PureVPN Review | Full Test On This Supplier

To use and install a VPN on your connected devices, you still need to know which provider to turn to. In this review of PureVPN, we offer you to find out in detail what the proposed solution is worth. Are the performances right? Faced with increased competition in recent years, has this software company been successful?


What is PureVPN? How do I install it?

PureVPN is an internet security software provider. He specializes in Virtual Private Network (or VPN) by offering an affordable solution and interesting features, which have won over multiple Internet users. Although it is popular in some countries, it has very little presence in Europe. The number of serious competitors with better value for money penalizes its expansion.

But with the arrival of new suppliers and the strengthening of online protection, what is the VPN offered by this company? Can you find cheaper and better elsewhere? This is what we will see throughout this PureVPN review. Before going into detail on the subject, here are the different strengths and weaknesses of the supplier—a short recap of all the items you can find on the rest of this page.

Its strengths:

  • Simplicity of use
  • Network of countries and servers


  • interface
  • Speed, especially for downloading and streaming.
  • Bypassing censorship
  • Pricing


How do I install the app?

No real remarks to make in the context of the application’s installation: it’s pretty clear. You will choose the version to download depending on the device that is concerned, and then follow the different steps. In the end, we must recognize that the installation of the PureVPN VPN is easy, in our opinion. Even most beginners will be able to get by. Here’s the right interface that you’ll be able to access once the installation is effective.

How do I use VPN?

To start our PureVPN review, a quick reminder of the general operation of a VPN. We found this diagram on the vendor’s website, which allows you to understand in broad terms the action of this tool on your connection on the web. As you can see, many contents are available only in English. It will therefore be necessary to master the language to understand everything.

If you had to sum it up in a few words, you have access to its servers by choosing a provider. By logging in to one of your choices, you will automatically get a new IP address that will replace (and thus hide) your actual IP address. Therefore, the location associated with this new IP address will be that of the server and not that of your actual location. In this way, no one will be able to trace it back to you.

Besides, all the data you send via this server will be encrypted, thanks to your provider’s protocols. It is therefore impossible to know what your activities are on the web.

By logging into a VPN as soon as you connect to the internet, you are anonymous on the internet, and no one can know what you are doing (not even your Internet Access Provider). So you have much more secure access to the internet.

Our opinion on PureVPN in 2022, if we were to start with the grip only, is pretty good. The interface is rather clear, although some elements should be simplified to be more understandable for novices.

In general, we find that the supplier should have made more effort to translate it into correct French. Indeed, many elements are still in English, and others are totally incomprehensible. This is also the case for the website, on which you will find totally insane sentences. It’s a shame because it gives a direct bad impression of the brand and loses credibility from the first seconds on the site. This is not the case with rivals such as ExpressVPN or Surfshark.

Choosing the mode is interesting because it is true that the needs can be different depending on your activities (for example, between streaming and protecting your data for an internet purchase). However, we have not really found any differences between the possibilities. Is there really one, or is it a more “marketing” element to give itself to see itself as an expert in all situations? We’ll let you judge for your own PureVPN review.


Speed test

It is time to look at what the provider is proposing in terms of speeds since you cannot judge a VPN without measuring the impact on the flow. Is our opinion of PureVPN positive? Is it among the best software on this critical point?

Speed without VPN

To get reference measurements, we did a test of the speed of our connection without any protection. Above, the results we have achieved.


The speed with a server in France

Then we chose a server in France. This is important because these are the servers you will have to use to access all your content from abroad (such as seeing French TV abroad, for example).

As you can see, the speeds have dropped vary widely since they have been divided by more than two. It’s a shame because you will lose a connection, especially for loading, but it’s mostly annoying because you will have more difficulty downloading in P2P, for example. If you want to watch streaming, you are likely to be bothered by “buffering” (loading).


