Permanent Hair Straightening – here’s everything you should know

Have you ever thought of choosing permanent straightening for your hair?

Most of us surely have thoughts of doing permanent hair straightening after getting tired of managing the frizzy and damaged hair. After all, who doesn’t like long, shiny and beautiful straight hair?

While some of us have made peace with permanent hair straightening, many are still struggling with just the thought of it. For all those who still have doubts about permanent hair straightening because of the lack of knowledge and details about it, let us figure out if the choice would work in your favour.

Before choosing permanent hair straightening, it is important to be aware of all the related information. How the treatment works, how much does it cost, the pros and cons, how long will it last, etc.; you should have all these doubts properly answered.

As it can be difficult to know each and everything about the treatment from here and there, we have summarized all the relevant and important details about hair straightening, which will help you make up your mind.


What is Permanent Hair Straightening?

Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening is a chemical application on your hair to make it pin-straight. It is a chemical processing that depends on the method chosen, your hair type and texture.

In simple words, permanent hair straightening works to remove all the wavy curls from your hair permanently using certain chemicals and treatments. This results in straight hair flowing beautifully without the need for any hair styling equipment.

These treatments for hair straightening remain intact for many months until the new hair replaces the one which has been treated. This is because of its long-lasting stay that this treatment is called permanent hair straightening.


What should you consider before going for permanent hair straightening?

What should you consider before going for permanent hair straightening

Hair straightening sounds appealing, but there are a few things that you should be aware of before you choose the treatment for your hair. Below are listed some of the points that you should take into consideration before permanently straightening your hair:

Not suitable for weak hair:

If you have weak hair, then permanent hair straightening is not the thing for you. The treatment is best suited for those who have strong hair. Your weak hair will face more damage with the treatment, further worsening the hair quality and texture.


Your hair history:

As you are about to try something permanent on your hair, it is essential to be aware of your hair history to avoid any hassles during and after the treatment. With proper and transparent information about your hair, you can be sure that the treatment will be adjusted according to your hair to ensure great results.


Instructions for hair care:

Permanent hair straightening is not like any other hair treatment that we generally do; it is way more detailed. Therefore, it needs special and dedicated care and maintenance.

After undergoing the treatment, you must follow all the haircare instructions that your hairstylist has informed you about. Lacking to follow the instructions can have adverse effects on the hair.


Use prescribed hair care products:

The next thing that you should be considerate about is using just the prescribed and mentioned haircare products after the treatment. This will help you maintain your hair without any hassles.

Be very sure of using only sulfate-free products on your hair to minimize any damages caused. Choose products that can keep your hair hydrated for long. Lastly, don’t forget to do deep conditioning on your hair to keep them in its best shape and texture.


What Are the Different Types of Hair Straightening Techniques?

Different chemical treatments can help you with hair straightening. Every treatment has its method and chemical formulation to show you the desired result. That’s why you should be sure of the different available options and how they treat your hair.

Moreover, with the detailed information about these hair treatments, you can skip the dilemma to choose between them. Here are the following methods that help in permanently straightening your hair:

Keratin hair straightening:

Keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular types of hair straightening type. Keratin is your hair’s natural protein essential for keeping your hair silky, shiny and attractive. However, over time, our hair tends to lose this essential hair protein, making the hair frizzy, dull and damaged.

This is where this treatment falls in place. Keratin is applied to your hair in this treatment, which reduces the hair frizz and makes the hair look straight and shiny. After applying Keratin to your hair, the expert uses a flat iron at 450-degree to ensure that the hair absorbs the formula. This results in the formation of a moisture barrier which helps in assuring the desired result.

As hair straightening treatments cause damage to the hair, keratin hair treatment is a safer option.


  • Does not use strong harmful chemicals
  • Reduces hair frizz
  • It makes hair straight, silky and smooth
  • It is suitable for all types of hair
  • It also protects from the damaging UV sun rays


  • The treatment is expensive
  • It is not recommended for pregnant women
  • You need trained professionals for this treatment

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Be very particular in maintaining the safety of your skin and eyes while undergoing this treatment.
  • Once this treatment is done, avoid undergoing any other chemical treatment for at least 6-8 months. Repetitive heat treatments can damage your newly growing hair.


