Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review 

Review of the professional wireless mouse for designers, video editing, and other creative work MX Master 3 from Logitech – convenience, functionality, and customization.

Mice are different – office and gaming, optical and laser, wired and wireless. They are chosen based on the tasks that the user sets for himself and his personal preferences.

Our website already has an article about the choice of the mouse, about the features of game mice, and reviews of different mice. We will talk about a rather unusual specialized model Logitech MX Master 3, positioned as a mouse for designers in the same review.

But its capabilities will also be appreciated by those who are engaged in video editing, programming, layout, design, and modeling. Do you want to know if it is suitable for you, its pros and cons, and whether it is possible to play on it? Then read on 


  • 1. Characteristics and trim
  • 2. Design and ergonomics
  • 3. Functionality and customization
  • 4. Personal opinion


Detail Review Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse 

Detail Review Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse 

Characteristics and trim

The MX Master 3 is packed into a beautiful small box.

The front says that this advanced wireless mouse belongs to Logitech’s Master series and supports The MagSpeed feature for super-fast scrolling.

On the back, it says that this is a revolutionary solution that will help you in your work and fully focus on it and some features.

In particular, the following is highlighted:

  • Perfect shape and perfect thumb control
  • profile support and limitless customization
  • transfer of text and files between computers
  • Work on any surface with a resolution of up to 4000 DPI

On the side are the characteristics associated with the hardware and software part and the warranty.

They include:

  • USB Type-C fast charge (1 minute for 3 hours of operation, full charge for 70 days)
  • USB adapter supports Windows 7,8,10, macOS13, Linux
  • Bluetooth connection requires: Windows 8.10, macOS13, Linux
  • The guarantee is 2 years

Downstairs there’s a model, a serial number, a party number, etc.; maybe someone will need it.

Inside there is another beautiful black box of thick cardboard.

It neatly laid a mouse and everything that is attached to it.

Includes safety and warranty instructions, a high-quality USB Type-C cable for charging, and a universal Logitech Unifying USB receiver with a red asterisk designation.

This receiver can be purchased separately or taken from another mouse or Logitech keyboard. You can connect multiple devices to it, taking up just one USB port.

The weight of the mouse with the built-in battery is about 140 grams, which is not enough, but the mouse, for some reason, does not feel heavy.


Design and ergonomics

Design and ergonomics

To use on the review got a mouse MX Master 3 color graphite. Its top coating resembles something between rough matte plastic and soft-touch.

It is quite tenacious and not too brandy. Prints become visible mainly on the buttons. But in a light gray mouse (which was before) is a big problem, after a week it becomes dirty and something to clean it is impossible, so do not recommend.

The side of the stand under the thumb is covered with a rubber insert.

The mouse has a comfortable ergonomic shape and fits on it perfectly as a large and small palm, which you do not expect from a mouse of this size.

The slant in the front projection is typical for good game mice, and at the bottom flaunts a charging connector.

The hump in the form of the side is very similar to the shape of the best game mouse from Razer. No wonder that this mouse is so comfortable.

The lower part of the case, which also goes on the sides, is made of beautiful silver-grey plastic.

At the bottom of the stand under the thumb, there is an exciting hidden “Gesture Button,” about which we will talk a little below. It presses gently and pleasantly, without a pronounced click.

The default side wheel is used for horizontal scrolling, but after setting up can have different actions depending on the application – zoom changes, switching between browser tabs, and more. It has a moderately tight stroke without cutoffs. The only thing that I did not like, the finger clings to the top and bottom on the edge of the mouse.

To the right of it is a charge indicator, and below are rather tight side buttons, which are also reassigned and can have completely different functions in different programs. They are very convenient despite the small size, as they are located right above the thumb, perfectly groped, and pressed clearly.

The left and right mouse buttons are made separately from the case, but do not dangle at all, have a good move and a clear click.

Wheels are what many people buy this mouse for. It has the function of endless scrolling – once twisted, and it spins inertia without stopping, which greatly simplifies scrolling in large visual projects, in long code, or on sites.

You can stop it with your finger at any time, and scrolling instantly stops right in the right place where you need it. It’s really incredibly convenient! However, it can also work in cut-off mode to switch to, which serves as a button above it.

The cutoffs are felt medium and not very clear and clicks on the wheel, but in general, they are acceptable even for changing the size of one pixel in photoshop or games. At the same time, you can still use a quick scroll – twisting the wheel it unlocks, and after the stop returns to the previous model with cutoffs – just a song!

At the bottom, the mouse has four sufficient Teflon legs, so there are no problems with sliding here. It is ideal – the mouse floats on the surface like a Caravelle 

At the bottom, there is a switch with a cool light display, allowing you to connect the mouse simultaneously to three different devices using a USB receiver and Bluetooth, and then switch between them with this button.

At the top is a red/green switch, depending on the position.

Of course, the mouse itself knows how to save power, automatically switching off into the simple and switching on when you start to use it.


Functionality and customization

Immediately after the MX Master 3 mouse is connected to the computer, a window appears with the offer to install Logitech Options software.

Once installed, you’re immediately asked to log in or create a new Logitech account to save settings in the cloud, but you can skip this by clicking on the cross.

Next, choose which device you want to set up if you also have a cool wireless keyboard from Logitech like me. 

After that, you are greeted by a small guide demonstrating the basic capabilities of the mouse – the MagSpeed scroll wheel, mode switch buttons, gesture buttons, thumb wheel, side buttons, and binding them to specific applications.

Click to see all the screenshots.

In short, you can say that you can set different behavior of buttons and wheels depending on the application used. The default gesture button opens a “Task View” in Windows 10. It is pressing, combined with the mouse moving up and down, causes the windows to fold and switch left-to-right between desktops. At first, it is somewhat unusual, but in principle, convenient and reassigned at your request.

Click to see all the screenshots.

After the tutorial, which you can miss, we are met by the main window of the Logitech Options program, in which by a simple click on one of the buttons or wheels, you can give them the desired function.

Click to see all the screenshots.

The gesture button has its own settings that take into account the movement of the mouse in different directions when the gesture button is pressed.

You can change the mouse’s move speed, sensitivity, and direction of the wheels and adjust the SmartShift function to make the wheel inertial on the Pointer and Scroll tab.

Next is the exciting “Flow” tab, where you can set up the simultaneous use of the mouse on several different computers and laptops. You can move the mouse cursor from one PC screen to another as if you have multiple monitors connected to one computer. You can also copy text and files between computers.

This is enough for computers to be in one local network (connected via one router), and the Logitech Flow function was configured on each. This is a truly revolutionary solution, unparalleled in any mouse from other manufacturers.

Click to see all the screenshots.

And the last one is the “Additional Settings” section, available on the “More” button in the main program window (on the “Mouse” and “Pointer and Scroll” tabs) in Logitech Options.

Click to see all the screenshots.

There are very few options here – including low battery notifications, automatic backups of settings, checking software updates, and communicating with support.


Personal opinion

The Logitech MX Master 3 is a truly stunningly user-friendly and functional tool that can delight any designer.

The layout and editing of the video are also matcha, checked by many users and me personally. Also, the mouse is sure to brighten up the gray everyday life of those who are engaged in designing, 3D modeling, and programmers.

But to use it in games was not so convenient – insufficient control because of a kind of stand under the thumb and a specific grip.

In addition, there is also not the best for games sensor, which also does not work well on the glass and fur. Therefore, to manage the movie lying on the couch, covered with plaid, is not so good.

But it’s all nibbles, in principle, to play and take it with you on the couch from time to time you can. Not demanding in this regard, users and not avid gamers will not notice much discomfort.

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