Microwave Oven Buying Guide

Microwave Oven Buying Guide

Microwave is one of the most common, simple and essential kitchen appliances in our home. It’s easy to use, and how makes this appliance a staple in our routine, but what microwave to buy?

From heating the coffee every morning to having your hot dinner in a few seconds, perfect for those who don’t stop for a minute! But don’t you know which one to buy? Whichmicrowave is best for your day-to-day life? In Hermanos Pérez, we have the best cheap microwaves online, and we tell you all the keys to choose the best microwave, so pay attention to what we will tell you in this post.


Types of microwaves

In the online store of Hermanos Pérez, we have a wide variety for you to choose which microwave to buy. Differentiating between: Integrable microwaves, microwave ovens and independent microwaves.

Integrable microwave

Integrable microwave

Integrable microwaves are the perfect component for your kitchen if you are looking for uniformity and integration of the microwave with the rest of the furniture. If you want to make the most of your kitchen space, look no further, this is your microwave.

Among its advantages is the possible combination of the microwave with the design of your oven. Ideally, place it at eye level. Our online store has several integrated microwaves models; one of them is the model: Bosch HMT72G650 integrable microwave.

This Bosch microwave makes your life easier with an elegant design, a large capacity of up to 17 litres and a maximum power of 1000w, ideal for any kitchen type. Its 24.5 cm diameter turntable allows you to heat many dishes, enter them and enjoy!

Another recommended integrable microwave is the Balay 3CP4002X0 model:

With a modern and elegant design. This integrated microwave model from Balay will make your kitchen a unique place. With properties such as anti-fingerprint steel, a capacity of 20 litres and mechanical control for maximum comfort.

Buying a microwave in Hermanos Pérez is very simple. Visit our models and check the availability of cheap microwaves. If you’re also interested in what it would look like in your kitchen, visit our furniture blog!


Microwave ovens

Microwave ovens

Oven and microwave all in one. If you are one of those, who want to save maximum space in the kitchen, continue reading.

The microwave oven is a handy appliance, allows you to combine quickly with efficiency. For example, you can defrost food and bake it often, getting a magnificent dish to taste in a short time and with great quality.

Depending on the dish you want to prepare, you can from steaming to making a spectacular roast, all with a single appliance and optimizing the available space to the maximum.

Click on this link and see all possible combinations and varieties of appliances, including ovens and microwaves, that we have in our online store:


Independent microwaves

Independent microwaves

Buying stand-alone microwaves are more affordable than buying integrated microwaves.

If you are looking for a cheaper option and of excellent quality, this is your microwave.

Standalone microwaves or also freely installed microwaves are available for both digital and analog operation. Among its advantages, we highlight its versatility; you can place it wherever you want!

In Hermanos Pérez, we have a microwave with or without a grill, of different powers and finishes.

From our equipment, we recommend the Teka MWE 225 G INOX microwave:

This Teka microwave model features a grill, a large capacity of 20 litres, a timer and automatic defrosting. It is one of the cheap microwaves that you can find in our appliances section.


What uses to give the microwave

This section will explain what you can do with your microwave and how to get the most out of it; surely, there are things you can do with this appliance that you did not know.

  1. Gratin and cooking: If we buy a microwave with a grill, we can make gratin and cook delicious dishes in our microwave, from healthy cooked vegetables to exquisite gratin macaroni.
  2. Heat and defrost: Heating or reheating dishes from the previous day is a classic where we use microwaves, saves us from difficulties such as forgetting to defrost the dish of the day if buying a microwave you can defrost in record time. If it is your majority use, we recommend a microwave without a grill.
  3. Baking: Only the most modern microwaves with the most advanced convection technology have this function. We invite you to see them on our website.


Cleaning microwaves

Your know-how and with which products to clean your appliances is essential to extend their service life and make their operation as optimal as possible.

In the microwave case, the ease and speed of cleaning are the order of the day. They are formed by a removable plate and non-stick material, facilitating the removal of grease and dirt.

We have to scrub the accessories, and the inside, clean it with a bayette or sponge, then dry it with a cloth. There are also cleaning products and specific tools for cleaning, depending on what your microwave is like.