Thermal reconditioning:

Thermal reconditioning

This hair treatment involves both excessive heat and chemicals. Therefore, be sure about the technique before undergoing it.

In this treatment, your hair is exposed to a chemical for 15-20 minutes, which breaks the existing hair bonds. After that, excessive heat is applied to your hair for reshaping its bonds. After the excessive heat, the hair is again covered with a chemical that seals your hair’s changes in shape and structure.

It is a long process and may take up to 6 to 8-hours to get completed. Along with this, you need to have a follow-up hair session after 3-days of the treatment. The results from this treatment can last for about 6 to 7-months, depending upon the care and maintenance of the hair.


  • Suitable for those with thick and curly hair
  • Can treat excessively damaged and frizzy hair
  • Inexpensive than the keratin treatment
  • Results can last long for 6 to 7 months


  • Works using excessive heat and chemicals
  • Causes damage to weak hair
  • It can often cause irritable scalp if not taken proper care

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Always choose a professional hair expert to undergo this treatment. Any local name can cause even more damages to your hair than expected.


Hair Rebonding:

You must have surely heard of hair rebonding. It is a chemical treatment for your hair that leaves your hair straight, shiny and silky. A chemical is applied to your hair, which breaks the hair’s natural bonds, followed by applying a neutralizer that seals the newly formed hair bonds.

In simple words, it can be said that the rebonding technique works on the natural structure of the hair and changes the same to make hair straight for a duration.

Mostly, the rebonding procedure is expensive. The hair rebounded with professional care maintains its fluency for the maximum time. However, the concerning thing with this treatment is that it makes the hair week from the roots.

The treatment is completed in sessions and thus, demands great maintenance and security. Your hair remains in a delicate and fragile state after completing the first session of the treatment. Therefore, you should follow all precautions and instructions of your hair expert to ensure that no potential damage is caused to your hair during and after the treatment.

The treatment price varies according to your hair type, the used services and products and the maintenance post-treatment.


  • Works on the natural bonds of the hair
  • Hair gets straight for the maximum duration
  • Suitable for extremely frizzy hair


  • Leave hair fragile and delicate
  • It gets completed after few sessions; thus, it is time-consuming

Quick tip to follow:

The chemicals used in the rebonding treatments weaken the hair; therefore, it is advisable to take extra care of your hair. It is recommended to use natural homemade hair masks and packs to reduce weakness and possible damages.

You can make a banana and avocado mask and apply it to your hair once a week to ensure providing great maintenance and care of your treated hair.


Maintenance Tips After Your Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment:

Real hair maintenance begins after your hair straightening treatment is done. Hair straightening is not something that finishes with the treatment, but it continues afterwards with thorough and detailed maintenance and care. You simply cannot ignore the maintenance and care once the straightening is done.

So, are you aware of how to maintain your straight hair? Here are some of the tips that you can follow:

Hair conditioning:

Hair conditioning

Keep your hair well-conditioned for maintaining hydration. Avoid using alcohol-based products as they can dry your hair and cause damage.

Use silicone-based products as they can rejuvenate your hair and even protect them against possible damages.


Say no to heat tools after the treatments:

Say no to heat tools after the treatments

You may want to style your hair soon after the treatment is done, but remember, it is a big no-no to style your hair immediately after the treatment. Your hair are exposed to heat during the treatment; therefore, it is advised not to plan any other heat treatment on your hair for a minimum 1-month.

Give your hair enough time to adjust with the straightening treatment to avoid any bad influence on the hair texture and quality.


Say yes to regular trims:

Say yes to regular trims

Straight hair is often at a higher risk to split ends, and therefore, regular trimming is recommended. Book your hair trimming appointments every 6-weeks to prevent any kind of hair damages.


