My Printer Won’t Print in Black: What Should I Do?

In working with office equipment, sooner or later, users face the problem that the printer has stopped printing in black. This can happen with both the device being actively used and the technology that has not been used for a long time. Regardless of the manufacturer and the printing principle, the breakdown can occur and needs to be fixed. Some operations can be performed independently; others require expensive consumables, specialist advice or access to the service centre.


Damage to the print head

If the printer stops printing in black, the problem may be mechanical damage or software errors. The printed head in the inkjet printer is most often broken down. The sequence of actions to identify and solve such a serious breakdown is quite complex.

The first thing to do when such suspicions arise is to take the equipment to the service centre.

Only an experienced master can give a final verdict on the existence of the breakdown and offer two ways to eliminate it:

  • Replace the part with a new one;
  • Don’t waste money and time on repairs and buy a new printer.

The user-level problem is this: the paper passes through the printer, but it does not print though the paint is there. If the head at visual inspection can see burnouts and passage of ink, most likely the fault lies in the electrical fate of the device.

Often there is wear of nozzles that serve paint. If the printer is poorly printed, for this reason, you will have to pay for expensive repairs, and the quality of printing will still be reduced. Most often, problems with nozzles occur when using poor-quality paint containing abrasive particles.

Importantly! Wear nozzles from clogging the head is extremely difficult to distinguish. At home, the conclusion about replacing the head, when a poorly printed printer, can be taken only after rewashing it.

When there are skippings on the printed image instead of black, the malfunction may be unsealed. It occurs due to air entering the paint feed channel or drying up the ink. Often this problem is solved by washing sealing rubber bands. Only in the extreme case begin in mechanical repair of the print head itself.


Clogging of the print head or dried nozzles

If the printer has stopped printing in black, you should rule out the possibility of clogging the paint channels or the head itself.

This is because of:

  • Dust hits the system;
  • Drying paint infrequent use;
  • The availability of foreign inclusions in low-quality consumables;
  • Wrong paint selection for a specific tripling model.

The printer does not print in coloured ink if the reason lies in the paint supply of this colour.

The general procedure for reading the toner liner channel is as follows:

  • Through the printer settings, check the level of refuelling;
  • Start a trial page to make sure there is a need for flushing;
  • Remove the print head and wash it with a composition specially bought for this purpose;
  • The inflicted composition will work in 10-20 minutes;
  • Dry the head and place it on the place;
  • Choose a head cleaning item in the printer’s software menu;
  • They print the trial page again, checking the result.

Attention! Major manufacturers produce the washing liquid (Canon, HP, Epson, etc.). For example, if the hp printer does not print black, choose formulations using sodium sulphate and isopropylidene alcohol.

If the printer does not print in black still, rinsing pads, heads and silicone tubes must be repeated. The paint often dries directly into the salt of the colour. To clean them from excess dye, you need to wipe the element with a cotton swab or a piece of napkin soaked in alcohol. Periodically, the elements can be cleaned for prevention.

Several models are more often exposed to these problems. For example, the 6525 does not print black because of the use of incompatible paint that thickens in workspaces.

Attention! Before the conclusion, why the printer does not print black, you need to ensure that the working solutions on the printed elements, which have been washed, are completely dry.


No ink or incompatible ink

No ink or incompatible ink

The first thing to start analyzing why you don’t print black in a printer is to check whether the gas station is in black ink.

To test this cause, it is recommended:

  • A special syringe to inject a small amount of paint;
  • To test the print;
  • If the problem is fixed, the black cartridge is filled and further operate office equipment.

Importantly! When refuelling with paint, you need to take into account the features of the cartridge design. The NR 420 requires refuelling in a position set directly into the printer. The surgery will require a syringe.

Also, the problem that the device stopped printing can arise due to the incompatibility of different colours. Experiments with different compositions and manufacturers lead to unpredictable consequences, including cases when the printer prints green. The consequences will have to be corrected by the repeated washing of all paint supply systems.

Importantly! When the colour printer prints black, the problem should be searched in the black paint mains. The same logic applies to other inkjet printer dyes.


Poor refuelling

Buying a new cartridge is the easiest way to fix it when the printer is not printed in black, and this is due to problems with the paint. Refuelling is very common, as it significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the device’s working condition.

But what if the quality paint is chosen and the sheet remains white when printed?

Fixing a problem can be:

  • You need to pull out the cartridge and re-insert it until the characteristic click;
  • It is recommended that you check the tightness of the dyed tank. To do this, a hole from a syringe is glued to the tape;
  • They’re rechecking your health.

Despite the general principle of action, the behaviour of inkjet printers is different. HP 3525 does not print when the cartridge is not fully inserted. This leaves an error that the consumable is not defined (and not “not installed”).

Importantly! The hp printer does not print in black and analogues from other manufacturers when there are leaks of the printing module.


Turning off the ink level and zeroing the chip

Users who are not ready to buy new consumables every time, the actual problem with control chips. For example, the Epson printer does not print black because of incorrect reprogramming. In this case, the software gives a signal that there is no ink, even if the cartridge is not empty. For example, you don’t print a hp Deskjet 2130 printer if it’s refilled.

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The new card is equipped with a special chip that controls the level of the dye. This is done to eliminate refuelling and stimulate the purchase of the whole consumable. Level control is a program that can be hacked. Do it masters or programs that can be downloaded. Also, if the hp printer does not print black, you can purchase the new chip separately.

Importantly! The zeroing should be done after refuelling. Any manipulation of the ink control system is a reason for removing the device from the warranty.

Another way to solve a chip if you don’t print a hp Deskjet 2130 printer, for example, is to lock some of the contacts.

To do this:

  • Get the cartridge;
  • They find a block of contacts on it;
  • Interrupt the upper contact on the left side, sticking tape);
  • Insert the cartridge into the printer;
  • They are conducting another printing test.

Similar manipulations are carried out with the right lower contact, then consistently remove the tape and wipe all contacts with alcohol. The desired result – the device shows 100% charge with paint.


Driver problems

Reinstalling device drivers can also solve the printing problem.

You can try the procedure for Windows XP and later versions yourself:

  • The printer is removed from the list of devices;
  • All device management files are removed from the Program Files folder;
  • The manufacturer’s official website downloads the latest version of the driver’s latest version for the desired model.

If the printer is still poorly printed and there are complaints about printing quality, it is better to contact the service centre or store under warranty.

It’s important! To avoid facing a situation where the printer poorly prints in black, 1-2 times a month, it is worth using to prevent drying of materials.

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