Review Logitech K740 illuminated Keyboard

An honest review of Logitech’s K740 illuminated keyboard – quality, convenience, backlighting, software, pros, and cons.

In the last review, we looked at the Logitech K800 wireless keyboard, honestly noting all its pros and cons. In this case, we will analyze a very similar wired model Logitech K740, which, as it turned out, differs not only in the way of connection with the PC but also has a number of both positive and negative differences.


  • 1. Packaging and characteristics
  • 2. Device and convenience
  • 3. Lighting quality
  • 4. Software
  • 5. Personal opinion


Detail Review Of  Logitech K740 illuminated Keyboard

Logitech K740 illuminated Keyboard

Packaging and characteristics

The K740 illuminated keyboard is packed into a small but beautiful box with quality printing.

On the front side, the manufacturer focuses on its main features.

In particular, these are:

  • The presence of illumination
  • low-profile keys
  • A soft-coated wrist stand

On the back, all this is detailed and provided with additional information.

It further reports that:

  • there is an adjustment of brightness levels
  • The keyboard has an ultra-thin 9.3 mm profile
  • PerfectStoke’s branded scissor system with a deeper stroke than laptops is used.
  • The key warranty is 3 years.

On the side, there is a website address, serial number, full model name, and part number.

Under the thin cardboard of the shell hides another more sturdy box of black color, and the keyboard itself is stacked in a standard antistatic package.

The package includes only an envelope with all sorts of unnecessary pieces of paper, such as warranty conditions and safety recommendations.

But usually, nothing more is required for a wired keyboard, as the cable on it is not removable.

It has good quality, not thick and not heavy, with a normal connector and ferritic filter. But the main thing is that its length is sufficient, 1.8 m, so that no problems with connection to the system block should not arise.


Device and convenience

The K740 keyboard is made of high-quality matte plastic with a beautiful texture framed by a transparent plastic rim, and the non-removable wrist stand has a nice soft-touch coating.

The shape of the keys here is different from the older wireless model; they have a more familiar classical shape with sharp angles, a greater deepening throughout the surface. And the front row, on the contrary – has a convex shape and somewhat towers over the rest. In general, everything is quite convenient.

The keys are low-profile and have a small backlash, and there is also a lack of rigidity of the design, which makes the keyboard bend a little at a strong press, but it seemed not critical. Their move really, as the manufacturer says, is deeper than that of laptops, and I liked it. The keys are not tight as in a wireless keyboard but are pressed more gently and pleasantly, making this keyboard better suited for a quick blind set and less for gaming.

What I didn’t like was the short “Shift” on the left and the double key “Slash” next to it, as well as the older model – it’s really inconvenient. The “Enter” key is the same two-story and narrow, and because of the “FN” button (through which the additional functions on the “F1-F12” keys work), for some reason, there was no place for the contextual menu call key.

It’s moved to the Print Screen button in combination with “FN,” and it’s not critical in principle, as the right mouse button is usually used for the same purpose. The non-standard layout can also include moving the “Insert” key up and doubling the size of the “Delete” key (thanks to this), which turned out to be very convenient.

Otherwise, the layout is quite standard. The main thing is that the keys with arrows and the digital unit have the usual placement and size. And on the right at the bottom are the indicators of all three modes – “Caps Lock,” “Num Lock,” and “Scroll Lock,” which are sorely lacking in the wireless keyboard.

The F1-F8 functional keys have additional features to control browser windows, operating system, and power.

And the “F9-F12” keys are used to control the player – running the app, play/pause, and switching tracks.

The mute and volume buttons are made separate, and instead of the calculator call button as in the older model, there is a dedicated backlight control button.

In general, the keyboard is very stylish and thin, but personally, I sorely lack in a lift, as I am used to high keyboards as a wireless model.

But thanks to the good weight and rubber legs, the keyboard is well on the table.

And the additional folding legs provide a more acceptable average lift.

But they are even more flimsy, and you need to try not to break them…

Fortunately, they at least have rubber bands that prevent the fidget of the keyboard on the table.


Lighting quality

The symbols on the K740 are illuminated with bright white paint and are perfectly visible even in low light. At the same time, the quality of the application is not in doubt (similar to laser engraving), and the symbols certainly will not be erased even after a long time.

But in addition, they are also perfectly illuminated by white color, and uniformity of illumination here is better than in the older model – looks well very stylish. Only three levels of brightness are available and the ability to turn off the lights.

Orange icons are also illuminated, and it is wonderful, but the designations of functional keys “F1-F12”, unfortunately, do not glow. But the manufacturer took into account this disadvantage and applied these symbols with special reflective paint, and they are acceptable to be seen even by the light from the monitor.



The K740 keyboard is supported by a utility from Logitech manufacturer SetPoint, the latest version of which can be downloaded on the official website.

The process also offers an extension for a smooth scroll in the Chrome browser, but this requires a mouse from Logitech.

On the My Keyboard tab, the F-key Settings section suggests changing the action of additional features tied to the F1-F9 functional keys.

Settings are provided with background information, which opens when you click on the question mark in a particular place.

For example, the F-key function change tick allows you to use additional features without the “FN” button.

For each F1-F9 button, you can assign different actions from a standard or extended list available on the Select Feature button, but their list is minimal.

In the “Inactive Keyboard Keys” section, you can disable individual keys to eliminate the inconvenience caused by their occasional clicking in games and other programs.

The Tools tab has a link to support the ability to disable the icon in the system tray, pop-up notifications, and verification of software updates.

In general, the features are quite meager, and some of them relate to wireless devices for which there is a more functional application, Logitech Options, but also thanks for that.


Personal opinion

I liked the Logitech K740 keyboard more than the older wireless model. It has nicer keys, more beautiful illumination, and there is an indication of all modes. At the same time, it has the same comfortable stand under the wrists and the ability to reassign keys.

The disadvantages can be noted as a low rise, some backlash keys, less rigidity of the design, and even more flimsy legs. Although the keyboard can be called quiet, keys can create a small rattle at a quick set. But in general, it is not bad, perfect for blind typing and as a multimedia keyboard.

For games, it fits unimportantly. In addition to the middle move, the keys are pressed too easily. For this purpose, the Logitech K800 will be preferable, but gamers with experience are better off getting good mechanics.

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