Mi Smart Water Purifier Review with Price: Rs11,999 Only

Bringing a new water purifier for your home should be a well-researched decision because pure water is quite essential for all of you and your healthy life. Hence if you are searching for the best water purifier, then you have come to the right place.

The Mi Water Purifier comes the only smart and DIY water purifier in the market as of now. The RO+UV water purifier comes with a clean design and a smooth matte finish. The Mi water purifier is fostered with a partnership with Yunmi Technology and make use of Reserve Osmosis, also known as RO along with a TDS value lower than 100 for purifying your water. It comes with a 7-litre water capacity along with auto water level detector for offering safe drinking water.

The smart purifier houses four filters such as a cotton filter, an RO membrane and two coconut carbon filters. The primary function of the cotton filter is to clean the sediments and impurities from the water, whereas the carbon filter are entirely instrumental in removing the odour and enriching the taste.

The storage tank of this purifier comes with cutting-edge design, and the material of the tank is as per the Food and Drug Administration (USA) standard. Your water is entirely safe and drinkable without any risk factor.

The RO membrane eliminates all those toxic microorganisms and contaminations from water. It also features a UV light within the water tank for treating the water under UV light and sterilizing for offering pure drinking water.

The purifier furnishes a high flow booster pump which offers a constant water flow. Mi water purifier is quite capable of providing almost 400 gallons of water in a day along with an operating rate of 1L per minute. It also features two built-in TDS sensors with real-time monitoring.

For purifying your water, the Mi smart water purifier employs a Penta purification process. The process runs through three filters known as PolyPropylene + Activated Carbon also called PPC, Reverse Osmosis, RO and Post Activated Carbon, PAC.

The PPC filter seizes the large impure particles, whereas the Reverse Osmosis eliminates all those organic particles. On the other hand, the PAC filter eradicates natural substances and bad odour. The UV light inside the tank is instrumental in eradicating bacteria up to 99.99 per cent.

Mi water purifier guarantees an RO purification accuracy of 0.0001 microns along with chemical and bacteria-free water. It also provides an option to replace your filters by yourself. You do not even the need for any service engineer for checking or replacing as it is quite simple and needs less than 30 seconds. Furthermore, the PP+AC filter comes with a lifespan of 10,000 litres, and for RO and PAC filters it offers a life of 3600 litres.

The Mi water purifier also offers you a smart option through Mi Home app. The one-touch smart app provides an excellent opportunity to track real-time TDS level, the volume of total purified water and many more. You can also get a better understanding of your filters life. The Mi Home App is available for both Android and iOS users for managing the purifier.


Key features of Mi Smart Water Purifier

  • Compact and environment-friendly design
  • FDA approved material with proper safety
  • 7-litre capacity
  • Penta purification process
  • In-Tank UV Sterilization
  • DIY filter replacement
  • One-touch smart app connectivity
  • Noise-less operation
  • Efficient and affordable
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto water level detector
  • RO filtration
  • Real-time display of water TDS level of actual and purified water
  • Monitoring and regulating water purifier through Mi Home App


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Conclusion for Mi Water Purifier:

Here we came to the end of Mi Smart Water Purifier which comes with a tagline Truly Smart, Truly Convenient and Truly Safe. This is the best smart water purifier available on the market and the best add-on for your home and offers you purified and bacteria-free water. Moreover, if you have any queries then you can write to us.

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