HLCC Model United Nations, 2022

The UN General Assembly discussed the expansion of the membership of the Security Council, and the deliberations led to a presidential statement by the United States of America, who stated that the increase in the membership of the security council, should be given to the states who contribute towards the United Nations financially, militarily and diplomatically. The UN Development Program discussed the “Integration of DevelopmentalProcesses in the Least Developed Countries to help them achieve Sustainable Development Goals” and by the end of the deliberations, released a press statement which looked at the short-comings of Millennium Development Goals and tried to make the Sustainable Development Goals more inclusive in their approach. It further came up with a 10-point approach to ensure a stricter implementation of the SDGs. The NATO-CSTO acted as a crisis committee and they worked towards cooperation between the two organization by working towards a bilateral agreement to promote peace. The Der Bundestag Committee discussed the European Union Policy Reform with regard to the refugee crisis, economic reformsand border control, and worked on a framework for EU to deal with the refugee crisis and the economic crisis in the region.

The HLCCMUN showed the true nature of the UN Diplomacy and helped the delegates learn the values of diplomacy and cooperation.