10 Best Smart TVs in India 2022

In the dwelling of modern man there are such elements of civilization and comfort, without which it is almost impossible to do without. In the field of home appliances – it’s a washing machine and a refrigerator, but in the field of home electronics the main attribute – TV. It is he who will help to learn the latest news, please yourself with novelties or classics of cinema, brighten up the everyday life of housewives, pensioners favorite series, will remotely cheer “for ours” or just for a beautiful game during sports broadcasts. That’s how “almighty” he is!

Televisions every year are becoming more perfect, new technologies, functions and modes appear, design and picture quality are improved. There are no models. And the choice of the optimal option is not always so simple. Is the problem relevant? It is for this case that we have prepared for you a rating of the best in the current 2022 new TV.


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Best Smart TVs in India 2022

Samsung QE55Q90RAU

The category of the best premium TVs of the 2022 season opens with a novelty of the current year of release. Samsung’s latest generation of 4K’s flagship line is represented by a number of 55, 65 and 75-inch diagonals. The design is almost identical to the previous version of the z9FN: the same minimalist, in a good way, style, the thinnest almost invisible frames. However, there is also a change due to the appearance of a central rack of curved shape.

The display has ultra HD 2160p resolution and an upgrade rate of 120 Hz. A big step forward was the support of ultra-wide angles of the Ultra Viewing Angle review, which was previously almost the main drawback in comparison with OLED panels. And let for excellent image, the depth of black are not self-illuminating pixels, and the traditional LCD matrix with LED-lighting, the latter, not only that implemented with the technology of quantum Dot, and also direct full-matrix (Direct Full Array 16x).

The value of peak brightness is an impressive 2000 nits. Unsurprisingly, the technology of quantum HDR is very much showing itself. Good news for gamers: very low image delay guarantees maximum enjoyment of game battles on the big screen. Sound configuration 4.2 (60 W).

Key pros:

  • High-performance processor quantum 4K;
  • AI Upscale smart scaling
  • One Connect box, connected to the panel by the only thin cable;
  • Ultra Black anti-glib technology, interior mode of TV work;
  • Smart platform on the newest Tizen 5.0 OS with voice search, Bixby assistant support, SmartThings app, etc.


  • Extremely ambitious price tag;
  • No Dolby Vision.


Sony KD-55XG9505

Sony’s flagship 9 series 2022 TV in the LED TV class. It is really good and, oddly enough, an extra confirmation of this already encountered, but rather goofy attempts of heiting – a kind of “litmus test” of unhealthy competition. Even the terrible “shoal” of Sony this year – the termination of support for VEWD – here is not to show. The model pre-installed Android 8.0 Oreo and stated the possibility of upgrading it to a more advanced Android 9.0 Pie. In the “skilled hands” the possibilities of Smart are almost limitless.

The type of matrix used is a 10-bit VA with a resolution of 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) and an upgrade frequency of up to 120 Hz (for models 55 and 65 inches – classic, for 75ʺ and 85ʺ using X-Wide Angle visibility extension technology). Among the obvious advantages of the XG95 line: the excellent X1 Ultimate processor, the Full-Array Local Dimming intelligent lighting system (60 zones), a decent peak brightness of 1200 nits. And, among other things, it is the key to the full return of HDR content, including filmed in premium format Dolby Vision.

Key pros:

  • Excellent image with realistic live colors (Triluminos Display and a wide range of other branded technologies);
  • Support for automatic calibration of Netflix content to studio quality;
  • A fast-moving and convenient Android TV platform with an updated interface;
  • Optimal set of hooks for external connections, 2-band Wi-Fi;
  • A state-of-the-art metallized voice-enabled remote.


  • Inflated price tag;
  • A small number of local blackout zones compared to the leader of the category.

Models in the lineup:

  • Sony KD-55XG9505 – 55 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-65XG9505 – 65 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-75XG9505 – 75 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-85XG9505 – 85 inch screen diagonal


NanoCell LG 55SM9800

And this is the flagship LG 2022 in the 4K section of nano Cell TVs. Good both externally and functionally. Perfect for viewing content and TV channels by a friendly company or a large family, thanks to the really wide viewing angles. “The fault” is the high-quality IPS RGB matrix (10 bits). In addition, its upgrade frequency to 120 Hz is supported by the TM 200 interpolation system, so there will be no problems with the smooth display of moving objects during sports broadcasts or in action movies.

