Mattresses for Side Sleepers : Buying Guide

Most people sleep either on their backs or on their side. In fact, 75% of sleepers find it more comfortable to sleep on their side. Sleepers on the side have the advantage over sleepers on their backs of having a lower probability of snoring. However, they often have more back problems, neck and hip pain if they have chosen a mattress that does not suit them. Choosing the mattress according to its sleeping position improves the comfort of the back.

Our QuelMatelas team has analyzed the most important points for you, which you should pay attention to when buying a mattress as a sleeper on the side. Besides, we have created a ranking of the best mattresses to sleep on the side.


What level of firmness to choose?

Finding the right degree of firmness in a mattress is often very difficult. Especially because most new brands do not communicate a degree of firmness and instead create a mattress for all: the universal mattress, this does not mean, of course, that a universal mattress will not appear too soft or too hard for some people. As you will see in our comparisons of the different mattresses, we always rank the mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10 to orient ourselves. In the end, we recommend opting for a slightly more flexible mattress, which will get on our scale a degree of firmness of 4 to 6 points.

At the same time, you should choose a mattress that offers good support. This will relieve pressure on your neck and back. However, it is important that the mattress adapts well to your body and distributes pressure evenly. If it can’t, you’ll sink too deep into the mattress. A flexible mattress that provides good pressure relief and a good alignment of the spine allows your body to sink deeper into the mattress at certain points and maintain other points to keep your spine in a good position.


The importance of stability and support

When buying your mattress, you should pay attention to the stability/support level of your mattress.

Stability should not be confused with the degree of firmness or resting sensation. A soft mattress can have a level of stability as good or even higher than a firm mattress. The danger for people sleeping on the east side is that the spine is misaligned. This should be avoided in all cases so that you do not suffer from back or neck pain. Your mattress should not be too hard or too soft. The choice will also be made naturally, depending on your weight. You should not sag too much in a mattress at risk; otherwise, your spine is not well-positioned.

To support your neck, we advise you to keep it with a dense and thick pillow.


Emma Shape Memory Pillow: Our Favorite Pillow

Thema-shaped memory pillow contains 3 layers of foam: a Hypergel foam to support pressure points and reduce neck pain, a firm foam for ideal support, and a visco-elastic foam to distribute pressure optimally.

The three layers of foam can be combined to suit your convenience to suit your favourite preferences and sleeping positions perfectly.

If you regularly suffer from neck pain, we recommend you purchase this pillow. Indeed, our different age and weight testers found the pillow particularly comfortable at the back.

After being delivered for free, the Emma pillow can be tried for 100 nights, after which you get a free return.

Up to -50% with QUEL5

It would be best to have a light push in some places and special support and suspension in other places. To achieve this, these subsidence zones, such as the 7 subsidy zones, will be useful. This distribution allows the head to be better supported and the sleeper to sink slightly into the mattress at the shoulder and neck area. This helps maintain a good position for your spine.

Besides, the mattress should allow a good alignment of the spine and reduce pressure points. This allows for a comfortable sleep without physical discomfort.


Our selection of the best mattresses to sleep on the side

Matelas Emma Original: the French’s favourite mattress

The Emma Original mattress is the preferred universal mattress of the French, number 1 in sales. It’s a cold foam mattress.

It adapts to the contours of the body and has a point elasticity. Indeed, the memory foam of form sinks only where the pressure is exerted and reacts to each charge by offering a good counter-pressure adapted.

The Emma Original mattress is a flexible mattress suitable for people sleeping on the side and those who like soft surfaces. It reduces back pain, and no longer feels certain pains that were related to poor bedding.

The mattress comes in 2 to 4 working days in a compact box. You have 100 nights of testing your mattress at home in peace.

Check outour testers’ reviews of the Emma Original Matelas.


Kipling mattresses: the 100% natural latex mattress

The Kipling mattress is a product designed in Italy thanks to the know-how and research of engineers. This Kipling mattress is 100% biodegradable in natural latex.

Reversible, this mattress is composed of 2 different layers of natural latex. The summer face is firmer, while its winter face is more welcoming.

The Kipling mattress is handcrafted and ordered. High-end, it is still affordable for those who want to afford a good quality sleep.

Due to its composition, the mattress is particularly suitable for all galaxies up to 150kg.

The mattress can be tested for 100 nights in real-world conditions.

Read our test on the Kipli natural mattress.


Eve Hybrid Premium mattresses: the best balanced and hybrid mattress

Awarded by Ufc Que Choose, the Hybrid Premium mattress eve is a very thick mattress. This 28 cm thickness is ideal for progressive support of your spine, no matter your weight. It consists of 5 layers of new generation foam and 1666 stained springs.

Seven support areas run through this composition and construction to relieve pressure on your hips and shoulders.

We consider it to be a particularly comfortable mattress for sleepers suffering from pain at different pressure points. The mattress is also well ventilated and offers a neutral welcome, neither too hot nor too cold.

As with all eve mattresses, the brand offers you the delivery of this compressed mattress, vacuumed and then rolled in cardboard, and up to 100 days of testing with a simplified return in case of dissatisfaction (home recovery and full refund).

Check out our testers’ reviews of the premium hybrid mattress eve.


Watch out for the rotation of your pelvis.

Although this position relieves lower back pain and is also good against reflux and sleep apnea, one of the problems of the position’s position is the rotation of the pelvis. This is the result of a movement of the back and lumbar spine muscles.

A twist occurs when you turn the upper body in the opposite direction to the lower body. It can be quite painful. But you can prevent this by inserting a pillow between your legs while you sleep. Besides, sleeping on a suitable mattress plays an important role. Your mattress is supposed to support you properly and prevent pain. Criteria: spine, weight, sinking.


Our recommendations

To sleep comfortably in this sleeping position and spend restful nights, we recommend that you sleep with a beautiful Oreilly so that your necks are well maintained and the spine stays straight. Ideally, a cushion should be placed between your knees to align your legs, pelvis and spine.

For the composition of the mattress, the memory-shaped mattress is ideal. A little higher, we recommend 3 of them. The memory foam mattresses perfectly mould the contours of your body and reduce pain by relieving pressure points.

If you already have a mattress under 10 years old and want to keep it, don’t hesitate to buy a mattress to improve your sleep comfort in this position.

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