My Air Conditioner Doesn’t Get Hot and it’s Gas

If you’ve verified that after a few minutes of running your air conditioner doesn’t cool down but has gas, it means that most likely the problem isn’t related to a coolant gas leak.

Although you may have lost only a little and therefore do not cool properly.


Why Don’t You Cool My Air Conditioner if I Have Gas?

The top image is the photograph of a low-pressure gauge for air conditioning.

In this, and in other gauge models, we can see the pressures for different types of gas, in this case: R-410A, R-22, R-134a and R404A. In addition to the pressure in PSI and Bars (bar).

One thing in common that all air conditioning machines have, run on the gas that run, is that the gas temperature, with the equipment running, in low is always 0 oC. Therefore, if your computer has gas but the pressure is not at 0 oC it means that there is a problem and therefore it will not cool.

In the image above, you can see how each type of coolant has a different scale and how 0 is at a different pressure depending on the coolant.

Therefore, if your air conditioning equipment uses R-410A the value 0 oC is at approximately 105 PSI and 7.5 bar. However, for the R-404A the value 0 oC is at 75 PSI and 5 bar.


Wait a few minutes to see if it starts to cool down

Before making any judgments about a possible malfunction, set up your computer’s remote control or remote properly and wait a while until the compressor starts.

If after that time the compressor starts but does not get cold, or not enough, then it is time to look for the problem.


Common Problems Affecting gas Pressures and Equipment Cooling

Common Problems Affecting gas Pressures

Before taking the gas cylinder and putting in place a load or, otherwise, extracting some of the refrigerant, you have to take into account that there are several factors that compromise the pressures in the circuit, such as:

Dirty filters

If the filters are dirty, not passing enough air through the evaporator will cause a drop in the low pressure that can even freeze part of the circuit. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the equipment filters approximately every 6 months.


Dirty exchangers

As if the filters are dirty, dirt accumulated in the exchangers, both indoors and outdoors, cause fluctuations in coolant pressures. To avoid these problems, it is vitally important to keep the inner filters clean so that dirt does not reach the exchanger, and keep the outer exchanger (condenser) clean.


Broken fans

When one of the fans does not work (do not rotate), the pressures also fluctuate. So make sure the 2 fans (indoor and outdoor) work properly.

IMPORTANT: Whenever pressures are to be taken on an air conditioning equipment, it must be done with the internal fan speed to the maximum. Otherwise, accurate reading will not be obtained.


Extreme temperatures

When there are very extreme temperatures outside (it is very hot) the high pressure usually shoots a lot and may result in wanting to take some gas out of the circuit. This should never be done, as doing so will continue to malfunction.

In these cases, we have to try to cool the outer exchanger by other means (e.g. by means of a water circuit).


Problems that cause an air conditioner to not cool even if it has gas

  • The compressor stopped: Whatever cause it is if the compressor does not work the refrigerant gas will not move and will not change state so it is impossible for the a / c to cool down.
  • Thermostatic probe in bad condition: If one of the probes that record the temperature both indoors and outdoors is broken or has a problem, it will cause the machine to start and stop when it does not have to.
  • Problem on the electronic board: If the board has any defects, it can cause different problems in the equipment, preventing it from cooling even if it has gas.
  • The problem in the 4-way valve: This valve is responsible for changing the cycle from cold to heat, therefore, if there are any problems in it, it can mix the hot and cold gas, causing alterations in the pressures and operation of the equipment.
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