Points to Consider while Buying a Vacuum Cleaner for Pets?

Because of his employment, every working person wants to approach the process of cleaning the house without the stress and considerable effort. Any pet owner has ever encountered a situation where their pets begin to shed, bringing inconvenience to everyday life. We will help you decide on the choice of vacuum cleaner designed to collect your pets’ fur.


How to find the right vacuum cleaner?

right vacuum cleaner

There are no vacuum cleaners designed only for cleaning dust or wool. There are vacuum cleaners for dry or wet cleaning and versatile—however, some of the vacuum cleaners in the name have a zoo, Animal, Pro. So the manufacturer shows that this vacuum cleaner, by suction power and attached nozzles are suitable for cleaning the fur of animals.

Are you still undecided about choosing a vacuum cleaner? Don’t worry. A series of Candy vacuum cleaners will take care of cleaning every surface in the house. If you want to simplify the weekly cleaning of the house, the main advice from Candy is to buy a special vacuum cleaner with the function of an effective wool collection.


Types of most old vacuum cleaners for wool collection

Places where wool is most often left – a soft sofa, chair, or carpet. To effectively clean any surface, you need a powerful vacuum cleaner. Usually, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner, the better it copes with the collection of fluff, wool, dust, and hair.

There are different models of vacuum cleaners to choose from. The most suitable for pet owners are:

  • Vacuum cleaners for cleaning wool with a bag-dust collector are favorites among pet owners. They are the most practical vacuum cleaners, as they are quiet to use and require less maintenance. The main drawback of these vacuum cleaners is the need to periodically clean and update dust bags.
  • Container vacuum cleaners use the technology of sealed collection of incoming debris and dust. They have a high suction power, and thanks to the dumpster, the cleaning process is simplified and becomes more hygienic.
  • Aquafilter vacuum cleaners. Aquafilter is the best filter for cleaning the fur of pets. With it, you can conduct dry and wet cleaning, as in the water fog, wool wets, and sinks in a bowl. Typically, vacuum cleaners have multi-level filtration. The vacuum cleaner can remove the wool and fluff from the air—the only downside of vacuum cleaners with aqua filters – its dimensions.
  • Vertical vacuum cleaners are the lightest and most comfortable. They don’t have any wires, no baggy technology, and they have a light cleaning system. It is essential to choose a vertical vacuum cleaner with a turbo and a large dust collector. Otherwise, the tool will not cope with the task.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners are also common among pet owners at the moment. To clean the surfaces of wool quality, you need to have special rubber or silicone roller, as the standard quickly winds the wool, closing the vacuum slit—the main drawback of these devices – their considerable price.


Use special nozzles on the vacuum cleaner.

You can also purchase a turbo to clean the surfaces of pet fur effectively. Inside the turbos, there is a shaft with hard bristles, which are arranged in a spiral. The shaft rotates at high speed under the influence of a powerful airflow so that all the animal hair, long human hair, threads are easily separated from soft surfaces and twisted on the shaft. The turbo is used in dry cleaning mode.

The soft coatings, in which the hair is tangled and the pus of pets are quite difficult to clean. The best vacuum cleaner for wool has special brushes, collecting from the surface of soft upholstery fluff, combing the pile.

In addition to the turbo, it is also worth highlighting several types of nozzles on the vacuum cleaner for cleaning wool:

  • A yellow nozzle that pulls the hair of pets from uncomfortable corners;
  • A special silicone brush is an excellent wool collector on the upper designs;
  • Nozzle – knocking out will cope with the litter on the sleeping place of the animal;
  • Turbos for combing hair and wool from the pile.

These and other devices are already in the set of the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning pets’ fur, but sometimes they need to buy additionally. They make it much easier to clean soft surfaces.

Thus, you can choose a suitable vacuum cleaner model for cleaning the fur of pets in different price categories and different modifications. Find the one that best suits your needs!

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