 centimeters, and there are 92 centimeters. Side-by-Side – roomy and, accordingly, comprehensive models. Their indicators can reach 120 centimeters, but on average, fluctuate around 90-95 centimeters.


Height is a no less critical parameter that must be taken into account when choosing a home refrigerator. Usually, refrigerators are as follows in height:

  1. Single-chamber – in height rarely reach more than 130 centimeters. And models without a freezer compartment can be tiny – 90 centimetres.
  2. Two-chamber – the most classic models with a freezer compartment in height are 140-200 centimetres. Such a large spread is due to the variety of forms of this traditional type.
  3. Multi-chamber – the height of this species most often starts from 160 centimeters.
  4. Side-by-Side – these refrigerators show average height figures, showing about 150-170 centimetres, like multi-chamber devices.

Total volume

This parameter directly depends on the dimensions of the refrigerator. The greater the parameters of height, width, and depth, the greater the household refrigerator’s volume. It is divided into general and valuable. Choose the book you need based on the number of people in the family. The greater the number of them, the more extensive you will need a refrigerator.

  1. For a small family (1-2 people). You may like a single-chamber (120-220 litres) or a small two-chamber (about 300 litres) refrigerator.
  2. For a large family. To freely place all products in the refrigerator and freezer, you need about 500 litres of free space.

The most classic model is a refrigerator with a volume of 380 litres. It has enough space to put all the necessary things on the shelves and drawers.

Freezer defrosting system

  1. Manual. It is common in refrigerators of the old generation. The system is as follows: when ice forms in the freezer, the device is disconnected from the network and waiting for complete defrosting.
  2. Semiautomatic. Based on the instructions set out in the education, from time to time, you will need to press a particular button, thereby defrosting the refrigerator.
  3. Automatic. The No Frost system or drip principle works here on refrigerator. The latter looks like this: frost forms on the walls; during the shutdown of the compressor, it melts, the water flows into a special chute. In the No Frost system, the fan plays an important role, which creates a circulation of cold air and does not allow frost to appear. This method is quite energy-consuming since the fan and heater are constantly working.


Energy-saving class

Depending on how much energy the refrigerator consumes, it can belong to one of the following classes:

  • A, A+, A++ – low power consumption;
  • B – quite economical energy consumption;
  • C – economical energy consumption;
  • D, E, F, G – high power consumption.


Climate class

All modern refrigerators are also divided according to the climate criterion:

  • N – normal. Range from 16 ° C to 32 ° C;
  • SN – subnormal. Range from 10° C to 32° C;
  • ST – subtropics. Range from 18 ° C to 38 ° C;
  • T – tropics. Range from 18° C to 43° C.



Refrigeration devices are also divided by the number of compressors in the mechanism. Depending on this parameter, the following types are distinguished:

  1. Single-compressor. The most common option, it is equipped with the most modern refrigerators. The power of such a compressor is enough for both the refrigeration and freezer. Accordingly, the entire structure has a single temperature controller. Therefore, if you want to defrost such a refrigerator, it will not be possible to do it separately; all available compartments will be defrosted.
  2. Two-compressor. Models with two compressors are rarer and more expensive. Here, it is possible to independently regulate the temperature regime in each chamber separately and separately defrost a particular compartment. The fact is that from two compressors to each room, there is a cooling circuit. Two-compressor refrigerators are two-chamber or Side-by-Side versions.


Which company refrigerators are better?

Now that you know everything about the apt choice of a home refrigerator according to the above parameters and criteria, it is time to decide on a specific model. There are many brands and manufacturers in the modern market of household appliances; in one store in Moscow alone, there are several dozen types. So that you do not get confused among such a variety, we have prepared a list of the best brands.

  1. Bosch, Samsung – these manufacturers combine quality with a relatively low price. For several years in the rankings consistently occupied third and fourth places.
  2. Electrolux – such popularity and respect of customers of the brand brought its environmentally friendly policy. Models consume a small amount of electricity.
  3. Liebherr – this German company has been at the top for many years in terms of product quality. ; production qualified engineers develop refrigerators of this brand is accurate and reliable at all stages. All Liebherr models have a low noise level during operation.

Now you know everything about how to choose a household refrigerator in your kitchen. Happy shopping!

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