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What are Papaya Supplements

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Papaya is a delicious tropical berry, long known for outstanding healing properties. This plant’s fruit is interesting not only the content of most of the most important vitamins and amino acids but also enzymes. Thanks to the latter, papaya is widely used to support and improve the gastric function. Enzymes such as papain and lipase, which is so rich in this berry, contribute to the breakdown of proteins like the own enzymes of the human body and thus make up for their shortage, normalizing the acidity of the stomach, preventing stagnation and the formation of stones in the gall-bearing liver system. Papaya is also famous for excreting toxins, bad cholesterol and helping to reduce weight.

Find it in our latitudes is not easy, and the inclusion of such exotics in the diet would not be cheap, but dietary supplements with papaya today are available to all. They are especially widely presented in the world-famous online store iHerb. Designed to improve digestion and remove discomfort, these supplements are considered the best help for insufficiency of their own enzymes, heartburn, bloating, and many other problems. Simultaneously, some products are enhanced by enzymes of other berries and fruits, oils, herbs and other useful natural ingredients.


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Top 10 Best Papaya Supplements in India


1. Mason Natural, Papaya, complex digestive enzymes

The top ten additives with papaya extract, presented at Eicherb, open a fashionable novelty, which appeared on sale only recently. As one of the most budget members of the category, Mason Natural, however, boasts many advantages. First of all, they include active substances, including powder from papaya fruits and such important plant enzymes as protease and bromelain. They help the stomach break down food better, especially protein, contribute to the complete absorption of nutrients, prevent bloating and relieve inflammation. The supplement is also supplemented with amylase, designed to improve the breakdown of carbohydrates, and pancreatin, which compensates for the deficiency of pancreatic enzymes.

According to reviews, Mason Natural is one of the most effective gastric helpers economy class. The product is often praised for the original peach-vanilla aroma and delicate texture, thanks to which the tablets literally melt in the mouth. But the composition is not devoid of colours and flavours.


2. 21st Century, Papaya Enzyme

The papaya enzyme from the popular 21st Century brand is the most sought-after supplement of this type on iHerb. The high demand for this option is largely due to availability. This is a supplement at the lowest price, which makes it very attractive for those who decided to use the help of enzymes for the first time. However, this is not the only advantage of the 21st Century. The dietary supplement with papaya extracts is supplemented with a bromelain enzyme derived from pineapple and known anti-inflammatory and fat-burning properties.

Simultaneously, the product is produced in the format of not too large chewing tablets, which makes their reception quite comfortable. The authors of the reviews also note a nice look and pleasant, and most importantly, quite natural taste and the withdrawal of feelings of gravity and heartburn after protein food. However, it was not without flaws, including the presence of artificial dye and similar useless components in the composition and a relatively narrow range of action, aimed mainly only at protein.



3. Nature’s Plus, Chewing Supplement with Papaya Enzymes

The addition of Nature’s Plus papaya has become a few solutions that combine the moderate cost and the most natural formula without chemical flavours, colours, lactose and other potential allergens. This iHerb product includes papain and protease, which improve the digestion of heavy protein foods and a small percentage of amylase. The latter enzyme is essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates. Thus, this supplement is quite universal. The lack of sugar will please those on a diet. This product is replaced by fructose and xylitol, sweet but low-calorie sweeteners, useful for the body.

In addition to the successful composition and availability, Nature’s Plus is worth praising and for the excellent volume for its price, reaching as much as 360 tablets. According to the reviews, the additives’ pluses include rapid elimination of discomfort, light unobtrusive taste, lack of sharp smells and not too hard texture, so they are easily chewed.


4. Now Foods, Chewable Papaya Enzymes

Now Foods is one of the most well-known companies on Eicherb, whose history dates back to the last century. The multi-directional, but simultaneously, the laconic composition of additives without dyes and GMOs has become one of the recognizable and most beloved features of the brand. It is this feature that brought fame and this particular product. The manufacturer did not seek to embellish and sweeten chewy tablets with papaya and emphasizes effective. Still, the soft impact, so Now Foods is suitable not only for adults but also for children from 4 years. Simultaneously, unlike most competitors, the supplement is rich with protease and papain and lipase, cellulose, and alpha-amylase, which means excellent in the absorption of any food, not only protein.

Thanks to the universal and very effective composition, this complex of enzymes with papaya have gained many positive reviews. It is highly regarded for its quick help with bloating and acidity, light, refreshing taste without strong flavours and no side effects.


