Paraguay is the third country with the highest freshwater abundance in Asia. It comes from three sources: shallow, underground and rainwater, i.e. rainwater. In Paraguay, the population is supplied from the three sources. Below we will tell you which drinking water sources are most used and which are the safest.


What are the sources of drinking water?

What are the sources of drinking water

Analyze these data:

  • Underground sources. It’s the aquifers and napas. Aquifers are bodies of water accumulated inside the Earth’s crust, from the condensation of water vapour inside the planet or rainwater. Napas are the freshwater layers of aquifers closest to the surface. It is usually drinking water that only needs household disinfection.
  • Surface water. It’s the rivers, streams and lakes. They can have different origins and food, such as other rivers or thaws. In many cases, it is drinking water, but when those same bodies receive discharges of sewage, it must be watered.
  • Atmospheric waters. Rainwater is the main water resource for irrigation. Besides, many communities supply this. However, it is not drinkable as it carries particles, gases and contaminants, but can be watered in the home.
  • Bottled water. It is another source of drinking water increasingly used in the face of doubts about the quality, smell, taste or colour of the mains water.


Main sources of drinking water in Paraguay

Paraguay is fully registered in the Silver Basin. It is characterized by the abundance of good quality surface and groundwater. It should be said that almost half of the population is supplied with water from home drilling and another has mains water. A publication by the Paraguayan Environment Secretariat informs us of the main sources and localities:

  • Guarani Aquifer. It is the largest groundwater reserve in the world. It is estimated that in the Paraguayan section there are about 200 wells for human use.
  • Patiño Aquifer. Important water reserve, good productivity. It supplies the city of Asunción and metropolitan area, Central Department and part of the department of Paraguarí.
  • Yrendá Aquifer. It is a hydrogeological system covering two-thirds of the Western region. It’s pretty saline. It supplies the Western Region.
  • Basin and Lake Ypacaraí. Beautiful lake, very touristy, located between the Central and Cordillera apartments. It supplies the city of San Bernardino, while the other cities supply underground sources.
  • Lake You. It is located in the west central and is part of Lake Ypoá National Park.
  • Paraguay River. It basically supplies the population of Asunción.
  • Bottled water. Its consumption grows steadily even where the mains water is of good quality. The bottled water industry has become the second most contributed subsector to GDP.


How to water or improve water?

How to water or improve water

According to a CONACYT report, the bottled water market has grown steadily by 10 to 15% annually since 2012 and by 20% between 2022 and 2022. Although Paraguay’s bottled water is considered among the best, there is no guarantee that it will be superior to water from other sources.

The reasons why the population turns to the consumption of bottled water refer to the quality of the water and often its smell, colour or taste. But government agencies insist that these factors do not alter potability. However, it is not very pleasant to fill our glass with a liquid of dubious characteristics. If this is the case, I followed these recommendations:

  • Install filters or water purifiers. In fact, it is a measure recommended by health authorities for the risks of water pollution such as flooding. Use purified water for drinking, cooking and washing your hands.
  • Water the water in a homemade way. Boil the water, add 5 drops of lavender per litre of water and let stand for 30 minutes.
  • Rainwater should first be left to rest and filter carefully to remove as many particles as possible.

Now you know which drinking water sources are most commonly used and which are safer. I chose the most convenient one for you and your family!

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