Laser Hair Removal Cost In India

To get rid of hair in the long run, nothing better than laser hair removal. But is this really a definitive method? Price, review, We tell you everything.

Between the razor, the epilator, the wax… There is a multitude of methods to get rid of hairs. Laser hair removal is one of the most successful techniques for definitive hair removal. On the other hand, it requires a little more investment and, like any hair removal method, has advantages and disadvantages.


Laser hair removal: price, info reviews on this effective technique

What is laser hair removal?

What is laser hair removal

Laser hair removal allows hair removal of any area of the body and face. The laser will destroy the bulb and the hair stem by targeting the melanin of the hair. The darker and thicker it is, the more effective the result will be. Thus, the laser heats the brown or black pigment present on the skin (light) and disintegrates the hair at high temperatures.

It takes several sessions to remove body hair. In general, 5 to 8 sessions, sometimes more depending on the person. The hair undergoes 3 phases throughout its growth. Therefore, it is essential to treat all of these phases with lasers that last several months (or even years). Laser hair removal cannot remove all hair at once.


Really definitive hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the most effective method of having no hair in the long term. It offers an almost definitive result, but unfortunately, it cannot be said that they will never grow again until the end of your life. At the end of each session, the hairs present (less and less numerous over the course of the sessions) will be well destroyed until the new regrowth where new hairs will appear. Once all the sessions are done, you should have virtually no hair. A once-a-year maintenance session may be necessary to make the effects even more lasting.


What is the price of laser hair removal?

The price of a laser hair removal session depends on several criteria. Are you going to do your sessions at a laser hair removal center or a dermatologist? Do you live in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille or, on the contrary, in a small provincial town? What area are you going to wax? As an indication, it costs about 13,500 to 17,000 Rupees per session for half legs, 5,500 to 7,000 Rupees for the armpits,5,000 to 12,000 Rupees for a classic or full jersey. Also find out about packages: whole legs, such as swimsuits, underarms. They can be much more economical.


Where to practice laser hair removal: laser hair removal center or dermatologist?

Where to practice laser hair removal

You can do your laser hair removal sessions in a laser hair removal center or at a dermatologist. The best choice is to go to a dermatologist for more safety. Laser hair removal remains a “medical gesture” and must be performed by a health professional to avoid any risk of burns.


What is the difference between laser hair removal and pulsed light?

Be careful not to confuse laser hair removal with pulsed light! Some centers refer to laser hair removal when it is actually just pulsed light. The pulsed light device is very effective if it is powerful and well used but does not offer in any way a definitive or almost definitive hair removal. If the laser destroys the hair base to prevent the hair from growing, the pulsed light is limited to slowing the reappearance of the hair.


Laser hair removal: test and review

In recent years, laser hair removal has proven its worth. Of course, this method requires real investment, but it offers an unbeatable efficiency if one wants to eliminate hairs. It also allows to cover a large area in a minimum of time and would be the ideal solution against ingrown hairs. Overall, the reviews are very positive. On the other hand, this method is not painless; it is not called painless hair removal. The latter is still felt differently in different people. Some will find hair removal largely bearable, while others will find it really too unpleasant. On the felt side, it’s like someone is holding an elastic band next to your skin and letting it go.


Laser hair removal: what are the risks?

The laser is a device for strictly medical use. It is therefore not risk-free and should be used by an experienced physician. The latter will not fail to inform you of the risks and, in particular, the one that is probably the most important risk, the burn, especially when, during the sessions, the power of the laser is increased to destroy increasingly fine hairs. This risk of burns is also important in tanning because the pigmented skin will then absorb the energy of the laser beam like hair. You should therefore avoid sessions on tanned skin or when you are pregnant. So choose to start your sessions at the beginning of winter.

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