Kitchen Chimney Vs. Exhaust Fan: Which is Better?

One of the most vital units in your house is your kitchen. A kitchen needs to be kept free of errors as our meals get prepared there. Our healthy meals can turn unhealthy if the kitchen is unclean.

The way we cook in India creates a large amount of smoke. These smokes, oil fumes, aromas, or moisture can cause respiratory problems to people living in the house. Moreover, all of this sticks to the walls and furniture and makes them look dirty.

The best equipment that can get rid of smoke is exhaust fans and electric chimneys. In this article, we have explained the functioning, advantages, and disadvantages of an exhaust fan and an electric chimney. This article will help you make a better and informed decision.


Difference between an Electric Chimney and an Exhaust Fan

The smoke generated from cooking creates harmful air in the house. The substances that stick on the kitchen ceilings and walls can be harmful to our health as well as bad for the food we make. Kitchen chimneys and exhaust fans are designed to get rid of this unwanted air and maintain ventilation.

However, both these machines are different in functionality, maintenance, and many more things. To choose the right fit for your kitchen we mentioned the differences between a kitchen chimney and exhaust fans. We have considered various parameters for better right decision-making.



An exhaust fan gets rid of the odors and vapors from the kitchen. It is very similar to a ceiling fan. The difference is that it sucks the air inside the room and throws it outside. There are three main components of an exhaust fan.

They are the frame, blade setup, and electric motor. There are three or more blades on an exhaust fan. The blades are connected to an electric motor and are set inside a frame.

On the other hand, the kitchen chimney or the kitchen hood removes the smoke and odors effectively. The wall-mounted chimney adds a modular look to the kitchen. It cleans the air and protects the kitchen tiles from stains.

There are three major parts of a chimney. They are a suction motor, a duct, and a filter. The filter cleans the air and the duct removes this unwanted smoke. The motor helps the kitchen steer clear of stains.



Daily kitchen appliances are usually expensive. However, an exhaust fan is cheaper than an electric chimney. The price of an exhaust fan starts from INR 1000 in India.

Kitchen chimneys are costlier because of their extra advantages and larger size. In India, the average price of an electric chimney is INR 10,000. They are advanced technology and they are currently experiencing high demands.


Removing unwanted smoke and oil fumes

Removing unwanted smoke and oil fumes

Chimneys and fans are both effective in removing the smoke produced while cooking. However, chimneys are a bit more effective. This is because they can prevent the grime from sticking to your kitchen walls.

Exhaust fans cannot remove oil and grease. A kitchen with exhaust fans might be smoke-free but it cannot be free of greasy stains. Such stains can destroy the look of a neat kitchen.


Installation and Maintenance

Kitchen chimneys are tough to install and easy to clean. On the other hand, exhaust fans are easy to install but tough to clean. However, exhaust fans are more flexible than kitchen chimneys and they take up less space.


Final Verdict

Exhaust fans have been there for a long time with us. They are installed at a height near the ceiling and remove smoke, fumes, and dirty air from the kitchen. There are various types of exhaust fans available in the market that come in distinct sizes and capacities.

Exhaust fans are affordable and easy to use. Their installation charge is less than that of a chimney, and they consume less electricity. However, they are tough to clean as they are installed on a height.

Even after regular use, they cannot remove oil particles from the kitchen. This makes the stuff kept in the kitchen greasy that can be hard to clean later. They can also be noisy.

A kitchen chimney is installed at a distance of 2 to 2.5 ft above the gas stove. It can remove fumes, smoke as well as oil particles from the kitchen. The use of a kitchen chimney can prevent heat and humidity in the kitchen.



Choosing between an electric chimney and an exhaust fan is tough. Exhaust fans are more affordable and flexible but kitchen chimneys are more efficient and versatile. Both have the same level of durability if you purchase them from the right place.

We hope our article helps you decide which one is a better option for your kitchen. If you have any other thoughts or queries, you can share them with us in the comment section.

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