Latex vs. Memory Foam: Which Is Better?

When we buy a mattress, the first thing that can haunt our head is the difference in the materials for beds that exist. Therefore, the most frequent question is usually: what is better, a latex or viscoelastic mattress?

Both have their pros and cons, and each of them will bring different benefits. Everything will depend on the needs of each person. As we know that this doubt appears more times than we think, in this post, we will explain which of the two mattresses is better or which suits you more according to your situation.

Before starting with the differences of each one and its properties, we take the opportunity to explain how each material is briefly. However, it should be noted that both latex and viscoelastic are the most demanded materials on the market today for their excellent adaptability.


What is the latex mattress like?

what is latex mattress

Latex is a natural product extracted from the rubber tree and characterized by its firmness, elasticity (the most elastic material known), and durability.

A few years ago, the synthetic option was achieved with similar conditions, becoming an attractive option for people looking to avoid deformation.

In addition, the sale of wool or traditional foam mattresses also declined due to their little use; latex became a perfect alternative.

Latex, a natural product needs a series of hardening and stabilizing effects to be a solid, stable, durable block. Therefore, the amount of natural latex in mattresses is variable between 20% and 97%; the rest is synthetic latex foam.


What are the advantages of a latex mattress?

There are several advantages of a latex mattress. We tell you:

  • Excellent ability to adapt to the body naturally and smoothly.
  • They give a soft and fluffy feeling.
  • They usually have a long duration.
  • Excellent resistance to subsidence.
  • It has a medium/high firmness and is recommended for the elderly due to the loss of muscle mass.
  • It is not adaptable, so it gives more of a feeling of freshness than viscoelastic.
  • latex mattress is ideal for articulated box springs or electric beds.

The latex mattress adapts perfectly to the shape we need and maintains maximum adaptability to the body.


What disadvantages does a latex mattress have?

Not everything was going to be advantages, so we leave you here some of the disadvantages that latex mattresses have.

  • Being a natural material, latex needs maintenance of ventilation, flipping and aeration.
  • It cannot be used with any base. It needs a specific command that provides perspiration and ventilation since the risk of humidity may appear. The best floors are the sheet box springs or canapés with a sheet lid.
  • A wool or cotton mattress cover that removes moisture is advisable.
  • The latex mattress is much heavier than others because of its density.
  • It is not a suitable mattress in humid climates or old homes that accumulate moisture.
  • It should be rotated frequently to prevent it from losing its properties.
  • The more natural latex the mattress contains, the higher the price.

How is the memory foam mattress? A viscoelastic material is a synthetic material that NASA developed in the 1960s. It was initially created to reduce the body’s pressure levels caused by the tissues of astronauts’ suits during takeoff, but ,it began to be used for domestic use over the years. It is a fully synthetic material and has a medium degree of firmness and good adaptability.

Currently, this material is used in textile, automotive, construction, furniture (mattresses and armchairs), etc.

It is characterized by its medium firmness that is combined with great adaptability and is ideal for rest. In addition, the higher the density of the mattress, the greater the viscoelastic sensation and the greater the degree of adaptability, which provides comfort and durability.

Today in the market, there is no mattress, only viscoelastic; it is usually combined with a core of HR foaming, springs, etc.


What are the advantages of a memory foam mattress?

Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress

Some advantages of memory foam mattresses are:

  • Viscoelastic has unique and innovative properties that relieve body pressure
  • It has intelligent memory, so no area of the body is left without support.
  • They are relaxing mattresses, as they include soft and flexible materials that enhance the person’s adaptability.
  • It has independence of beds, so it prevents the movements of one sleeper from affecting the other.
  • These mattresses adapt to all types of bases and box springs.
  • They offer long life, and it is not necessary to turn it every so often.


What disadvantages does a memory foam mattress have?

  • They give some heat since viscoelastic is a material with them adaptable properties.
  • It is a heat-sensitive material, which means that it becomes stiffer with the cold and softens with the heat.
  • Depending on the quality of viscoelastic, it gives more sensation of heat and sinking.

If the memory foam mattress gives a lot of heat, a fibre mattress cover can be used as an option to favour ventilation between bed and body.


Frequently Asked Questions about

Which is better, latex or viscoelastic mattress?

This question is very relative, and there is no conclusive answer since each person needs a mattress that suits their needs. So, although we talk about advantages and disadvantages, they will not be the same for everyone.

When asking yourself this question, the first thing you should do is think about your rest needs, the use you will give it, how many people will sleep in it, the climate of your location, and the perspiration levels.


What is the helpful face of memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses have a good face and are usually identified because they bear the manufacturer’s label. So the bed should be placed with the label facing up.


What mattress is recommended for children?

The recommended mattresses have firmness, but not the hard ones, but those that keep the body in the correct position throughout the night.

The most recommended are memory foam mattresses, HR foam mattresses and spring mattresses.



In short, we can not say which of the two mattresses is better since it all depends on the sleeper’s needs. When we buy a bed we must take into account what our body needs and asks us. Some people sleep better more firmly, others need a bed that does not give much heat. Each person is a world, and each person must look for the perfect mattress that suits what they need.

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