The speed with a server in the United States

Here is a new capture, this time with a server located in the United States. Once again, there is a significant drop in speeds. It’s a shame; it’s a problem that we find on many VPNs. Fortunately, not everyone is like that. If you don’t want to download or watch streaming, it can. Now in our opinion, PureVPN could improve this.

However, servers in the US are important because they are often popular with users (for Netflix particularly, but also to unlock American channels). Maybe it’s related to server saturation; it still is that these speeds are really very average. If you compare them to ExpressVPN or CyberGhost, you have to face the obvious: PureVPN is far behind.

Our opinion on PureVPN is, therefore, quite mixed in terms of speeds. In 2022, we can find much better.


PureVPN streaming test

Are you a fan of downloading and streaming? Can you trust the supplier to protect you and give you the best performance? This is what we will see in the rest of this review on this VPN, PureVPN.


If you have a Netflix account and want to access all the content of national platforms, then the Virtual Private Network will be your ally! Indeed, this tool allows circumventing the restrictions of the platform. For this, you only have to choose a server in the country you want to access, and the trick is played.

Finally… almost. And for a good reason, some providers don’t have servers that perform well enough to unlock Netflix, so they encounter the famous “proxy error.” Rest assured, we tested several PureVPN servers, and we were able to access them. Even so, there are loading difficulties related to speed problems, as you might expect. So the quality will not necessarily be there.

However, some people have warned us that Netflix has blacklisted some servers. This also happened to us when trying with a French server (see capture below attached). In case you can’t find a server to unlock it, you can contact the vendor’s support, which will direct you to the most suitable servers. It is for this weakness that it is not among the best VPNs for Netflix. Again, he is behind a lot of actors.



Because streaming is not just Netflix, it is also possible to unlock other streaming sites or foreign TV channels. This is the case for sports channels, but also content and film channels.

We tested for French channels from abroad: no problem, we were able to access TF1, M6 and all the free French bouquet channels by choosing a French server and connecting us to it.



If you’re used to downloading torrent files in P2P, you shouldn’t run into a problem with PureVPN. Indeed, we have done some tests, and apart from the speed problems that we have already discussed above, the download is done with ease.

Keep in mind that VPN protection is essential for downloading or streaming so that no one can trace it back to you (neither your Internet Service Provider, nor HADOPI, nor a third party who might be ill-intentioned). The encryption used by the technology provider will make you completely anonymous on the internet, so enjoy it! Let’s continue this review on PureVPN with the security of its software.


Security and privacy policy

Why opt for a VPN if it doesn’t guarantee you optimal protection? That would not make sense. In this part of this review on PureVPN 2022, we will see the performance of this IT provider in terms of security.


A good thing to look at to see if a VPN performs well in terms of security is the IP address’s visibility. To better understand, we took screenshots during our pure VPN review and reviews on 2022.

Here you can see our actual IP address because it is not protected by a VPN or a remote server connection. No security then, because if we go on the internet, we can be located and identified.

For the image below, we chose a PureVPN server in the United States. This allows us, as you can see, to change our IP address and our location. No mention is made of our actual IP address (based in France). So we are well protected by the software.

Besides, note that you will be able to take advantage of Kill-Switch (which automatically shuts down your connection in case of a VPN problem) and Split-Tunneling (for some applications to pass out of the protection tunnel) by subscribing to PureVPN. These features are now available from this provider.


Privacy policy

On the provider’s website, you have a whole page (unfortunately quite poorly translated, like the rest of the site …) on the privacy policy.

The company announces that it does not keep any data about its users: be it browsing his or hers, original PIs, login dates and times, etc. Everything is supposed to be removed from the platform, and therefore inaccessible. This commitment is even confirmed by an “independent U.S. consulting firm” whose name is not mentioned.

If we do this part with many precautions, especially using the conditional, the company has been involved in some rather problematic cases in the past. That was the case in 2022 when she approached the FBI to disclose information about one of its users.

Since then, you can understand our doubts about the sincerity of this supplier… It is a pity because it is a fundamental element. It’s up to you to see if you want to trust and make your own opinion on PureVPN. But we will have warned you of floating questions; it is better to know before signing up.


