6 Steps to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

Two lovers made a serious decision – they will become a husband and wife. And so, overflowing with euphoria, they cross the threshold of the jewellery store and… frozen at the windows. Their eyes run away from the huge number of rings for the wedding, and in my head spins one question “How to choose?”. We have prepared 6 tips to help narrow down the search circle and find beautiful and quality rings.




Most wedding rings are made of gold. This metal is durable, beautiful and affordable. And the colour scheme he has the richest. Depending on the impurities of other metals, it becomes white, pink, red and even black. For a long time, there is a fashion for rings for weddings of different types of gold. For example, wedding rings are made of white gold with inserts of yellow or pink. Combining different types of precious metal opens up great prospects for jewellery designers.

Platinum is another noble metal from which wedding rings are made. It wears out slowly, but, like gold, is easily scratched. Platinum is white by nature, so unlike white gold does not need periodic updating of the coating. But the main drawback of platinum is in high price. And the advantages, in comparison with affordable gold, it is not so much.

In rare cases, future newlyweds may prefer all silver metals, for example, because of allergies to gold or because of their taste preferences. The main advantage of silver is, of course, its low cost in comparison with other precious metals. But in terms of impracticality, it also leads. With constant sock, silverware is quickly worn out, and their colour can change dramatically.




There is an opinion that the bride’s ring’s cost should be equal to the groom’s salary for two months. For those who believe in this rule now, there will be a small surprise – it is nothing more than a marketing move invented during the Great Depression by the American diamond manufacturer, De Beers. In fact, there are no conventions in this matter. You can, confer with your soul mate and come together to an approximate budget. In any case, it is reasonable to focus on your income, not on social stereotypes.




The choice of rings for the wedding today is more than wide: smooth, without inserts, enamel or encrusted with stones, thin, wide, etc. The main rule of choice of wedding ring design should be liked both 10, and 20 years after purchase. Another question that the bride and groom should think about before buying rings for the wedding is their way of life. If they are fidget with many active hobbies, they better focus on practical models without protruding elements and stones. The ring can break or quickly lose its original appearance at the point of insertion of stones. But even if the rings are looking for a pair of homemakers, stop at jewellery with a bunch of small items is not worth it. Such products cling to clothes, hair; they will get small particles.




The comfort of a ring’s socks largely depends on its dimensions. A ring over 3mm thick will rub the surrounding fingers. Too wide wedding rings – make it difficult to act, to the point that it will prevent the finger from bending. Another important aspect is the right size. It emphasizes the line of hands and the shape of the fingers. Small or large ring, firstly uncomfortable at the sock, secondly, looks on the hand carelessly. Here are some recommendations to help you choose the size of the ring:

  • to make the final choice, it is desirable to try on the decoration several times in the evening, and the morning, fingers can sing, respectively, they become thicker. It is better to postpone the shopping trip to the middle of the day
  • in the cold fingers narrow, from the heat – expand. This should be taken into account when choosing
  • jewelleryAfter fitting a large number of rings in a row, the finger may be swollen. In this case, you need to raise your hand above your head and hold it for a minute and a half.




Of course, it would be wonderful if the bride and groom had identical taste and easily choose paired wedding rings. But life is life. Not always what one likes is appropriate for another. Is it necessary that the bride and groom have the same rings? No. There are no mandatory requirements for what should be ringing at a wedding. If the young don’t find a design that both like, it’s okay. In the jewellery store, consultants will pick up jewellery with similar elements.

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