Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattress: What’s the Difference

Between the foam mattress and springs there are many aspects that differ from each other and should be taken into account when choosing one or the other.

Many times, when we wake up, we have the feeling that we have not slept or rested well, we wake up with back pain and the day becomes eternal. All this can be due to several reasons, but it is most likely that the cause is the mattress when repeated for many days.

The best mattress manufacturers on the Indian market have been researching the quality of mattresses, both foam and springs to offer the best product to their customers. And they have all come to the conclusion that there is no one better than another, but that each one satisfies the different needs of each person.

Below, we explain what each mattress is like and the differences you can find between them.

But before starting, it is essential to remember that the core of each mattress is the most critical area of the piece, which gives consistency and firmness to the mattress to support the weight of the sleeping person.


What is a spring mattress?

spring mattress

Spring mattresses are usually associated with classic mattresses manufactured in the traditional style. What’s more, with the arrival of mattresses of other materials such as latex, viscoelastic and other foams, spring mattresses were a little forgotten until a few years ago bagged spring mattresses arrived.

The main characteristics of spring mattresses is that the feeling when sleeping on it is firm, they have good independence from beds since the springs are individual and are not connected.

In addition, they are less noisy and have better temperature regulation thanks to the space between each spring. This makes it more suitable for those people who sweat a lot during the night.

But we must not forget that this is like everything in life, and not all types of spring mattresses offer the same benefits. The factors that determine the best or worst performance depend on the model of each range.


What is a foam mattress?

foam mattress

Currently there are many types of foams that are used in the manufacture of a mattress. The most popular are memory foam and cold foam.

The core is composed of a single specific foam and the layers of the mattress can be of one or several types of foams.

When we talk about foam mattresses, it should be noted that they usually have open cells and pores permeable to air in their upper layer, which makes them more breathable.


Differences between spring mattress and foam mattress

Once we are clear about the concept of both mattresses, we continue analyzing whether the spring or foam mattress is better. We have to say that their differences are measured according to their materials, their characteristics and benefits that we can obtain for our rest.

The biggest difference between both mattresses is the structure and materials used for the mattress. For example, foam mattresses consist only of layers of foam (cold foam, latex foam and memory foam).

Whereas spring mattresses are based exclusively on a core with springs (although there are different types) and combined with a foam element on both the upper and lower surface and on the sides to generate a high comfort level comfort level.

Foam mattresses are softer than spring mattresses, which are considered very firm. However, foam mattresses provide great firmness, are quite economical and promote relaxation.

They guarantee an even distribution of weight and adapt to all types of bodies, this mattress a good option for people who suffer from back pain or adopt bad postures when sleeping.

However, people with a large build can sink into a foam mattress, while a spring mattress finds greater stability and support.

The temperature difference between one mattress and another is large.

You sleep cooler on a spring mattress, as foam mattresses tend to retain heat more easily. Some foams absorb and store body heat, while spring mattresses release moisture more easily.



In short, there is no better mattress than another, but everything depends on the needs of each person. If you sweat a lot, are restless sleeping and do not like soft mattresses, foam mattresses are not your best option.

The foam mattress is good for children, teenagers and adults who sleep in all positions: face up, face down, side… For people who suffer from back pain and like to sleep in a warm environment at night all year round.

On the contrary, the spring mattress is ideal for people with a heavier build, for people who like to sleep on their backs or stomachs, who need good lumbar and neck support and for people who tend to sweat during the night.


FAQs about Foam Mattresses & Spring Mattresses

If I am overweight, which mattress is best for me?

It is true that mattresses are used for sleeping.

But, on some occasions either before going to sleep or during the day, usually sit several times on the edge of the bed. To find the best mattresses for overweight people, we should not overlook the edge’s firmness. So it has great


However, in general mattresses made with springs, bagged springs or

some hybrid designs are the best options for overweight people. The foam mattress is best if it is for a child, teenager or adult. For people who suffer from back pain and like to sleep in a warm environment at night all year round. Suitable for all positions: face up, face down, side.


I have an articulated box spring Can I buy a spring mattress?

Spring mattresses cannot be placed on articulated mattresses as they do not

Articulated. For an articulated box spring, it is better to choose latex or

viscoelastic materials, which have good articulation. The spring mattress is best for people with a heavier build. Suitable for sleeping on your back or stomach. Recommended for people who need good lumbar and neck support and for people who tend to sweat at night.


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