Minimalist Skincare Routine

January: time to detox and take a break from that 10-step skincare routine. Skinimalism, getting more out of less skincare, is – right now – a real trend. This way, you keep it simple (and fast) in the bathroom!


Minimalism: it has been a real trend for a while. Just think of the less is more mentality of the past catwalks, the clean-up hype of Marie Kondo and others or the glossy makeup trend as spotted at the past Fashion Weeks. But nowadays, more and more women (and men!) are also saying goodbye to their extensive skincare routines and opting for simple but efficient care products. Skinimalism, that’s what it’s called!


How does minimalism work?

Simple: you reduce the number of steps of your skincare routine and only have what you really need – if only for a while. This way, you give your skin and your calendar some welcome breathing space! Which products should you have leftover? A good scrub, cleansing and moisturizer (with SPF!) are the three absolute minimum products your skin needs.


Does one size fit all?

That does not mean that size fits all skincare routine and that everyone has a good routine with the same products! It is important that you carefully select the right products for your skin type. Exactly how many products you need also depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you’d better add a purifying mask-like only your’s Purifying Clay Mask Mint & Blueberry to your routine. Dry skin? For example, opt for a night mask such as Kenzoki’s Belle de Jour Dream Night Mask: you apply it to your skin before bedtime, and you don’t have to rinse it off. Does your skin get irritated quickly? Then it is useful to have an SOS product such as Skin Beauty Repair from Clarins nearby: it soothes irritations and reduces redness.


Smart multitaskers


Can’t it be a little more for you? Then choose skincare products with a perk. These multitaskers have multiple functions so that you can achieve the same results with fewer steps. For example, the Universal Cream Daily Multi-Purpose Treatment from Filorga that moisturizes protects and restores your skin. The whole family can be used as a day cream to repair your chin after a shave and in dry places on your body. Or go for Purity Made Simple One-Step Cleanser for Face and Eyes by philosophy, which effortlessly removes your (eye) makeup and leaves your skin completely clean.


Fewer products, fewer ingredients

Natural ingredients

In addition to limiting the number of products, the principle of minimalism also means that you reduce the number of ingredients. Natural ingredients, therefore, get a leading role! The vegan and cruelty-free Facial Cleansing Cream from Nature by ICI PARIS XL, for example, contains 95% ingredients of natural origin, such as water lily that cleanses and restores your skin.


Minimalism in the makeup cabinet

Minimalism doesn’t stop at your skincare routine. Also, keep your makeup minimal to detoxify your skin. Now that you are more often at home (and working), that is ideal! If you still want to wear a little makeup, opt for practical 2-in-1 products such as Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Touche Éclat that you can use as a highlighter and concealer. Also useful: Baume Essentiel Stick Éclat Multi-Usage ‘Rosée’ from Chanel: a cheerful pink that you can use on your face, lips and eyelids.

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