Why A Night Skin Care Routine Is Important

About day and night cream know all not indifferent to their appearance modern ladies. However, the latter’s importance is greatly understated or, in the haste of modern fuss, is ignored altogether. The question arises: what is the night cream for?

If you ask the secret of ladies “without age” long shining beauty, it will be mentioned not expensive salons and elite spa treatments, as you may think. Smooth, healthy, and well-groomed facial skin, many of them are obliged to use a night cream. Regular application of well-chosen cosmetics after evening care will please the result.


The purpose and objectives of night cosmetic care

To understand the mechanism of action, let’s try to understand how the human skin works during the day. Its biological activity depends on several factors and changes repeatedly over 24 hours.

After awakening, protective reactions are launched, which have the necessary counteraction to external adverse factors (allergens, dust, dirt). In the morning, the face should be washed and prepared for cosmetic or decorative products.

The skin experiences an aggressive exposure to ultraviolet light throughout the day, and in the winter season, it suffers from cold, wind, precipitation. This workload requires effective restoration, regeneration, and renewal of the covers. Rehabilitation procedures are best performed in a calm, relaxed state, for example, before going to bed. Understanding the need for evening care is the answer to whether to use a night cream.

Based on numerous studies of scientists and beauticians, it has been proved that the ingredients of the caregiver are absorbed and digested as well as possible in the evening hours. Components are most effectively introduced into biochemical reactions that constantly occur in the epidermis. At the same time, metabolic (exchange) processes increase, which is expressed in the human body’s production of new, young cells. Recovery is easier and faster, thereby contributing to the preservation of youth and beauty.


At what age do you need to start using a night cream

Refuting the entrenched stereotype, we note that intensive care is needed not only for mature ladies. The composition of the night cream is selected depending on the age and “needs” of the skin. In each period of life, he solves different problems. The night cream is part of the care procedure, and buying it stands along with other facial skin remedies. The only difference is that up to 30 years, the components moisturize, nourish the cells, and in a more mature – intensively restore (renewal, tone enhancement, nutrition, protection).

Importantly! It is advisable not to use night cream at other times of the day, replacing them with other cosmetic products.


Factors influencing the choice of night cream

To make the right decision, you need to study your own skin well. We recommend focusing on the line of cosmetics, which you already have and tested over time. It is necessary to choose the cream according to the individual skin type. It is important to remember that the night remedy’s texture is denser and more nutritious than the day. The first time the application can even cause discomfort. Don’t stop using it because of this. Nutrition, hydration, and skin saturation are useful components – the main goals of night care.

Importantly! When combined or prone to shine (fat) skin, it is preferable to choose light, well-absorbed textures (without film). People with normal type are adapted in the best way possible. They use night formulas depending on the time of year and circumstances. For sensitive, prone to drying, age-related skin will require thick textures, saturated nutrient environments. They provide increased care and protection.

A good night cream is an effective solution to such problems as hydration, nutrition, and skin renewal. One remedy should restore and renew cells as much as possible during the sleep period. In other words, the chosen night cream will bring a visible result, improving the look of the face.


How to apply night cream

night cream

A well-chosen remedy should not cause unpleasant sensations, rashes, swelling, irritations. To apply it, pre-remove the remnants of make-up and other cosmetic products.

The optimal time to use a night cream is at least 30 minutes before going to bed. This is a sufficient period during which the product is absorbed into the skin. After half an hour, the available surplus can be removed with a disposable napkin.


Myths and reality

About the work of night cream can learn a lot of information that has nothing to do with the truth. Let’s look at some of the most common myths and find out how the situation really is:

  1. The skin must “breathe,” and night remedies prevent it from performing this function. The error of this prejudice lies in the modern, improved mechanism of action of the cream ingredients. Well-chosen consistency and composition, on the contrary, contribute to the strengthening, attraction, and absorption of oxygen without disrupting the natural gas exchange. Nutrients work on a result that cannot be overlooked. If at the age of 30, a healthy state is perceived as the norm, in the following years as a gift for one’s beloved.
  2. The skin does not need moisturizing care at night. Full rest (sleep) lasts at least 8 hours. During this considerable period, cells lose the lion’s share of their natural hydration, so it is always lacking. The night cream is designed to cope well with this problem. It also increases the release of toxins.
  3. The concentration and intensity of day and night cream are the same. This belief is also wrong. Exposure to the skin’s surface at night is due to powerful active reagents, contributing to excellent recovery. These include:
  • Antioxidants. For example, increased “working” concentrations of vitamin A (retinol) accelerate the growth of new cells, renew the texture and tone of the skin;
  • hyaluronic acid. Perfectly moisturizes, eliminates fine wrinkles;
  • glycolic acid. The compound aligns the surface of the skin, removes dead cells, orogogenity.

And what is really important – before applying to exclude allergies to the remedy. To do this, apply a small amount of night cream to the back of the palm or wrist to check the reaction.

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