The model features an advanced straight Slim Direct backlight system with a full-matrix dimming (Full-Array Dimming). High image quality is not only generated by the display nano-ions, there is also a powerful second-generation processor on board. Excellent without artifacts works scaling up to 4K, 4K Cinema HDR technology contributes to greater image detail when playing HDR10 Pro content, in formats from Technicolor, Dolby Vision. CalMAN’s automatic calibration option is supported.

Key pros:

  • Fast with Smart friendly interface on WebOS 4.5;
  • Voice interaction with lg’s artificial intelligence Thin- AI, Magic Remote PDU- pointer;
  • Good brightness – 550-1200 kd/m2;
  • Sound system 2.2 (a pair of speakers and a pair of subwoofers of 10 w each), decoding Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD;
  • Gallery’s interior mode.


  • Far from perfect contrast, uniformity of black;
  • There is no USB version 3.0 port.

Models in the lineup:

  • NanoCell LG 55SM9800 – 55 inch screen diagonal
  • NanoCell LG 65SM9800 – 65 inch screen diagonal



Sony KD-65ZF9

The incredibly cool model is also with a straight full-backed LED. Here we see the implementation of another proprietary technology Triluminos Display, which many consider a successful alternative to zled. By the way, the proverbial quantum dots are also used. The TV is not cheap, but the screen size is decent – 65 inches. There is an even more solid version on the 75ʺ.

Resolution – 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pix.), frequency – 120 Hz. The viewing angles for the VA matrix are wide and comfortable, thanks to the special design of the X-Wide Angle panel. The newest high-performance 4K X1 Ultimate processor (twice as powerful as the previous X1 Extreme) is very good, with the ability not only to form a near-perfect picture with the most realistic color transmission, but also to control local blackout algorithms, provide efficient scaling of resolution and even convert SDR into HDR.

Originally shot in HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision content is played with excellent detail and clarity. The smart platform is built on Android 8.0 Oreo (by default). The year of sony KD-65-F9-2018.

Key pros:

  • Stylish design with small frames on an aluminum basis;
  • 4K X-Reality Pro, Live Colour, X-Motion Clarity image optimization technologies;
  • Memory (RAM) – 4GB, built-in (ROM) – 16;
  • High-quality VA matrix (10 bits), 104 local blackout zones;
  • Assemblage in the EU (Slovakia).


  • Not a big price;
  • The average sound is 2 x 10 w (with such TV it is better to use a soundbar or a system of house.

Models in the lineup:

  • Sony KD-65-F9 – 65-inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-75-F9 – 75-inch screen diagonal


LG 55SK9500

Super UHD LED TV from LG. Here, too, not without quantum dots, that’s just the technology of expanding the palette of displayed colors named in its own way – Nano Cell. The bottom line as a whole does not change much, except that RGB pixels are introduced directly into the panel, in the role of which is a 4K IPS matrix of its own production. The viewing angles are not just wide, they are ideal.

The set of diagonals in the line is 55, 65 inches. The display frequency is 100 Hz, true Motion dynamics are 200, and the unit is 10 bits. The type of LED lighting used is Slim Direct with Full Array Dimming. In terms of brightness and contrast LG still loses to higher competitors, but significantly wins in terms of more affordability of price, so a certain circle of potential buyers can and will do some aesthetic requests.

Support for a wide range of dynamic is implemented in the form of 4K Cinema HDR brand technology, which allows you to read the content of HDR10 Pro, HLG, advanced Dolby Vision and HDR from Technicolor. There is simply an improvement effect for SDR.

There is a more affordable version of the same super UHD class – SK 8500 (small design difference, fewer areas of local blackout). The younger variants (SK8100, 8000, 7900 and below) are equipped with conventional Edge LED lighting.

Key pros:

  • Convenient Smart Platform on WebOS 4.0, Magic Remote;
  • Voice “communication” with artificial intelligence;
  • High-end gpu
  • 4K Scaling input resolution
  • Professional gaming, gallery modes.


  • No USB version 3.0;
  • A little memory – 2GB (operational), 4 (embedded).

