5 Most Common Printer Problems and Their Solutions

Printers and copiers have become so entrenched in our everyday lives that their failure is a minor disaster. The nerves lie bare when printers or copiers strike – especially when, as is so often the case, it happens in the most urgent moments. Helplessness spreads. But that does not have to be the case! The five most common printer problems are usually easy to solve.


Most Common Printer Problems and Their Solutions

Paper jam

Paper jam

Instead of the desired document, a paper accordion – either in the feed or in the extract – meets you. Especially when you are in a particular hurry, the printer allows itself jokes like this. If you don’t want to be annoyed for long, open the printer case or remove the paper cassette. Now it is time to look for the paper jam and remove the culprit sheet. For those who try not to attract any further problems, be careful! In the future, care should be taken to ensure that the papers are on schedule when paper guidance aids do not dip. Wet or sticky leaves often lead to this problem.


No mobile phone printing possible

If documents or images cannot be printed wirelessly from your phone, your phone and printer may not be on the same Wi-Fi network, which may require a change in network access. Besides, care must be taken to ensure that both devices are connected to the router via the same gigahertz band. If the smartphone is connected to the router via the 5-gigahertz and the printer via the 2.4 gigahertz tape, it is possible to wait a long time for the desired printout. Ideally, printers and smartphones both use the 2.4 gigahertz band.


Stopped print job

Stopped print job

Many people are also aware of this problem: a print job is paused, blocking the entire queue. If you enter Control Panel in the search, printers and devices can be selected by clicking. Then, when the printer icon is clicked, all active jobs become visible. Since the first paused print often blocks everyone else, it is best to restart it (click: Restart) or cancel (click: Cancel).


Strip printing

Ugly stiffeners, hardly legible letters – this is also a printer problem that brings us to the white glow. But here, too, there is a solution: First, you start the settings menu directly at the printer or in the app. With a mouse click on the point maintenance, the cleaning of the printer nozzles is started. For most printers, there are two options: cleaning and intensive cleaning.


The printer prints blank pages.

If the printer only spits out empty pages instead of the attest for the employer – even though the cartridges are full – then you can, admittedly, get quite the crisis. As described in point four, a print head cleaning should be carried out first. This can already fix the problem. If this does not succeed, the cartridge can be carefully removed from the printer to ensure that the chip used to detect the printer’s cartridge is not obscured. Packaging residues that need to be removed often get caught in it. Deposits can be removed by scanning the chip with a cloth or cotton swab. Then the process can be repeated.

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