Mattress Pad VS Topper: What’s the Difference

A mattress topper, also called a mattress, top mattress or topper, is a (thin) mattress placed on an existing mattress. There are several reasons to purchase a mattress topper. Usually, one buys a mattress topper because the current mattress falls short or not to feel the seam between the mattresses. But there are many more reasons to buy a nice mattress topper. Below you will find the pros and cons of mattress toppers.


Mattress topper

Mattress topper

Usually, you don’t have to buy a new mattress immediately if your mattress is no longer as comfortable as it used to be. The service life can often be extended by a few more years by placing a mattress topper on it. For example, if you buy a memory foam topper, you can really significantly increase comfort at a relatively low cost. A slow-shaking topper ensures much less pressure and better blood flow. Besides, memory foam may offer the most comfort. A cold foam or latex topper provides more support and resilience. If your mattress lacks fut and resilience, it may be good to purchase a cold foam or latex topper. This way, you can do a few more years with your mattress and still sleep well on it. A mattress topper can also make your current mattress a lot cleaner and more hygienic.

You have an adjustable bed, and you don’t want a seam?

If you have an adjustable bed and you still want to get more comfort from your current mattress, you need a split topper for that. A split topper has a split/seam of around 80 cm in the middle of the headboard. This allows you to adjust the headboard of your bed independently of each other. It is also possible to have a double split. The split topper then has a slit at both the headboard and the foot end. You can then move both the headboard and the foot end independently of each other and still feel like you have a whole mattress.

Mattress Blanket/Mattress Topper

Instead of opting for a paddling mattress, you can also opt for a thick cotton blanket. With a mattress topper, you affect comfort, while a cotton blanket only softens the whole thing a little. With a cotton blanket, you keep your mattress drier, cleaner and slightly cooler in the summer months. Two brands sell this cotton.


Extra comfort and formatting convenience

Because a mattress topper is at least 5 cm thick (high), this positively affects the entry height. Usually, mattress toppers are even higher and on average 10 cm thick, significantly increasing a bed. In this way, the hips quickly rise above the knee height when one sits on the edge of the bed. This makes getting in and out of bed considerably easier. Many people who have a mattress topper first put a fitted sheet around the mattress and then make the topper separately. If you only put your fitted sheet around the topper, making up a lot easier. The topper is much lighter and easier to handle, making the make-up much lighter and easier.


There are 5 main reasons to purchase a mattress topper.

purchase a mattress topper

1. Upgrading current mattress

If your current mattress offers less support or gets a light form of silage, a topper can offer a solution. Especially inner suspension mattresses tend to lose shape because the top layers are crushed. A topper improves the mattress’s support so that you will experience more comfort and fewer pressure points. At least 15 per cent of mattress topper owners report that their topper offers them more comfort and better sleep. In this sense, a mattress topper is a wise investment instead of directly opting for a new mattress for a fraction of the cost.


2. Change the firmness of your mattress

Toppers are not only for older mattresses. If your new mattress does not quite match your personal preference in terms of firmness (still bought a little too hard mattress), a topper can offer a solution that can soften the mattress a little.


3. Improving weight distribution and support

Some toppers, namely memory foam and latex, can improve a mattress’s comfort and provide more support or better weight distribution (pressure distribution) and thereby help reduce back pain.


4. Turns one whole mattress into 2 different hardnesses

If two people with a different weight or preference for a different hardness still want to have a whole mattress, then one whole topper can offer a solution. For example, you can take one large topper and put it over the two separate mattresses. In this way, no seam can be felt between the two mattresses.


5. Hygiene

A mattress topper keeps the underlying mattress cleaner. Usually, the tack of the topper is detachable so that you can easily wash it regularly. The mattress’s tack is much more difficult to wash because it is larger and less easy to put around the mattress core.


Disadvantages of mattress toppers

There are three main reasons why people don’t want a mattress topper or change their minds twice before doing so.

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1. Limited effectiveness

While a mattress topper can improve a lot with older mattresses, it is not a wonder product. If your mattress no longer sleeps properly due to the formation of potholes, a mattress topper will only be able to offer a limited solution.


2. Incorrect size

Many people report that their mattress topper is not the same size as the mattress. This is most common with latex toppers and polyether toppers. The right size is important because if the topper is too big, it causes problems with formatting. If it’s too small, you’ll lose bed space by not being too close to the edge of your mattress.


3. Topper is not secure

As a topper is not a fully integrated part of the bed, it may slide. About 5% of owners report this problem. This is easy to solve in itself by capturing the topper with a Molton/blanket.


Summary of the type of mattress toppers

Cold foam mattresses

AdvantageCold foam mattresses stay quite cool in summer, ventilate well and offer extra support. She generally lasts a long time.

Disadvantage: Can make the current mattress harder.


Memory foam mattresses

Advantage: Memory foam toppers may offer the most comfort, although this depends heavily on the density and the quality supplied.

Disadvantage: Memory foam toppers can provide extra heat (especially at a high density above 60 kg/m3) because the ventilation capacity is significantly less.


Down mattress toppers

Advantage: Generally effective in softening a sturdy mattress. Little heat problems.

Disadvantage: Can start to accumulate and reduces ventilation. Also, down toppers are usually not equipped with a loose tack so that it is not washable.


Latex padded mattresses

Advantage: Latex toppers provide soft support and above-average relief when there is a pain when lying down.

Disadvantage: Too hot for some people. Expensive compared to other types, relatively hot and less good ventilation.


Fibre (bed) mattress toppers

Advantage: Generally effective in softening a sturdy mattress. Low priced. Smooth and light.

Disadvantage: Too thin and lumpy. Shaking/whipping may be necessary to maintain extra comfort.


Wool mattress toppers

Advantage: Keep you quite cool in summer and warm in winter. Natural product. Generally durable and last a long time.

Disadvantage: It can usually not be washed and often give off a smell (‘farmyard’ smell).

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