Models in the lineup:

  • LG 55SK9500 – 55 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 65SK9500 – 65 inch screen diagonal


Best Full HD Smart TVs in India 2022

LG 43LK6200

The honorable right to open the ranking of the best TVs is provided by a fairly successful FHD model from one of the leading Korean companies. The year of launch in the series 2022. Which does not mean a loss of relevance, because the characteristics and functionality are such that it will be enough for more than one season, and significant innovations in the current class of TVs in 2022 lg is not yet foreseen. Actually, there is nothing to change.

About the properties of the screen: the IPS matrix by 43 inches (there is an analogue of 49ʺ – LG 49LK6200) with a resolution of 1920×1080 px, illumination – Direct LED. Image enhancement technologies: Dynamic Color (enhances the saturation and brightness of 6 colors, including RGB), active HDR content for HDR10 Pro and HLG, HDR effect for 2K video in the standard range.

Smart is not just there, it is nimble, convenient and clear. Based on WebOS 4.0. Available: browser, music player, LG Channels Plus, branded app store, smartphone control. It is worth highlighting the presence of “Artificial Intelligence” that recognizes and performs speech requests for access to various services.

Key pros:

  • Stylish design with metal frames and sickle-shaped stand;
  • Included is a universal remote with a Magic Remote microphone;
  • 4-core graphics processor, low-resolution scaling function, noise cancellation;
  • True Motion’s 100-0 algorithm for improving the clarity of true Motion dynamics (real frequency is 50 Hz);
  • Tuner accepts all available broadcast formats – DVB-T2 (ether)/C (cable)/S2 (satellite).


  • There is no linear (3.5 mm) access to headphones (but there is Bluetooth for wireless);
  • A few “chubby” cases (8.5 cm) – the cost of direct illumination.

Models in the lineup:

  • LG 43LK6200 – 43 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 32LK6200 – 32 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 49LK6200 – 49 inch screen diagonal


Sony KDL-43WF805

The Japanese brand in the Full HD TV class is also presented with versions of 2022 and even earlier. The considered relatively fresh one is last year’s. Of course, there is no question of obsolescence. Rather, the manufacturer still supports the need of users wanting to get an excellent quality device at a relatively democratic price, albeit not with a 4K display.

This TV model could well be at the top of the ranking category, if the fundamental criterion was the quality of the image, the naturalness of color transmission. According to these characteristics, no one can compete with Sony. The secret in the technology of X-Reality PRO, Live Colour. There is also support for extended range for HDR10 content, HLG. The Malaysian assembly is also in the asset, which is not the same russian one with the main competitors. But the software is not always happy, there is a certain reverie.

In general, the lineup includes options of 43 and 49 inches. There is an analogue with distinction only in the indicators of “smelting”: Motionflow XR 400 Hz for WF805, 200 Hz for WF804. To be honest, it’s hard to tell the difference. In any case, the original display frequency is 50/60 Hz.

Key pros:

  • Solid design;
  • High-quality VA matrix, Edge LED lighting (hence the thin body);
  • Smart Smart Platform on Android, Google Play Store online;
  • A remote with voice query recognition function;
  • A full tuner for all digital broadcasting standards – DVB-T2/C/S2;
  • Hidden stacking of wires.


  • High price for FHD;
  • Dynamic scenes lack the smoothness of the picture.

Models in the lineup:

  • Sony KDL-43WF805 – 43 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KDL-49WF805 – 49 inch screen diagonal


Samsung UE43N5570AU

Another representative of the big three best manufacturers of modern TVs. The ambitions of the brand are extremely high, the range is incredibly wide. There are also a number of options with a Full HD display, among which you can highlight the popular version of UE43N5570AU. There is also a larger analogue of 49 inches.

The frames in the TV are thin colors of “dark titanium.” Resolution of the matrix 1920s1080 points, illumination – Edge LED. The picture pleases with a decent quality, which is possible thanks to the application of a number of technologies: Ultra Clean View analyzes the incoming signal and eliminates interference, PurColour optimizes color transmission, HDR support allows the relevant content (HDR10) to view with increased clarity and detail.

The Smart platform is built on Tizen 4.0. There’s a good 4-core processor on board. Synchronization and content sharing through Samsung Cloud service is available. You can control the TV from your smartphone, as well as project from that image to the big screen.

