10 Reasons To Buy a Power Bank

How often do you get let down by a smartphone battery? For example, when you come home from work and want to watch your favourite TV series or read a book. Or when you played all day games, and now you need to make an urgent call, but the phone “died.” Even worse, when you go on a journey, for example, on a train, the device’s work is enough only for 4 hours. And what to do the rest of the time? Power Bank external battery is a portable analogue of a home outlet. Initially, the device is charged from the network and then gives the collected energy to other gadgets through the USB interface or wirelessly.

Reasons To Buy a Power Bank | Advantages

Reasons To Buy a Power Bank  Advantages

For travellers

Travel is a lot of time spent on a train, bus, plane, car. And every long wait at railway stations and airports. At such moments it is good to have a working phone or tablet at hand. After all, it is much more interesting to watch a film than to stare at one point and frankly get bored. The portable external battery solves the problem with the discharged battery.


For gamers


mobile gaming revenue has been growing rapidly since 2022 and leaves personal computer toys behind. Of these, you can play anywhere on your phone. Unless the battery fails. Mobile games very quickly plant the battery of the device. It’s especially offensive when your phone shuts down in the midst of an online battle. With Power Bank, you can enjoy the fun gameplay for much longer.


For people who spend a lot of time on public transport

If you live in a big city, spend a lot of time in the subway and minibuses. Sometimes you have to travel more than an hour from A to B. The road will not seem so tedious if it is devoted to watching a movie. Taking a portable battery, you can enjoy TV series, youTube shows and social media correspondence without thinking about battery life.


For an overnight stay/hiking/fishing

there is nothing better than to break out into nature and break away from the usual life for a few days? But what if Robinson Crusoe’s regime doesn’t suit you and you need to stay in touch with the outside world? Of course, buy a mobile battery Power Bank. With this useful companion, you can upload new photos to Instagram, listen to music, take pictures and make videos. For camping and hiking fans, manufacturers create Overerbanks with waterproof enclosures that are not afraid of falls, mud, and precipitation.


For fans of everything to keep under control

Some people the discharged phone causes a terrible panic and fear. You can miss an important call at work, do not call the child and do not solve 1000 more important cases for some, a trifle, for others – the end of the world. With Power Bank, you will forget about fear forever.



In addition to being very comfortable with your personal life, mobile batteries are also incredibly useful in the workplace. Here are a few professions that will really benefit from buying an external Power Bank battery:

  • Photographers prolong the life of the camera during filming.
  • Real estate agents always talk on the phone and in a day go around dozens of districts, simultaneously negotiating meetings.
  • Sales representatives and sales managers sell something all day, collect applications, issue orders, negotiate with suppliers and customers. Tablet, phone, and sometimes laptop should always be charged.
  • Masters of all trades – plumbers, electricians, gas workers – also need to always be in touch to take new orders and discuss the work’s details.
  • Entrepreneurs and directors of the company need a working smartphone for calls and correspondence.
  • Students also need devices to study. Maybe you’re recording lectures on a voice recorder or working on a laptop. Of course, discharged electronic devices will let you down at the most crucial moment. But that’s not going to happen with Power Bank.


for safety

Imagine you left the bar at night, and there is not a single taxi car around. But you can’t call it, because the battery sat down. You may have a car break down on the track, or you can not wait for the bus in the evening. What to do in this case – to go home at night alone? It is better to have an external battery Power Bank, which will recharge the smartphone and make an important call.


to work in the park

If you are a freelancer, you can work anywhere in the world. But if you don’t have an Overbank, you can only work in the planet’s point where there is an outlet. Sometimes, to find inspiration, you need a change of scenery. Get out of the usual home walls, get some fresh air and admire the beautiful views. You can work in the park with an external battery on the river bank or in your favourite cafe.


for bloggers

If you blog on Instagram or YouTube, then you are used to not letting the phone out of your hands. Constantly shoot something, and do not want to miss the most interesting moments that will appreciate your subscribers.


If you can’t live without a smartphone

Modern youth can not live without a phone and an hour. Selfies, correspondence, social networks… During the day, it is necessary to stay online, and therefore Overerbank is simply necessary.


How to Choose a Good External Battery? 4 Tips for Buying Power Bank

How to Choose a Good External Battery

When going to buy Overbank, consider these four main points:

Weight and size. You need to understand that you have to carry a portable battery all day long, so it should be light, fit in your bag or pocket. If the device is too heavy and bulky, it will become a heavy burden for you, and you throw it.

The capacity. The external battery will never give your phone full power. Energy is lost due to heat formation and voltage changes. The efficiency is estimated to be about 70%. This means that the standard Power Bank at 10,000 mAh will give only 7000 mAh. The most expensive and advanced will give up to 90% of energy, but still not all 100. So always pick up a device with a stock. How do I determine the right capacity? Divide the volume of the bank by the battery capacity of the smartphone. The resulting number is the number of charges you can make. For example, the iPhone 11 is equipped with a 3110 mAh battery. If you buy an external battery for 8000, you can charge the smartphone 2 times. An even better choice Power Bank Forza per 10,000 mAh

If you need 3 times to charge your smartphone, we recommend Buy a mobile battery of 16,000 mAh Forza. This model is protected from short circuit and overheating. There are a built-in flashlight and 2 USB for charging two gadgets at the same time.

Type of electronic gadget: The phone needs less power than a laptop. The smartphone can be charged from a power supply at 3500 mAh, but the laptop needs more power. Do you need an external battery for your laptop? Use a Power Bank with a capacity of 30,000 mAh or higher.

Current strength: In addition to the battery’s size, the strength of the current is significant. Current strength (A) shows how quickly an external battery charges electronic devices. The usual bank has a current strength of 1 to 3.5 A. The higher the strength of the current, the faster the charging is carried out.

Buy mobile batteries in bulk. You can always in our online store. The Gala Center has prepared many interesting offers for retail stores. You have to choose the goods and place an order, and we will pay for the delivery.

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