Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B Ergonomic Wireless Headphones Review

A quick overview of Pioneer’s full-size Bluetooth SE-MS9BN-B headset – features, design, ergonomics, sound quality, and microphone.

Affordable and good headphones in the afternoon with fire can not be found until recently prices for them started from $100, but today you can buy high-quality wired models from HyperX for $65-75. I’ve listened to many headphones, including twice as expensive, but nothing better so far and not found.

They are ideal in every way – a very juicy and detailed sound in the entire range and high-quality air bass, plus a very comfortable and not killing design. That’s why I’m going to compare these headphones with them.

Finding something similar in wireless performance for sane money until recently was an unattainable dream. And now I have in my handphones Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B, which can be found in our stores for $150, and on Amazon on them and generally a very nice price tag $100.

Detail Review Of Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B Ergonomic Wireless Headphones

Features and trim

Features and trim

The Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B headphones are packed into a decent box, not small as for the size.

The front focuses on support for Google’s voice assistant, noise cancellation (as it’s also a headset), and 24 hours of autonomy, which is a very high indicator.

Strangely, the rear of the information is not much more; only the Bluetooth version is indicated, and the fact that the headphones are built on a chip from the codec aptX and the corresponding logo can be understood is NFC.

From the pentagrams on the side, it becomes clear that the diameter of the speakers here is 40 mm (in HyperX speakers 50 mm), the range of frequencies 5 Hz – 40 kHz (on cable), headphones are equipped with a removable cable length of 1.2 with a standard 3.5 mm plug and complete with a carry-on bag.

Included in everything as stated, plus USB/Micro-USB cable for charging and instruction, the handbag is made of nice soft leather.

Audio cable is really very standard, which means you can easily change it to any other, but on a three-contact plug, it is immediately clear that the microphone through it will not work, only headphones.

The charging cable is also standard to suit anyone from a smartphone or other device with a Micro-USB connector.

You can download the Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B headphone instruction in the English language in the Links section.


Below are the main characteristics of the Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B headphones and give a brief explanation.

Speakers 40mm
execution Closed
Frequency range (by cable) 5 Hz – 40 kHz
Frequency range (Bluetooth) 5 Hz – 22 kHz
Bluetooth version 4.2
Connection range Up to 10m
Bluetooth Profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Codecs support aptX/SBC/AAC
autonomy up to 24 hours
charging 4 hours
weight 300 grams

Unfortunately, there are speakers with a diameter of 40 mm, not 50 mm, as in HyperX and other headphones of the middle and above class. However, the stated frequency range from ultra-low to ultra-high frequencies is simply discouraging. But the main thing is still the sound quality, which I will tell you a little later.

According to Bluetooth, unfortunately, Pioneer lags far behind the market, but the main thing is that all the necessary profiles are supported and code aptX. It allows you to stream music via Bluetooth with a high bitrate (up to 320 Kbps) with minimal delays. It eliminates the audio lag in video and games, which is especially important.

I didn’t have the opportunity to test my autonomy properly, as I didn’t have the headphones for long. But, according to users, the manufacturer does not lie, and they really keep the charge for about a day of continuous playing music at a comfortable volume, and it is perfect.

The weight for the wireless model here is not big, and they will not unnecessarily burden the neck.

Other more detailed options for the Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B headphones can be found in the links section.

Design and ergonomics

Design and ergonomics

I came to the model Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B in practical black, but on sale also have similar headphones in expensive brown-silver design.

Immediately catch the eye of the vaunted earbuds of ergonomic form.

The cups are also fastened not directly, as in most headphones, but at some angle to the headband.

Thanks to this, the headphones sit on the head really very comfortably, even better than HyperX Core, which I immediately liked.

Soft earbuds and headbands do not press anywhere; thanks to them, headphones feel very light, plus leathers have a beautiful texture and are very similar to natural skin.

The metal plate at the base of the headband and the height-adjustable mount (also made of metal) make the structure as comfortable and reliable as the higher.

There are two microphones on top of both cups, which has already become the standard for noise-canceling headsets.

There is an audio connector at the bottom of the left cup, a charging connector, and just above a separate voice assistant call button, an on/off button, and Bluetooth visibility activation.

Next to it is a Bluetooth and charge indicator, and just above the volume button, which also switches tracks for a long time. Between them is a play/pause button, which is also used to answer the call and complete it.

All buttons are conveniently, easily intuitively groped, have not a loud, clear click, and provide absolutely all the necessary functions to control the headset.

You can learn more about The Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B headphone management from the links section.

Sound quality

When connected to the smartphone on Bluetooth, the sound is characterized by a powerful deep bass, which is quite pleasant and does not hit the ears; it immediately impressed me. However, after listening to different compositions, there was a lack of high and medium frequencies. Yes, they are generally good but sound a little muted, a little lacking in detail. By comparison, hyper X basses aren’t as low, but they sound more balanced across the entire range.

When connected by cable, the situation is opposed – there are many details in the high and middle range, but the bass goes almost completely. If you compare with HyperX, then they already have more bass and generally lower and nicer sound. In general, the sound in The Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B on the cable I did not like, but for this and there is no sense to take wireless headphones.

When connected to a PC with a good Bluetooth adapter, the same sound is retained. It is quite nice to listen to different music, and especially to watch movies and play games where the powerful deep bass is revealed in all its glory. The wired connection here is also frustrating. There is simply no sense in it, especially since through Bluetooth, these headphones can be used as a gaming headset and communication on Skype. A laptop is not even needed. Plus, these headphones are nice to connect to the TV so that no one is prevented from watching it alone, conveniently lounging on the couch.

As for the use as a headset, the sound from the microphone is somewhat deaf but is at an acceptable level. Noise cancellation normally works, extinguishing unnecessary noises in the street. In principle, more is needed.


In general, Pioneer SE-MS9BN-B has shown itself as high-quality and very comfortable headphones. Yes, their sound is not perfectly balanced, but he is quite a bassist and pleasant. Plus, well-designed management and versatility do the trick.

They are definitely worth their money, but of course, given the opportunity to find them on sale at a bargain price. In this case, it won’t be easy to find a worthy competitor in terms of price/quality. I was pleased with them and can recommend the purchase not very demanding to sound, but appreciating quality things users.

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