Key pros:

  • The subtle modern design of New Edge;
  • The index of the quality level of the picture of the P-I is 500;
  • Contrast Enhancer contrast technology, Natural Mode mode;
  • Satellite, terrestrial and cable digital TV;
  • 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, optical audio.


  • No 3.5mm headphone jack;
  • The built-in media player does not support the popular DivX codex, XviD.

Models in the lineup:

  • Samsung UE43N5570AU – 43 inch screen diagonal
  • Samsung UE49N5570AU – 49 inch screen diagonal


Best 4K UHD Smart TVs in India 2022

Sony KD-49XG8096

In 2022, Sony’s middle-class LED TVs are best represented by the XG80 line. The list of diagonals: 43, 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches. The first two versions are released with side Edge LED backlighting, the last three with Direct Direct. The matrix type is 4K IPS (only the largest model is put by THE VA). Hence, the excellent visibility is the net 178/178.

The build quality, the design of Sony’s new product is traditionally at the height. And, of course, the picture is excellent. And even though the 4K panel is produced by LG Dislpay, but the easily recognizable style of image is primarily a credit to advanced proprietary technologies: 4K X-Reality PRO provides high-definition, scalable resolution, TRILUMINOS Display and Live Colour form realistic, natural and precise colors.

This TV is one of those that are called “smart.” “Intelligence” is supported by the Smart platform based on Android 8.0 Oreo (after the 9.0 Pie update). Of course, there is a Google Play store that provides a lot of opportunities to expand functionality. Voice control makes it very easy to work with apps and content.

Key pros:

  • Support for HDR10, HLG formats (10 bits range of HDR);
  • Full Wi-Fi adapter (there is 5 GHz);
  • Universal digital ac the DVB-T2/C/S2;
  • Motionflow smoothing technology™ XR 400 Hz;
  • Assemblage – Malaysia.


  • High price tag;
  • The remote is old-fashioned.

Models in the lineup:

  • Sony KD-49XG8096 – 49 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-43XG8096 – 43 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-55XG8096 – 55 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-65XG8096 – 65 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-75XG8096 – 75 inch screen diagonal


LG 49SM8000

A very decent mid-level TV, standing out against the classic 60-hertz brethren not the usual, but The Nano Cell display. What does it give? And a lot of it – a much brighter picture with live and clean colors. Maybe a little less realistic than Sony’s. However, many people like the slightly embellished image even more. In addition, on the LG side is a democratic price.

The design of the model is pleasant and concise. The frames are thin, almost imperceptible. The stand is a pair of side legs-corners. If someone is attracted to the sickle-shaped form there is an alternative line SM8200. When planning wall placement – not fundamentally. The screen is 49 inches. Another version of the size of the display is 55ʺ. The matrix is a proprietary 4K IPS, the backlight is Edge LED with a local blackout algorithm.

The TV supports active HDR mode. Unfortunately, only for HDR10 and HLG formats. But the sound is very good, thanks to the system DTS Virtual:X (multidimensional effect, created by just a couple of regular speakers).

Key pros:

  • Full up-to-4K upspeed;
  • Smart platform on WebOS 4.5, Magic Remote;
  • LG Thin’s AI technology, voice “communication” with TV;
  • Comfortable viewing angles without losing color – 178/178
  • 9 pre-installed image modes, including the “HDR effect.”


  • The TM100 (50Hz) algorithm does not guarantee that there are no artifacts when moving objects are played;
  • Not the best indicators of uniformity of black, contrast.

Models in the lineup:

  • LG 49SM8000 – 49 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 55SM8000 – 55 inch screen diagonal


LG 55UM7450

In regards to this TV will be to the place of judgment about the best ratio of quality and price. Very good everything and with functionality, characteristics, unless, of course, do not equate with expensive top versions. The design is good, the thin frames give the screen a certain elegance.

There are 6 diagonals available in the UK6710 series. But if the versions on 43, 49, 55, 65 inches at the base of the display have a classic LG branded IPS panel, then 70ʺ and 50ʺ equipped with a VA matrix. This non-standard approach has a significant impact on image quality. In the second case, the contrast improves markedly, the depth of the black appears. In the first – significantly expand the viewing angles. What is more relevant is the question of individual perception and location of the TV in the room.

