Protein for women

There is still the myth that protein is not good for women, and they get huge muscle mountains. We can reassure you; this belongs in the realm of fairy tales. It is not possible to obtain large muscle mountains via excessive protein intake. People are usually more likely to struggle to generate muscle mass. There are a lot of young men who would like to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best. Only about 1-2% of men have a genetic potential to build up excessive muscle mass. In women, it is also about 1%.


What are proteins anyway?

Proteins consist of amino acids. Amino acids must be partially fed with food. Therefore, these amino acids are also called essential amino acids. Other amino acids can be produced from these essential amino acids. These are, therefore, not essential. Now, when you feed proteins, they are digested into amino acids in the digestive tract. The amino acids then enter the blood and are distributed into the tissues and organs. When they reach their destination, amino acids are used, for example, for the breakdown and degradation of tissues.


Why is protein important for women?

If you want to shape and tighten your muscles, you won’t get around to taking enough protein. Which woman doesn’t want a crisp butt or tight arms?

In order to achieve this goal, the muscle must be built up and fat broken down. For muscle building, on the one hand, regular strength training and thus muscle stimuli through training and an ideal amount of protein at the right time are required.


Do protein shakes make sense for women?

In the minds of many women, there is a prejudice that protein shakes are just for men. Many think protein shakes are only suitable for bodybuilders.

As already mentioned, in addition to training, the right amount of protein at the right time is crucial for success in muscle training. Ideally, about 20 g of protein should be taken every 3-4 hours. As a rule, this can be covered mainly by conventional meals. However, if there are longer breaks between meals (e.B. from lunch to dinner), this protein break can be bridged by a high-quality protein shake.

So you can safely put away the fear of male muscle mountains due to too high a protein dosage. Therefore, protein is as proprietary for women as it is for men.

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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