Jumping Rope Exercise Benefits

In the past, jumping rope was child’s play, but that has completely changed. Today it is one of the most sought-after sports activities by adults who want to keep their bodies healthy.

Jumping is a great activity! Especially when it comes to burning a lot of calories! However, some jump rope seriously, that is, defying all limits. In this case, performance is highly valued: agility, coordination, and, above all, jumps.

Jumping rope thins, burns calories, and eliminates the belly by sculpting the body. In just 30 minutes of this exercise, it is possible to lose up to 300 calories and tone thighs, calves, buttocks, and abdomen.

The rope can be easily transported, and you have no excuse to set it aside. Being a very healthy and indicated exercise, it is interesting that we know the benefits since it is a cheap and simple way to feel closer to the body’s goals.

Jump with your family, alone, at home, or on the street, but don’t forget to add rope to your exercise plan.

Jumping rope is a complete aerobic exercise, as it stimulates the muscles and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


The main benefits of jumping rope are:

The main benefits of jumping rope are

The whole family can jump. If you are looking for an exercise that can be done with the entire family, celebrate the new stage of a healthy life because jumping rope is the best option. There is no age to have fun jumping, and the jumps can be done individually or accompanied.

This being an extra stimulus for those people who feel discouraged to perform physical activities alone.

Jump anywhere – There is no longer reason for demotivation and fear of starting to exercise in a gym. This is the argument that many people use to postpone physical exercise, but now you can acquire your rope and practice it not only at home but anywhere.

Balance – It is not an easy task to jump for a long time without losing the rhythm of the rope or tripping over afoot. It is worth remembering that after starting the jumps repeatedly with both feet, you can vary the pace, alternate jumps on one foot, and still perform various tricks.

By jumping rope, you can achieve more excellent balance due to ankle stability, which will prevent sprains and possible injuries that are common among athletes.

Motor coordination – Some jump, dance, sing, and move their hands simultaneously with their feet, but jumping rope is not as simple as it seems. The different movements that can be performed contribute to exercising and improving your motor coordination skills, thus preparing your body and mind for more significant challenges.

Eliminate Calories – One of the main benefits of jumping rope is that jumping can be used to shed extra pounds. In surveys conducted in the United States, some people eliminated an average of 700 calories a day.

Cardiovascular training – Another benefit of jumping rope is that you can optimize your cardiovascular condition. Your cardiovascular system involves your heart, arteries, and veins, responsible for transporting oxygen and blood to the heart and the rest of the body. By improving this ability, your body will be able to behave better overall.

Muscle tone – I don’t think the benefits of jumping rope are limited solely to weight loss. Jumps can improve muscle tone in the legs and the entire lower body. It’s common for you to experience some leg pain in the first few days of jumping rope, and this is because all your muscles are working hard to do the work needed to perform the exercise altogether.


How to choose the best rope to jump

How to choose the best rope to jump

To choose a good jump rope, you need to think about some essential points. Paying attention to them will make the purchase worthwhile and ensure that the selected product will help you achieve the desired goal.

Jump ropes can be made of various materials and influence the weight of the accessory. This is important, depending on your athlete profile. Beginners, for example, should start with ropes of lightweight material such as silicone or nylon.

Those who exercise regularly and have been jumping the combat for some time can opt for steel models coated in plastic, leather, or fabric.

The handles at the ends are important because they hinder exercise when they are not the right ones and can hurt your hands. For that not to happen, you must pay attention to them.

Give preference to models that are comfortable and anatomical. The most suitable are those made of rubberized material, which is pleasant to the touch and prevents the formation of corns or other injuries.

In addition to the handles’ material, rolling is another factor that can make a difference when exercising. With the bearing, the rope rotates without you having to bend your fists. This prevents you from tanging, allowing you to maintain the intensity of the exercise without interruption.

The length of the rope interferes with the time to perform the exercises. To choose the best, it is necessary to think about who will use the string. Ideally, it should have an adjustable length. This system allows you to increase or decrease the size according to your height.

This feature is also great when multiple people use the rope, as each person can customize the size.

Another feature that helps a lot is the lap counter. With this system, every time the rope turns on you, a jump is counted. This way, it is possible to control the number of hops you are making in the activity. Of course, it is possible to jump rope without these resources, but the action is more accessible with them.


The best jump ropes we recommend

Thorn+fit ultra 3.0 skipping rope. Technologically advanced and durable speed rope.

Alloy handles are equipped with a unique head; with this solution, the cable can quickly work in different dimensions and angles, making the swing smoother than ever.

The handles are knotted to provide a secure and firm grip, even for long, demanding workouts. The ultra-fast rope is a perfect tool for training and competition.

The Ultra 2.0 speed rope is lighter and has a precise finish. In addition, the handle is more ergonomic and comfortable.

Xiaomi Hyundai your-p701 jump rope smart 3m black. Intelligent jump rope – Comfortable and safe grips with rubber cover – Built-in display – Maximum length of 3 meters (adjustable).

High-precision sensor – Bluetooth 4.0 – Calculates rotational speed, several turns, exercise duration, and calories burned – Effective in burning calories and increasing endurance – Working a wide range of muscles – 15 minutes equals 30 minutes of running.

Thorn+fit speed rope flashes rope to jump. The Flash Speed rope is a natural wonder!

Technologically advanced and durable speed rope meets modern functional training expectations and represents perfection in every detail.

Black alloy handles are equipped with a unique head built with bearings and have a unique opening for laying the steel cable. There is a self-locking mechanism on the specially designed chair that allows you to mount the line instantly.

You do not need tools; the adjustment is easy, and it does not require tightening loose screws.

Now you know that choosing a good rope is easy! Reflect on whether you prefer one with extra weight or other models capable of counting turns, in addition to checking the material and length of the strings. Extendable models are more appropriate when multiple people use the same accessory.

What kind of physical activities are your favorite? Did you already know all these benefits of jumping rope? Are you adding it to your exercise plan?

If you have dared to start jumping rope, do not forget to visit our store, we have several models of strings that you can choose from without problems at exceptional prices.

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