Today on sale, you can find a lot of simple glass cups. In such dishes, the colour of the drink is very clearly visible, it is not distorted by anything (fo,r example, in red), and it is always enjoyable to hold the glass in your hands. If desired, the usual transparent cup can be decorated, turning it into an original and stylish interior premeal. With the help of self-adhesive film, it is easy to hide a scratched or unsuccessful pattern, and with a cord – a chipped handle. And your dishes will again become beautiful and unique.

To work, we need:

  • Cup without pattern;
  • Self-adhesive film;
  • String or coloured threads;
  • Glue gun.


  1. I chose the most ordinary cup without any inscriptions and patterns.
  2. First of all, the dishes should be washed and dried. I will decorate the cup in the style of stained glass. To do this, I purchased a self-adhesive film with the appropriate pattern.
  3. Such a pattern can be applied with acrylic paint after drawing the contours. And then decorate. But it is better and faster to buy a film with a ready-made picture.
  4. I’ll also be decorating the handle of the cup. To do this, a silver string is suitable; the colour repeats some picture elements. This is not only beautiful but also convenient, as you can safely take a cup in your hands even with scalding tea or coffee.
  5. Of the tools, I’ll need a glue gun, scissors, and a ruler.
  6. So we take a self-adhesive and measure the sizes that we will need to glue the entire cup around the perimeter with a ruler.
  7. Carefully remove the paper from the film and apply it, carefully smoothing it, so bubbles do not form on the cup. To wind the film on the handle, it is better to make indents and then the film will lie more evenly.
  8. The next step is to decorate the handle. To do this, attach the tip of the string with a glue gun and then carefully tightly and very tightly wrap the handle with a rope.
  9. As we started, we finished the work with the handle: fix the tip of the rope on hot glue and hide it inside so as not to interfere.
  10. Our cup is ready. It’s time to drink tea! You can wash it safely, without fear that the film will peel off.
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