Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Refrigerator

You’ve once asked yourself the question, What fridge to buy?

The refrigerator will always be the first, largest and most used basic appliance in your home. If in doubt, count when you open the refrigerator doors and those of the other appliances in the kitchen.

Challenges such as durability, beauty, functionality today are harmonized with ecological and economic criteria of energy-saving. Simultaneously, their accesses, spaces and internal flows adapt to new biosecurity paradigms to ensure the freshness and purity of food.


Size and Capacity


One of the important points when selecting your refrigerator is to determine the measurements of your refrigerator. Today all manufacturers are governed by standardized refrigerator measures that usually vary depending on the type of refrigerator you choose.

However, those of us who have furniture with specific measures should be especially careful and consider that there have been changes in standard measures that sometimes force us to make modifications to kitchen furniture within the appliance market.

Likewise, only as supplementary information it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the doors, stairs and elevators through which the refrigerator will eventually have to pass for installation.



To know which refrigerator model to buy, it is unnecessary to project the amount of space needed to store food and beverages according to the number of people who make up your family. Even if you don’t believe it, it’s even been standardized quite accurately. And in fact, there are standard refrigerator measures.

The refrigerators’ capacity is measured in litres, which are equivalent to a bucket of 10 cm on the side. In this guidance table, we’ll show you a refrigerator capacity reference, depending on the number of people who make up your family core.


What kind of installation are we looking for?


What kind of installation are we looking for

Integrable Refrigerator

If you’ve already thought of the ideal place for your new refrigerator, it’s more than certain that you’ll also define the aesthetics to follow in your kitchen.

In some homes, minimalist styles prevail, with many discreet spaces and therefore opt for a refrigerator model that is easily hidden inside furniture.

In this case, the integration models are the ultimate bet. If you are looking for the ideal one for you, you can contact our expert advisor on integration refrigerators for free through our WhatsApp or visit us in any of our eight stores in Madrid.


Free-to-install refrigerator

On the other hand, if you have already found the ideal place for your refrigerator or are one of those who like to re-organize your kitchen from time to time and you can change it, then free installation refrigerators are your safe bet.

For its good value for money and size-capacity, one of our best-selling models is this combi refrigerator from the Corberó brand.

No Frost technology measures 186 x 60 x 60 cm, 210 litres net, taking up little space high, conserving food with frost-free technology and having a good capacity. It becomes an optimal fridge for small families.


Food conservation

This is the main feature by which we opt for one model of the fridge or another because our food will be kept better if we choose a certain technology for our refrigerator and the correct use of interior spaces.

No Frost 

It refers to technology that allows frost not to form inside the refrigerator, spreading dry air inside. In this case, not producing frost does not require you to defrost it manually and optimally maintain the indoor temperature.



It is the usual technology, which forms ice in the freezer and that you have to defrost to give it maintenance manually.

The advantage is that the cold is distributed inside the refrigerator evenly while preserving the hydration of food.

An example of a cyclic refrigerator is this Teka FTM310 with 199 litres net capacity, four transparent balconies on the door, an adjustable thermostat and 1.59 meters high.

If you want to know more about the difference between a No Frost refrigerator and a Cyclic refrigerator, we invite you to read this entrance and really learn about its advantages and disadvantages.


Special drawers and zone 0

To increase food preservation and counteract the effects of non-frost refrigerators that tend to dry food, manufacturers have incorporated drawers with special temperatures.

There are drawers, for example, that help you keep fish or meats fresh at exact temperatures like 0o.

Other drawers seek to maintain the hydration of your fruits and vegetables but do not require such a low temperature.

For example, Bosch refrigerators can incorporate up to three different types of drawers: Vitafresh, Vitafresh plus and Vitafresch pro.


Type of refrigerator

Type of refrigerator


As you should already know, there are different types of refrigerators that you can choose according to aesthetics, space, and food distribution.

Combi refrigerator

Combi refrigerators are the most demanded, as their prices are getting lower and there are a variety of styles and models.

You can find everything from the most basic to the latest models.

Some bring WIFI connection, temperature and humidity measurement of each compartment with the possibility of adjustment.

Also, a sound warning when we leave the door open, the well-known holiday mode and other interesting features.

These refrigerators have a lower freezer. The size of both cooling and freezing spaces varies by manufacturers and models.

Choose a combi or lower freezer, refrigerator to access refrigerated food more comfortably.


door refrigerator

When determining which refrigerator to buy, 2-door refrigerators are the ideal solution for kitchens with limited space. 

This classic distribution places the freezer on top.

In this respect, they are quite practical and useful when finding what we are looking for in the freezer.

The Midea brand, existing since 1968 and of German capitals, enters the market of appliances since 2004, betting on models of excellent value for money.

They are gaining more and more popular among our customers.

An example of this is this Midea MT333A1WD equipped with 252 litres, A+, No frost and optical temperature alarm.

Being a model with an interesting capacity becomes an excellent choice for families looking for quality and good performance; this is one of our best-selling models during Black Friday 2022.


One Door Refrigerator

The 1-door refrigerators are oriented to large capacity requirements.

It is especially recommended for families who need to preserve more food because they have more family unit members.

Therefore, we usually recommend it for large families and also for large families.

At first glance, it is difficult to understand how it works if we come using combi or two-door refrigerators.

But in general, by supplementing them with a freezer, the functionality is often greater than with the other two types of refrigerators.

Manufacturers thinking about this usually manufacture freezers that have the same aesthetic as the refrigerator. Therefore, it is possible to place them next to each other, achieving maximum preservation and freezing capacity.


American refrigerator

American or Side-by-side refrigerators are refrigerators where space is shared vertically between the freezer and the refrigerator.

The height of the refrigerator varies from 180cm to 203cm.

And food can be stored at the bottom or top, depending on your convenience.

Highlights include the average height of the refrigerator access handle.

Other versions of American refrigerators have another lower freezing compartment, so 3 doors are distinguished: two vertical uppers and one horizontal lower.

They usually need ample space, and if you wish, there are options with a water dispenser, ice cube generator, display on the door and even touch screen with Wi-Fi access. 


Save with your refrigerators: Energy efficiency.

Before opting for a refrigerator, it is important to check your energy efficiency level, which is indicated by a label where the characteristics of consumption and energy savings are defined according to a European standard.

The A+, A++ and A+++refrigerators save energy, reduce noise, are usually more spacious and, above all, environmentally friendly.

In terms of prices, they usually cost more than a combi refrigerator or a two-door refrigerator. However, it is important to consider that the investment is clearly amortized in the savings that we have in the energy bill month by month in the long term.

And what to say about the necessary considerations in environmental or ecological terms that, as you may have realized, are no longer a game but necessary to preserve the only house of all: our planet.

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