Does circumventing censorship work?

Again, as with Netflix, we can’t guarantee you 100%, unfortunately. Indeed, we contacted people on the spot in China to get a local opinion. Still, while it worked rather well in the past, it seems that lately, some servers no longer allow access to Platforms Facebook, Instagram, Google etc.

Perhaps the servers were located and blocked by the Chinese government? However, if you are going to China, we advise you to opt for another provider, as some are really safer to operate(e.g. NordVPN or ExpressVPN). The only one that is really reliable on the market is express VPN.


The network of countries and servers

A provider’s network of countries and servers is important because that’s what will determine how many countries you’re going to be able to access and how saturated you’re going to have to deal with by logging in.

Regarding PureVPN, our opinion is rather positive because it covers a large number of different countries: more than 140 countries, with 180 different locations. You can find the breakdown by continents on the screenshot below.

In general, the number of servers (up 2000) is also interesting, even if it is well below those displayed by market leaders, CyberGhost and ExpressVPN. The first has more than 7,000 servers, while the second has more than 3,000 servers in its network.


PureVPN customer support test

We also tested the brand’s customer support to carry out this review on PureVPN.

Note that you will have access to multiple resources to overcome any difficulties you may encounter. In addition to the documentation and help pages, you will find a FAQ page and a ticket system to make your requests directly to customer service.

Besides, you can also choose to contact the support directly through the live chat, which is available daily. A good choice if you have a pretty special question and you can’t find the answer.


PureVPN offers and pricing.

We come to the part of this review on PureVPN that may be of great interest to you if you are convinced to opt for this provider in 2022. What are the offers, and what is the proposed pricing? That’s what we’re going to see right now.

At PureVPN, as with most competitors, you will have the choice between 3 offers, depending on the duration of your commitment: 1 month, 1 year, 2 years. In terms of tariffs, it is much the same as what is found in the cheapest competitors. It should also be noted that it is possible to enjoy a satisfied or refunded period of 31 days. It is in the standard of what is on the market.


More information

We are coming to the end of this review on PureVPN. But before concluding, let’s go back or talk about some additional elements concerning the supplier, potentially making the difference against its rivals.

Indeed, in addition to the points we have already discussed (security, Kill Switch, split tunnel, technical support, servers, etc.), what are the features proposed? That’s what we’re going to see right now.


The number of simultaneous connections

As for the number of simultaneous connections, we are still on average. With 5 devices potentially connected simultaneously, the provider’s offer is not particularly interesting, but it still protects most of your devices. It takes less than actors like Surfshark (unlimited connections simultaneously), CyberGhost or NordVPN.

Note that if you want to protect all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, you also have the option to install the VPN directly on your router. This way, your computers, phones and other devices will be automatically secured as soon as they are connected—a good way to protect yourself effectively and. For the rest, our PureVPN review deals with compatibility with different operating systems.



At present, only inferior quality suppliers do not offer solutions that are compatible with the vast majority of operating systems and devices. Regarding PureVPN, there is no problem since, as you will be able to see on the next capture, all operating systems are affected and working.

Whether you’re on Mac, Windows, iOS or Android and all the others, you’ll be able to install the VPN on your device easily.


Browser extensions

Also, note that the provider offers 2 browser extensions, one for Google Chrome and Firefox. They protect you as soon as you go to these browsers to do internet searches. So don’t hesitate to install them, especially the one you connect to most often.



As you will have understood, we were not really won over in this review on PureVPN. The speed was extremely disappointing, and there are other things that we didn’t like. Cybersecurity software is good, but it won’t live up to many other players. The value for money is disappointing; you might be able to find a solution somewhere else.

Compared to what can be found in other competitors, we are therefore quite disappointed by the service offered by PureVPN. Hopefully, the supplier will make efforts in the coming years to improve its solution. In the meantime, it will not have to lose even more ground against well-known and premium VPN giants.

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