Protection from harsh UV rays:

One of the most important care that you shouldn’t ignore is protecting your treated hair from the harmful, damaging and harsh UV rays. These rays cause the maximum damage to the hair and can also cause reduce the lifetime of your straight hair.


Use only the right recommended products:

While you are maintaining your hair, it is important to choose the right hair care products. Even a slight mistake in choosing your hair care products can cause major damages to the hair quality.

Be very specific in using only the recommended products for your hair to ensure that the hair straightening remains for the maximum time with its shine and quality.


Visit your hair expert regularly:

Your straight hair needs regular professional care and pampering. Also, it is important to plan timely check-ups for your hair to ensure that they are healthy, strong, and not lose their quality with time.


How Permanent Hair Straightening Works?

Irrespective of the various hair straightening methods and treatments, all of them use almost the same strategy for yielding the desired result. If you are looking for how a permanent hair straightening treatment works, here is something to interest you.

Your hair is covered with a chemical solution according to your hair texture and type. The applied chemical plays an important role in changing the configuration of protein in your hair.

After the chemical, a neutralizer is applied to the hair. The neutralizer ensures that your hair gets locked in its new shape and retain the same for the longest possible time. The neutralizer also helps in forming new bonds between the hair’s protein molecules.

The chemical solution and the neutralizer take several hours to get into your hair. Both of these contains a strong smell, and thus, you should be prepared for the same. Once the hair completely absorbs the chemical solution and neutralizer, the hair is thoroughly washed and dried for an amazing outcome.

The Possible Side effects of permanent hair straightening:

Hair fall is one of the common problems that occur because of permanent hair straightening. The excess use of chemicals in the treatment causes the hair to lose its natural curl, which causes the breakage. Moreover, your straight hair gets harder to style and takes hours to dry.

Other than this, the most dangerous side effect of hair straightening is from the chemical called formaldehyde. The chemical is used in almost all straightening solutions and is known for its carcinogenic properties. The application of this chemical and its inhaling exposes you to a higher risk of the following problems –

  • Skin irritation and redness
  • Respiratory issues
  • Irritation in the eyes and nose, etc.


How much permanent hair straightening cost?

The overall hair straightening treatment from a well-known reputed brand can cost you around INR 5,000 to INR 15,000. The hair straightening cost varies because of –

  • Your hair type
  • The length of your hair
  • The hair quality and texture, and
  • The straightening method chosen

Surely, hair straightening is a little pricey, but when done from a popular brand and taken all care of, permanent hair straightening can add up to your personality like nothing else. We don’t recommend trying the treatment from any local name, as it can damage and spoil your hair quality, just for some monetary benefits.


How long the results of a permanent hair straightening last?

Permanent hair straightening lasts for about 4 to 6-months. As your new hair grows, you decide to either repeat the treatment or wait for the complete growth of your new hair.

Besides this, the semi-permanent hair straightening often lasts for about 2 to 4-months before the growth of your new natural hair. On the other hand, the straight hair using the home straightening kits last just for a month or so.

Is hair straightening treatment worth it?

You should be very sure from the beginning that permanent hair straightening cannot give you real natural straights. You can surely expect and get near-to-natural results depending upon your hair type, texture and quality.

Since you cannot change your genes, your hair will get back to its original form soon after new hair replaces the treated ones. However, your hair straightening will remain until then.

If you get this straight and clear, permanent hair straightening is worth it and can be tried. You can give it a try to transform your hair into beautiful straights.


To conclude:

Permanent hair straightening is one of the most popular treatments amongst people. However, most people confuse ‘permanent’ with forever; it just refers to the total duration of the person’s hair life cycle. The results will reflect unless and until your new hair takes place.

Before proceeding with the treatment, it is advisable to get in touch with your hair expert and consider all the possibilities. Whether you decide to straighten your hair or not, make sure to not damage them with unnecessary chemicals and heat. Be gentle and caring to your hair; it will benefit you in the long run.

Permanent hair straightening is a process of completely transforming your hair into a new shape and style; thus, it can bring many doubts and confusion. If you still have any unanswered questions, please do let us know in the comment section. We will get back to you with its relevant details.

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