What is Memory Foam Mattress

Any soundless sleep can be considered the most valuable function for an individual. Sleeping is a state of mind where our brain is just resting and relaxing by keeping it in an unconscious state. It is necessary for every human being to sleep at least seven hours a day to make the brain function properly.

Not just the brain, but sleep keeps the whole body fit and healthy. But this soundless seven hours of sleep, a proper bed plays the most critical role. Without an appropriate bed, it is difficult for any person Of A to even take a small nap.

But, we usually get to hear that in this busy working life, it is advisable to use a memory foam mattress. Now, the question arises that what is a Memory Foam Mattress? To know every particular detail about this product, continue reading this article.


Who Discovered Memory Foam?

Memory Foam

The word “Memory Foam” was first discovered in 1966 by Charles Yost. Charles Yost came across the memory foam mattress especially for the people of NASA to reduce their stress caused by the gravitational force during a takeoff.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is such a substance that is incredibly comfortable, soft, and is an energy gripper. Memory foam is generally made with a material called Viscoelastic

When a heavy substance is kept on memory foam, it instantly gets suppressed, but immediately returns to its original shape once the heavy weight has been removed.


Where Are Memory Foams Used?

After receiving immense appreciations from NASA, the item ‘memory foam’ just got spread over the whole world rapidly. Soon different companies started using memory foam to make memory foam mattresses, pillows, mattress pads, etc.

Among all those above products, the memory foam mattress is holding the first position in the list of “bestsellers”.


What Are The Advantages Of Memory Foam Mattresses?

Applicable For All Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Positions

With an unconscious mind during a soundless sleep, we are completely unaware of our sleeping positions. Sometimes, incorrect sleeping positions may result in backache, leg pain, joint pains, or headaches.

Memory Foam Mattresses will help you get relief from every kind of ache and pain in your body. Memory Foam Mattresses ensure total comforts and zero pains and discomforts.


Body Hugging Comfort

Memory foam mattresses adjust their body temperature depending on our body temperatures. When an individual lies down, the memory foam makes sure to fashion the individual’s body curves.

This rich feature of memory foam mattresses separates them and increases their demand.


Avoiding Spinal And Neck Pains

Sleeping in uncomfortable, inappropriate mattresses may result in tremendous neck and spinal pain. Repetition of this act may cause serious damage or dangerous medical issues.

Sleeping on memory foam mattresses will avoid 95% of these risks. Memory foam mattresses will help you to sleep without the tension of spinal or neck pains.


Sag Free And Sinkage Free

The latest or the modernized version of the memory foam mattresses ensures us about the correct blend. These mattresses are not too soft or not too hard but are just the perfect blend.

The latest memory foam mattresses assure us that the memory foam mattresses will not sag due to their open cell design.



Memory foam mattresses will give you a chance to choose the thickness of the mattress and the density of the mattress. The newer memory foam beds comprise improved airflow and sleep coolers.

Customizing your own memory foam mattress and sleeping on it has given you a totally different experience.


Issue Of Allergies

An individual who is allergic to different kinds of fibers or any dust particles must use this memory foam mattress. The polyurethane of the memory foam mattress does not allow any kind of dust particles to stick on it. This feature saves you from any kind of dust allergy during your sleeping hours.


Excessive Motion Absorption

Memory foam mattresses absorb the excess motion of an individual to avoid disturbing the other person. For example, two people are sleeping on the same bed, when suddenly one rolls or flops around. This motion will be absorbed by the memory foam mattress and will not interrupt the other person’s sleep.


What Are The Disadvantages Of A Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress does not have a lot of disadvantages.

Memory Foam Mattress


Presence Of Isocyanates

The latest research of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that memory foam contains ‘isocyanates’ which may show harmful results in an individual’s body. Isocyanates generally affect the skin, nose eyes, and neck. Isocyanates also initiate several breathing issues.


Release Of Too Much Heat

According to the reviews of the people using it, the main defect of memory foam mattresses is their heat. It is heard that the mattresses release too much heat which results in body heat and sweat in the middle of the night.

This can really work well in winters but will extremely make you uncomfortable during the hot sunny days.



A lot of people using this memory foam mattress have complained that there is a feeling of sticking and sinking in the bed. As one sleeps. it takes the shape of that individual which results in sticking in and sinking in the bed. Normally, this happens for oversized or heavyweight people.


What Are The Different Types Of Memory Foam Mattresses?

Generally, memory foam mattresses are of three different kinds. Let us have a look at those three types.

Traditional Style

Traditional memory foam mattresses are the most common type of mattresses. The traditional memory foam mattresses are mostly used by everyone. These mattresses provide us comfortable nights of sleep by making our bed soft, cozy, and satisfying.

But these soft, cozy beds have a disadvantage too. Most of the people using these traditional memory foam mattresses complain about heating issues. According to various people, they commented that the bed releases too much heat which increases body temperature and results in sweating on hot summer days.


Open Cell Style

Open cell memory foam mattresses can be considered the best over all other mattresses. These open cell mattresses control and handle the rate of release of hot and cool air, making the individual feel more relaxed and comfortable.

There is no point in a high increase in body temperature or midnight sweats. in other words, we will give you the best experience ever.


Gel Style

Generally, gel infused memory foam mattresses help to absorb the heat of the bed as well as the body which gives a very satisfying sleep. Also, the gel infused memory foam mattresses help to change the type of material.

The most suitable bed for any soundless period of sleep is the gel infused memory foam mattresses as they balance the percentage of the hot and cool air.


Is Memory Foam Mattress Dangerous For Children?

A very commonly asked question before buying a memory foam mattress is will this mattress harm children?

The universal answer to this question is YES. Since 95% of people buy the cheaper quality of memory foam mattress (whose price is not too high) which is made up of Polyurethane, hence the answer is yes. Polyurethane is actually a byproduct of petroleum which is highly harmful to children.

On the other hand, buying the top quality memory foam mattress (which costs very high) will not harm children. This is because the high-quality memory foam mattress is passed through CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX which is certified to be safe for children.


Care Of Memory Foam Mattress

Since Memory Foam Mattresses are quite expensive and sophisticated, hence its should be taken care. Here are some listed points which should be kept in mind:

Keep The Memory Foam Mattress Away From Strong Heat Sources

Strong heat Sources may damage the foam of the mattress completely resulting in short lifespan. Since these memory foam mattresses take the shape of the individual and expand during that span, allowing direct heat source will damage its shape forever.


Protect It With Washable Mattress Cover

Protecting it with a cotton bed sheet or with a washable mattress will save the memory foam mattress from getting damaged by any external material or substance. This step is highly recommended.


Don’t Wet Your Bed

Spilling any kind of liquid on the memory foam mattress will result in increase of the foam and hence will lose its sophisticated look. Keeping away liquids from your memory foam mattress is highly recommended.


Rotate Your Bed On A Regular Basis

Rotating your memory foam mattress after every 3 months will help you prevent in forming any depressions on your mattress.


Lifespan Of Memory Foam Mattress

Technically speaking, there is no specific time limit of a memory foam mattress. The Lifespan of a memory foam mattress will depend on how they are being used and how are they taken care of. But according to few customer reviews, an approximate lifespan of a memory foam mattress is 10 to 15 years. But repeating myself, this is not a guaranteed time limit and may decrease or increase according to its usage.



It is necessary for every person to investigate and figure out each and every feature of a product before its purchase. Memory Foam Mattress is an expensive product and hence before buying this, one should carefully read this article as this article contain each and every detail about the product.

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