All You Need To Know About Orthopedic Mattress (Types And Benefits)

We all spend 6-8 hours on our beds each night but still neglect the necessity of selecting the right mattress for us and the impact it may have on our body and overall health.

Most importantly, if you have back and joint issues, sleeping on your regular mattress can give you back pain and poor posture. However, an orthopedic mattress can considerably relieve back and joint pain.

Now, if you’re wondering what orthopedic mattresses are, then this article aims to tell you the benefits of sleeping on orthopedic mattresses and their various types.

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What Is An Orthopedic Mattress?

‘Orthopedic mattress’- the name itself suggests that it has something to do with your bone health.

An orthopedic mattress is a kind of mattress specially designed to support the back and joints. It is neither too firm nor too spongy.

The first orthopedic mattress was made in 1950 after studies showed that specially designed beds could help relieve back pain.

It provides firm support for body areas that touch the mattress, like the upper back, shoulders, and hips. They evenly distribute body weight, aligning hip, back, and neck areas. This prevents pressure points from building up and keeps your joints healthy.

Doctors generally recommend orthopedic mattresses for people, athletes, and people suffering from chronic back pain, injury, surgery, etc.

Based on a survey of orthopaedic surgeons, 95% believed that sleeping on firm mattresses helps significantly in managing low back pain.


5 Types of Orthopedic Mattresses

Based on their types of fillings, orthopedic mattresses are mainly of 5 types:


1. Open coil Mattress

It is the most common type of mattress, which consists of an interconnected spring system. They provide excellent support for pressure points in the body. They are ideal for heavyweight people as they offer more support.

Moreover, an open coil mattress is lightweight. This makes it easy and convenient to maintain and clean.

Open coil mattresses have an average lifespan of 3-5 years.


2. Pocket Springs Mattress

Pocket Springs Mattress

Pocket spring mattress relatively provides more support than the open coil mattress. It is made by sewing separate pockets into the mattress and comes with layers of foam.

When compressed, the springs operate independently and prevent pressure points from building up in the body.

Because springs move independently, they provide additional support to the body and are best for people of two different weights.

They can last between 8-10 years.


3. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam Mattress

Also known as memory foam, the memory foam mattress was designed by NASA in the 1970s to cushion astronauts and protect them from high-pressure injuries.

This is a type of mattress that is made using polyurethane blended with other different chemicals. Nowadays, the memory foam mattress is designed to use body heat to reduce pressure point problems.

It can assist in relieving pain in the back and joints and is recommended for people with arthritis. Similar to a pocket spring mattress, memory foam lasts between 8-10 years.


4. Gel Foam Mattress

Gel Foam Mattress

The gel foam mattress is made from similar materials used within the memory foam mattress. But the difference is that gel beads are added to it to provide extra support.

It vaporizes body heat better and is cooler than the memory foam mattress. It is also eco-friendly since it is made from natural and organic materials.

The average lifespan of a gel foam mattress is 5-8 years, but a good quality gel foam mattress can even last between 8-10 years.


5. Latex Mattress

what is latex mattress

Latex mattresses are mainly made up of natural latex (rubber tree sap) and spring coils. Because of its elastic properties, it can adapt depending on the weight of a person.

They are more durable and eco-friendly as they aren’t made from chemicals like other mattresses. However, not all Latex mattresses are pure.

There are few manufacturing companies that combine synthetic or other chemicals to make latex mattresses. Natural latex mattresses have an average lifespan of 15-20 years.


Benefits Of Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopedic mattresses are specifically designed to provide support and aid in a good night’s sleep. However, they have a lot more benefits:

1. Relieves Body Pain

Orthopedic mattresses help align the spine, correct posture, reduce joint pain, and improve overall back strength.

Patients who have had surgery, joint fractures, arthritis, backache, and accidental spinal damage are more likely to benefit from orthopedic beds. These mattresses are solid, so your body won’t sink inside or bulge.

2. Better Sleep

A good sleep routine

An orthopedic mattress provides better comfort and relief to spinal back pain and joint pain. The additional help improves posture while asleep, reducing the possibility of you waking up from pain and pain and discomfort.

If your mattress is not hard enough, the center part of your body will sink into your mattress. This means your spine is in the wrong place and can lead to back and lower joint pain.


3. Improve Posture

Improves Posture

One of the most significant benefits of sleeping on an orthopedic mat is that it helps maintain a good posture. Yes, you heard it right!

It keeps your spinal cord upright and allows you to stand with a better posture. In addition, it also improves blood flow to your body.


4. Long-lasting and Durable

Long-lasting and Durable

Even though this is not a health benefit, investing in an orthopedic mattress is more economical for you.

It will save you from spending on frequent visits to the physiotherapist or an orthopedic surgeon.

Since orthopedic mattresses have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, you will not have to change them often. Isn’t it a “win-win” solution?



Is an orthopedic mattress good for pregnant women?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to sleep on an orthopedic mattress. It is highly recommended for them since they provide lower joint and back support and prevent backaches.


Can I sleep on an orthopedic mattress even if I don’t suffer from back and joint pain?

Yes, sleeping on your regular mattress every night can create pressure on your back and cause pain. But an orthopedic mattress is firm enough to provide the maximum support to your body while sleeping.



Whether you suffer from back and joint issues or not, opting for an orthopedic mattress is always a better decision, owing to its countless benefits.

We hope this article helps you in knowing the advantages of sleeping on orthopedic mattresses.

We would love to hear about your experience with sleeping on orthopedic mattresses. If you have any other queries, please post them in the comment section below.

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