Is Your Air Conditioner Lacking Gas?

In this article, we will explain the famous myth that to the air conditioner you have to make a gas load every year or every X time.

If you have air conditioning at home or in the office it is advisable to perform annual maintenance, if not the safest thing is that over time you have a breakdown and have to call a technician or the one who installed it.


If there’s no gas in your air conditioner it’s because there’s a leak

no gas in your air conditioner

Normally when an air conditioner doesn’t work, we tend, as a rule, to think that “surely the gas will be gone”. This assumption always appears when our computer works but doesn’t cool down.

That is, the two machines, both inside and outside are seen to work properly but we do not notice it cooling, that is when we say that you will most surely need a gas load. After that we call a technician, he comes to our house, he checks the air conditioning and voila! Your machine is lacking, ma’am, it’s 100 euros for the gas load and 50 for the review.

It is true that it may be possible for the machine to lack gas, but if it is missing or not has it is because there is a gas leak in the refrigerated circuit, and you have to look for it so that the gas does not come out again.

The problem here (or the myth) is that under the ignorance of people companies take advantage and always, or almost always, a gas load is needed from the device when a review is done.

It’s very easy to fool people in this regard since no one knows if it’s true. “The technician comes home, plugs some watches into the machine, and we know if he’s got gas in it or not.” True, we don’t know, but if you’ve done it, force him to look for the leak, because if there’s a lack of gas there’s a leak, and pay him to do his job right and don’t show up the blissful leak again (if it exists).

With this, we want to dismantle the myth that air conditioning machines have to be recharged every year or every two years. It’s FALSE.

Well-installed air conditioning equipment doesn’t have to waste gas in life. I myself have assembled machines that after 15 years have not lost a drop of gas (those of my house for example)

What’s more, the machine may give you some symptoms of loss or lack of gas, and yet you may not have any problems with it.

If the air conditioner in the car doesn’t cool, keep an eye on it every time you take it for review because they’ll apply the same play to you.

Remember, AN AIR CONDITIONING NEVER LOSES GAS unless it is poorly installed or leaks into the circuit. That every X time loses a few grams is totally false.


How to make a refill or gas load for air conditioning

Before we start, let me tell you that if you need a gas ration for your air conditioner, it means you have a leak in the circuit. It is very simple, if you have installed the equipment and after a while, you notice that it does not cool well you probably have a leak in the circuit, especially if the equipment is new. Therefore, it would be advisable for the technician to perform the necessary checks to detect the gas leak.

It doesn’t mean that as long as the equipment doesn’t cool down well because of the gas, there are more factors. And we also don’t have to think that every X time we have to do a gas refill because it is not, more so, a well-installed air conditioning machine must withstand its optimal gas load for its entire service life, unless there is a leak for any reason.

Whenever summer arrives it appears of all kinds of advertising such as: «Air conditioning recharge, Gas load for air conditioning for only XX, etc…”. You have to be careful with this advertising for the same thing we said above. This also applies to cars, which is where they get the most cut with this trick.


Air conditioning recharge

Starting from the base that we really need a refill because the equipment has had a gas leak, it has been repaired and we need to load it. The first thing we have to do or to take into account, in case we do not know how to do it, is that we have to vacuum the refrigerator circuit to remove the air from the pipes and moisture.

Once we have finished with the vacuum is when we proceed to make the gas load.

To load R-410A and R-407 refrigerants, which are normally carried by air conditioning equipment, they must be charged in liquid and weight. What does this mean? because you have to look at the technical sheet of the device and put the kilos of gas indicated. In this way, we optimize the performance of the machine to the maximum and avoid problems of operation or performance.

What if we put the gas in it with the pressure gauge like we used to with the R-22? Since these refrigerants(R-410A and R-407) when composing a mixture of different gases, if we gradually put gas in it the components do not come into proportion and the operation of the equipment is not correct. If we do so, it may be the case that the machine marks on the pressure gauge its optimum pressure but does not yield. Hence the importance of making the gas load in liquid state and weight.


How much a gas load for air conditioning costs

The price of a load varies greatly depending on the type of refrigerant our equipment uses, the labour, the price of the refrigerant, the amount of gas our machine needs and the taxes on fluorinated gases.

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