5 Pros and Cons of Buying a Mattress Online

Today, the Internet’s potential to all users, whether individuals, companies, organizations or groups, is unquestionable. The Internet is a powerful tool that can become a lifeline for many sectors.

A few days ago, an article was published in pure marketing about European companies that invoiced about 3,000 million euros in exports in the EU on Amazon. Among the cases cited, we find an Italian mattress company, “Baldiflex”, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality mattresses throughout Europe. sales since 2012, their online sales of mattresses have slowly but steadily increased, and they currently have customers from as far away as Norway and Cyprus. Still, they had a critical moment of sales, and before the possibility of closing, they considered online sales on Amazon Italy.

That is a success story of the many that we can find in the adventure of launching to sell products online. E-commerce is an increasingly common practice; it has many advantages over traditional shopping, although it also has some drawbacks.

In ColchonExprés, we opened our first store in Madrid 11 years ago, and we have been selling rest material and mattresses online for more than seven years. Given our extensive experience in the sector, we know well the pros and cons of both channels.


Advantages of buying mattresses online

Advantages of buying mattresses online


On the Internet, you can easily find mattress offers with incredibly competitive prices (outlet, balances, bargains, offers, promotions, etc.). In general, online mattress stores can offer very competitive prices due to the reduction of fixed expenses they have in infrastructures by not having to maintain a network of open commercial premises, with the high costs that this implies.



Nowadays, the offer of mattresses online is extensive, diverse and varied. On the Internet, we can find online stores that only distribute brands of recognized manufacturers; as factories that directly sell their brands. The mattress buyer can quickly and easily compare prices for the same mattress model; or search for similar models from cheaper manufacturers; in a large number of national and international stores. However, it is advisable to inform yourself before about the professionalism and seriousness of the store to which the order is going to be placed, and about the quality and reputation of the brand and manufacturer.



The comfort of seeing in our homes the different options of mattresses in the market, choosing qualities, finishes, measures and units, all without leaving home, is a plus of comfort. To that extra comfort, we have to add the services that many websites provide to their customers, delivery, assembly and removal of the old mattress.



The buyer who searches and compares on the Internet does not have to act of faith in the purchase. Today there are many simple and impartial tools to investigate the experience and opinion of other buyers. In ColchonExprés, we have open accounts on websites specialized in views of recognized prestige such as Google, Yelp, Ciao or Trusted Shops.

A note: be wary of opinions on anonymous websites and forums. They often have excessively lax policies in the control of the views. Many contain comments made by false users or the competition.



The usual thing in serious electronic stores is that all products have a relatively long return period. At ColchonExprés, we attach great importance to this point by offering up to 100 days of trial on most of our mattresses. In the world of rest, it is essential why you can not know if the bed you have bought is the right one until you try it for at least a few weeks.


Disadvantages of buying mattresses online

Disadvantages of buying mattresses online


Not trusting the company, not seeing the product that must be paid for before having it in our hands, not knowing if the delivery will finally be made, not being able to talk to anyone in case of problems with the purchase, etc … are inconveniences that make customers online think twice before buying a mattress online.

At ColchonExprés, we work to minimize these inconveniences and facilitate the purchase as much as possible. Last year we added videos for most mattress models; we offer an immediate advice service via chat and telephone (advice by a specialized professional, not by a teleoperator without knowledge about rest); we offer to purchase insurance guaranteed by a third party via Trusted Shops, etc.



In the case of purchasing mattresses online, the possibility of testing the product is significant. On many occasions, you can doubt whether the bed is really comfortable, firm or flexible enough for our needs, etc. It is not able to try Not before can be a significant inconvenience to get the purchase right.

That is why it charges particular important, that the store where you buy it has some Rest Guarantee.



The policy of exchanges and returns in some online mattress websites is not visible and often includes deceptive clauses, nothing clear, or, do not allow the return or exchange of the item, facts that make us consider the purchase again.



Providing personal data, addresses, bank account numbers, credit cards, and other confidential data is not easy for customers. We have to trust in the security offered by the Web where we buy and be attentive to all the secure means of payment they offer us.



If the Web has a problematic means of contacting them, it will be challenging to trust the online store. A contact space, where the location of your physical stores is detailed (if they have), telephones (free or at least not 900 lines), and a contact form by mail are guarantees that we have to assess so as not to have communication problems with the company where we make our online purchase.

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