Permission : 3840×2160. Advanced Color Enhancer, a noise suppression system, is used. Tuner triple – DVB-T2/C/S2. 4 x HDMI, 2 x USB, LAN, component/composite AV inputs, optical audio inputs are available to connect with external devices. Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Key pros:

  • Smart TV on WebOS 4.5;
  • Artificial intelligence with speech recognition, remote-pointer in the set;
  • 4K active HDR, creating an effect for the standard range;
  • 4-core graphics improvement processor, upskelling up to 4K;
  • Sound DTS Virtual:X.


  • The standard update rate is 50 Hz (True Motion algorithm – 100);
  • Slightly thickened body (due to direct DIRECT lighting).

Models in the lineup:

  • LG 55UM7450 – 55 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 43UM7450 – 43 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 49UM7450 – 49 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 65UM7450 – 65 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 50UM7450 – 50 inch screen diagonal
  • LG 70UM7450 – 70 inch screen diagonal


Samsung UE50RU7470U

This TV is roughly equivalent to the above model from an avid competitor. The VA matrix is the default Samsung chip. The design, of course, is branded. The case is plastic, but with small, almost imperceptible frames, thin, as the lateral Edge LED lighting is used. The desk stand has a channel for the hidden diversion of cables.

The diagonal is 50ʺ. Other options are 43, 55, 65 inches. The screen is straight. With the resolution is clear – 3840 × 2160 px, the depth of color – even virtual, but still 10 bits (8-FRC). The default frequency is 50/60 Hz, Motion Rate for melting the speaker – 100, high-quality turkey pictures of P-I – 1900. Supported image optimization technologies Mega Contrast, Dynamic Crystal Color, UHD Dimming. There is predictably no complete blackout.

Intelligent functions at altitude. Tizen 5.0 axis control. Available voice assistant through remote control, supported by smartThing app, Wi-Fi wireless, Bluetooth. Interaction with smartphones is stated, but more sharpened under branded gadgets.

Key pros:

  • Excellent minimalist design;
  • Relatively democratic price;
  • It is quite adequate to reproduce scenes in motion;
  • HDR technology for HDR10, HLG content;
  • The terrestrial, cable and satellite “digits” are used.


  • Reduced video playback capabilities by a built-in player, not supported by DTS audio code;
  • Corner lights on a dark background.
  • The Wi-Fi adapter doesn’t work in the 5GHz range.

Models in the lineup:

  • Samsung UE50RU7470U – 50 inch screen diagonal
  • Samsung UE43RU7470U – 43 inch screen diagonal
  • Samsung UE55RU7470U – 55 inch screen diagonal
  • Samsung UE65RU7470U – 65 inch screen diagonal



Sony KD-49XF7596

The next point in the ranking of the best TVs of 2022 is an extraordinary “middle” from Sony. At the same time, in any case it cannot be said that it is worse than Korean competitors of Russian production. Each of the nominees could confidently occupy the top line. It all depends on the personal point of view, needs and aesthetic taste of the end user.

One thing is for sure: the quality of the picture, the naturalness of colors, this TV is practically the best in the category. This is the whole Sony: took a good (RGB) IPS matrix from LG Display and forced to show as the original products of the company from the “Country of Morning Freshness” in the class of traditional LED models and “did not dream”.

It’s all about unrivalled proprietary input processing technologies: 4K X-Reality™ PRO – clarity improvement, Live Colour – colors, dynamic lighting algorithm to enhance contrast. Motionflow™ XR 400 Hz (real frequency – 50/60 Hz) is responsible for the smoothness of the picture. HDR support relates to HDR10 content, HLG.

Key pros:

  • Elegant design, thin body (edge LED lighting), legs with cable channel;
  • Smart features on Android, voice search;
  • Internal memory – 16GB, 2GB of RAM;
  • Triple universal tuner, Wi-Fi (including 5 GHz), Bluetooth;
  • Assemblage – Malaysia.


  • Not as high contrast rates as models with VA matrixes (but wider viewing angles);
  • By default, there are few apps in Google Play (you can add apk. files).