5. American Health, Super Papaya Enzyme Plus

The addition of papaya enzymes from this successful American company is among the best-enhanced formulas for eating after meals. The composition of one serving of this product includes 45 mg, which makes it more effective in splitting protein than many competitors. Also among the strengths of American Health include active substances such as lipase, essential for the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins, the enzyme cellulose, which copes well with fibre, alpha-amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates and bromelain, known for the ability to improve absorption, reduce inflammation and even anti-cancer properties. In this case, the supplement is supplemented with peppermint oil, which not only reduces flatulence, nausea and spasm but also refreshes your breath.

According to reviews, American Health enzymes can easily get rid of overeating symptoms, severity, unpleasant taste in the mouth and even gastric reflux. Also, many note a slight reduction in weight with regular supplementation and pleasant mint taste.


6. American Health, Papaya Enzyme with Chlorophyll

Food supplement with papaya and chlorophyll is another successful solution for normalizing digestion from American Health. This manufacturer has an original formula. Due to the high content of papain and protease and alpha-amylase, this product promotes better digestion of proteins and carbohydrates and normalizes the absorption of nutrients. In this case, the supplement includes certain enzymes of papaya and the fruit itself, which provides its truly natural taste and enhances its impact. A special ingredient in this review was chlorophyll, which is renowned for its ability to remove toxins, improve the intestines’ health, lower the level of acidity in the gut, reduce bacterial growth and reduce breath.

Thoughtful natural ingredients have made this supplement with papaya extract real salvation for many people suffering from heartburn and bloating. Most note the rapid action, pleasant taste, good shape and texture of tablets.


7. Natural Factors, Papaya Enzymes with Amylase & Bromelain 

Natural Factors is one of the record-holders in terms of the number of reviews and not without reason. It is one of the very few supplements with exclusively natural components. Even additions such as dyes and sweeteners, which in most analogues are synthetic, this manufacturer have received from plants, particularly annatto, turmeric and fruit. Also, despite the beautiful cost, this supplement boasts a very effective formula. The presence of enzymes such as papain, bromelain and amylase makes it an effective assistant in the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates. Also, the supplement with papaya Natural Factors is supplemented with alar gooseberry, which supports the enzymatic activity of the stomach and at the same time protects it from increased acidity.

As the reviews show, it’s great for most people. The supplement helps both with light overeating and the consequences of poor nutrition and chronic discomfort. At the same time, it is suitable for both adults and children.


8. Country Life, Natural, Tropical Papaya

Pastilles from the real papaya Country Life, as a rule, are to the liking of even the most demanding. This representative of additives with Iherb is notable for the kosher formula suitable for both those who fast and vegans and the absence of sugar, synthetic and harmful components. All this is not just the promises of the manufacturer. The product has undergone many inspections and has been awarded international certificates, including and AVA, and is made using environmental technologies, i.e., concern for the environment. It is rich in natural enzymes, including papain, protease, alpha-amylase, and papaya extract. These ingredients are perfectly balanced and designed to work with both proteins and carbohydrates, which makes this solution quite versatile.

According to reviews, Country Life is a great choice for the whole family, quickly relieving the severity, bloating, indigestion and other common problems. Also, their advantages include a pleasant taste without chemistry and diminutive pastilles.


9. American Health, Papaya Enzyme with Chlorophyll

The famous papaya enzyme from American Health has won the best ratings from visitors to the site iHerb. One of the main reasons for the high rating of additives was the unique ratio of quality and effectiveness of components, the number of tablets and quite democratic for such a price volume. Unsurprisingly, many consider this option the most profitable. At the cost of about 15 dollars, the supplement contains as many as 600 chewing tablets, which means that the packaging will last for many months, if not for a year. Also, the product’s best features include the high content of papain, reaching 45 mg, and protease and amylase. At the same time, calcium, which is practically not absorbed from food in several gastrointestinal tract diseases, has entered the formula. Thus, the supplement will establish the digestion process and fill the deficit of this important element.

Also, the authors of the reviews praise American Health for excellent results both in eliminating mild discomfort and in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis. Also, the advantages include good taste.


10. Royal Tropics, Original Green Papaya 

Royal Tropics is the only food supplement with papaya in powder format. This original format makes it a great choice for those who can not or do not want to chew or absorb the tablets. Thanks to its light and delicate texture, this powder is easy to drink by mixing with your favorite smoothie, juice and any other non-hot drink. At the same time, this form of release made this supplement the most natural solution. Because, unlike tablets, Royal Tropics does not need a chewing shell, the product consists solely of the green papaya, the most rich in enzymes, dried at low temperature. This method of manufacture allows to preserve the activity of substances and all useful properties, as well as to avoid the use of foreign ingredients, without which analogues can not do.

The authors of the reviews mention the convenience of reception and the absence of strong smells, tastes, side effects. Also, most notice rapid improvement indigestion.

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