Pros and Cons of Recirculating Range Hoods

Increased humidity in the kitchen can cause condensation on the surface of the walls, kitchen set. Ultimately, this will lead to fungus and mold. In addition, the exhaust fan will help to cope with the smells formed during cooking.

Types of exhaust fans

Before buying ventilation equipment, you need to familiarize yourself with the existing varieties, advantages and disadvantages of each option.



Such devices consist of a body in which the wheel with an impeller rotates. The blades are usually fixed on the axis of the electric motor, which is why the devices are called axial. When the wheels rotate, the blades capture air and push it in the direction of the axle.

The fan for the hood to the kitchen is equipped with a collector, which increases the productivity of the device. Axial devices have good efficiency, they are able to pump up to 100 m3 hours, but at the same time have a small head. The device makes noise during operation, the sound intensity is up to 50 dB.


These fans differ from the previous subspecies in the spiral shape of the blades. During engine operation, air flows are pushed in the right direction due to centrifugal force. A feature of the device is considered to be the perpendicular direction of flow relative to the retracted air. In everyday life, such designs are used extremely rarely.


Diagonal models of fans are characterized by high productivity. The air entering the inlet of the device moves in the direction of the axis of the device, then shifts at an angle of 45 degrees. Thanks to such features, the intensity of the device and productivity increases. The diagonal model is considered a silent household exhaust fan, it also has small overall dimensions.


These devices appeared on the market relatively recently, they are characterized by a different principle of operation. To supply air, a turbine is used here, which directs the flow through the diaphragm into a special frame. Increased retraction is possible due to the use of a multiplier.

The device has a special mechanism that makes it possible to adjust the flow rate up to 90 km / h. Such devices have a high level of security, they are silent and economical.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each kitchen fan for air extraction has its own strengths and weaknesses, but several characteristics are characteristic of all models. The advantages of such equipment include:

  1. Small overall dimensions. Some models of fans are built into the ventilation pipe.
  2. In the set of parts to the device there is a protective mesh. This element prevents insects and dust particles from entering the impeller, which continues the life of the equipment.
  3. Any user can disassemble the fan. This is necessary to clean parts from debris or eliminate minor malfunctions.
  4. The engine does not need frequent maintenance, it is constantly cooled, able to work all day.
  5. When installing an exhaust fan, you can use auxiliary equipment, for example, a motion and humidity sensor or an hour timer;
  6. The devices in question have a minimum weight, they are made of plastic;
  7. Many models do not create noise during operation, they consume a minimum amount of electricity;
  8. Easy installation, installation of equipment can be performed even by an inexperienced user.

The disadvantages of the devices are associated with the features of their device. So axial devices create a lot of noise, they are not recommended to be installed in small rooms. Improper installation of equipment causes improper circulation of flows.

How to choose a fan for hood

When choosing an exhaust fan with a check valve for the kitchen, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics of the device and other important parameters. We are talking about the performance of the equipment, the noise level that the device emits, and the possibility of its safe use in a moisture-saturated environment. Special attention should be paid to the price/quality ratio of the product. Let’s deal with each of the characteristics in more detail.


When calculating such an important parameter, it is necessary to possess such information:

  • overall dimensions of the room for calculating its volume;
  • multiplicity of air exchange per hour.

Important! The product of the area by the multiplicity of air exchange indicates the performance of the radial fan for extraction.

To determine the minimum power of the device, the following calculation must be carried out. Determine the area of the room by sequentially multiplying the length, width and height of the kitchen. To determine the performance of the hood, you need to know the number of air changes per hour. This value is multiplied by the area of the room.

The multiplicity of air exchange is determined by building codes and regulations. For the bathroom it is necessary to take 6-8 changes of air per hour, for the kitchen – 4-6. The multiplicity of air in the toilet corresponds to the air exchange coefficient of 6-10. Minimum indicators are taken with the number of residents in an apartment or country house from 1 to 3. If the tenants are more than the specified value, you can take the maximum coefficient.

After the performance calculation is completed, you can go to the store to buy the necessary equipment. Centrifugal fan for hood is selected with increased productivity by 10-15% in relation to the calculated values. Productivity depends on the volume of the room, the average is 90-100m3 per hour.


The impeller or turbine of any device is rotated by an electric motor, which creates two types of noise during operation – aerodynamic and mechanical. The first sounds arise through the vibration of the parts of the device and the air duct. The second noise is formed through the movement of the blades, it penetrates directly into the room.

Extraneous sounds exceeding the range of 36 dB irritate a person, so it is better not to install household appliances with such indicators in residential areas. Silent ventilation in the kitchen is possible if you install devices with a sound level of not more than 30 dB. Characteristics, relative to the noise level emitted by the device, are indicated in the passport.

The intensity of extraneous sounds can be reduced if you install a plate or tubular type muffler behind the device. The duct is also insulated with a sound-absorbing material. It must have a sufficient diameter for the unimpeded passage of air flows. If the duct section is small, as a result of turbolenting, traffic jams are formed and extraneous noises occur.


Silent duct fans for extraction should have another important characteristic – protection of the case from moisture penetration. Evaporation occurs in the cooking room. The ingress of moisture on the contacts can cause a short circuit in the device, which will lead to its breakdown or fire.

To prevent such phenomena, buy in the store devices with a sealed case. In the passport of the fan there is a special mark that indicates protection against water ingress.

Advice! As additional safety measures, connect the device to a power supply with a voltage of 24 volts. Closing such a fan will not harm human health.

Additional parameters

When choosing exhaust fans for installation in the kitchen, you need to pay attention to their functionality. Standard type equipment is equipped with a check valve that blocks the return of exhaust air into the room. Such devices are convenient, but not practical. They are connected to a light switch, work for a limited time. Sometimes this is not enough to fully remove moist air.

Automatic models are considered more modern, but they have a high cost. In such devices, hourly timers are installed, which allows you to adjust the intensity of their work. The equipment works when the lights are turned off for another 25-30 minutes. There are exhaust automatic fans with an air humidity sensor installed. After exceeding this parameter above the set mark, the device is turned on.

Good technical characteristics of the device are not the key to its long-term operation. When choosing an exhaust fan for the kitchen, you need to familiarize yourself with consumer reviews about a particular model. The user has the right to demand from the seller a quality certificate for the products supplied. The minimum allowable safety value corresponds to the ip 34 marking. Dimensional products will not always be of high quality.

Pay attention! A good fan for hooding into the kitchen does not always have a high cost. Properly selected budget model is able to last from 3 to 5 years. Expensive household appliances are usually equipped with automation, humidity sensor and timer.

How to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen

When installing a fan in the kitchen, you must follow the following tips:

  • Connect the hood to the ventilation duct at the highest possible height, this will make it possible to collect all the exhaust gases (hot air is always in the upper part of the room).
  • For better circulation, the openings for fresh air should be located on the opposite side of the room relative to the fan.
  • It is forbidden to install the fan over the stove, if its body does not have protection from moisture and high temperatures.
  • If there are power surges in the mains, the fan is connected through a surge protector.

In the case of using an air duct with a diameter distinguishable from the outlet of the hood, these parts are connected to each other using a special glue or dowels.


Inexpensive exhaust fan of simple design allows you to solve the problem with clean air in the kitchen. Any user can install this device according to the attached instructions. The device is mounted in the ceiling, on the walls, fixed in the transoms of the windows in the kitchen.


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