Models in the lineup:

  • Sony KD-49XF7596 – 49 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-43XF7596 – 43-inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-55XF7596 – 55 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-65XF7596 – 65 inch screen diagonal


Best Smart OLED TVs


Best in terms of performance, technical equipment OLED TV from Korean LG. The model at the moment is almost indisputable flagship not only internal, but also the overall credit among 4K Ultra HD models (in any case, until the W9 is released). The panel has a flexible wall wallpaper design. The interface box with the built-in power supply is a separate sound panel, connected by a low-visibility cable.

The screen size is 65ʺ, there is an even larger version of the 77ʺ. Resolution – 3840 × 2160, viewing angles – ultra-wide, update frequency – 120 Hz. Of course, there is no lighting module. The display is based on self-illuminating pixels that provide excellent contrast and depth of black. These are only the properties of the matrix, and in fact, the intellectual processor of the second generation is also the intellectual processor, with which the image becomes as saturated, bright and detailed.

Watching hdr10 Pro, HLG, Dolby Vision, HDR content from Technicolor is a real treat. The process is also “aggravated” by the support of the multidimensional sound of Dolby Atmos. And these are only the basic advantages, which are actually much more.

Key pros:

  • Gallery mode or merging with the wall;
  • Excellent soundbar with 4.2 speaker configuration;
  • WebOS Smart TV multitasking system;
  • Speech recognition, artificial intelligence;
  • Wireless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.


  • Very high price tag.


Sony KD-65AG9

When the TV is not just 4K, and OLED – it already guarantees the excellent quality of the picture, incredible depth of black, perfect contrast. It is quite difficult to spoil these qualities, which are laid in the default matrix, but it is noticeable to improve more than realistically. Especially when Sony takes up business with its unrivalled image processing technologies.

In the 2022 model, the KD-65AG9 Master Series brand has finally moved away from the controversial design with a sloping stand. Now that neat straight. The case has become thinner, which and visually looks great, and hang TB on the wall allows with a very small gap, almost close. The screen in our case is 65 inches, but there are 55ʺ options and 77ʺ. The display on self-thurly pixels has a resolution of 3840×2160, supporting an upgrade frequency of up to 120 Hz.

The TV is equipped with the best available sony to date, the X1 Ultimate processor, the controller Pixel Contrast Booster. So the already-famous realism and precision of color transmission, excellent clarity, effective intelligent scaling to 4K here are brought almost to perfection. So is the sound of the Surface Acoustic Audio.

Key pros:

  • Multifunctional Smart platform on Android 8.0 Oreo (9.0 Pie), voice control;
  • Excellent audio playback of HDR video (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision);
  • Screen as a sound source (can be used as a central AU home theater);
  • 4xHDMI 2.1 (eARC), 3xUSB (one of them 3.0);
  • Wi-Fi (including 5 GHz), Bluetooth, NFC.


  • Only a high price tag.

Models in the lineup:

  • Sony KD-65AG9 – 65 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-55AG9 – 55 inch screen diagonal
  • Sony KD-77AG9 – 77 inch screen diagonal



Incredibly popular OLED panel. In its class almost budget, although TVs with a screen on self-lit pixels are usually considered, at least, about premium. And let it not “stick” close to the wall, as a picture (the lower part of the case with a built-in control unit, interfaces for connections has thickening plus a stand – the inevitable gap). But it’s still OLED with its endless contrast and superb depth of black.

The screen size is universal – 55 inches, there are smaller counterparts – 65, 77ʺ. Ultra HD/4K/2160p resolution standard, matrix discharge – 10 bits. The viewing angles are no worse than that of the flagship, the same processor is responsible for the graphics. Video playback in an extended dynamic range is provided by 4K Cinema HDR (4 format) technology. The sound, however, is simpler – configuration 2.2 (in total – 40 w). However, there is optional support for Dolby Atmos.

Key pros:

  • Democratic price;
  • Multifunctional Smart on WebOS with AI, speech recognition via The Magic Remote remote;
  • Scaling resolution to 4K
  • 4-speed noise cancellation;
  • The headphone jack.


  • Some lack of brightness.

Models in the lineup:

  • LG OLED65C8 – 65 inch screen diagonal
  • LG OLED77C8 – 77 inch screen diagonal
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