Is an Epilator Better than Waxing?

Epilator and waxing both give out the same results. But, what makes them compete with each other?

An epilator and wax both remove hairs from the root. And if you cannot decide between an epilator and a wax strip. This article will help you know which one is better.

By explaining how both methods are different, comparing results, and highlighting some key factors, we will help you get the right tool for hair-free glowing skin.


Difference Between Epilator and Waxing

Difference between epilator and waxing

An epilator is an electronic device that removes hair from the skin with the help of tweezers or rotating wheels. And on the other hand, wax can come as soft or hard, which has to be applied to the skin and removed with the help of waxing strips. Read on! To dive deeper into the specifications of both the methods of hair removal.

1. Uses 

Whether it is wax or an epilator, its use depends on the area you are using it. Not all parts of the human body have the same skin type. Therefore, wax and epilator come in varieties for sensitive areas. 

The use of an epilator and wax varies depending on the short or long hair. You can not use wax until your hairs grow at least 0.25mm. In comparison, you can epilate when your hairs grow at least 0.125mm. 

Also, you can epilate often, but in the case of wax, you can not because the hair should grow at a certain length. Still, it won’t pull out the hairs from the root if you wax.


2. Method

On one hand, to epilate, you need to hold the epilator at 90 degrees and move against the direction of hair growth. The tweezers in the epilator grab and pull out hairs from the root. 

And on the other hand, to wax your skin, you need to apply hot wax and pull out the hairs using waxing strips. 

On applying wax, you can pluck out a lot of hairs together. Comparatively, the epilator plucks fewer hairs at a time. 


3. Time required to wax or epilate

To apply wax, you need a lot of preparations, and if you decide to go to a salon, you need to fix an appointment first. 

Other than this, it takes longer to wax in comparison to an epilator because you need to invest half of the time in preparation. An epilator takes around 30 mins for the complete process of epilation. 


4. Convenience 

You can not carry wax while travelling but carrying an epilator becomes convenient. Wax can either be used at a salon or home. But the epilator is easy to use anywhere because you only have to press a button to begin.

And if it is a wet epilator, it is convenient to use in bathrooms. But, you can only apply wax on dry skin. Also, epilators do not create a mess as waxing does. 

You can take cold wax anywhere, but still, it will be as sticky as hot wax. The benefit of hard wax is that you need not heat the wax as the strips contain wax stuck to it. However, It does not work on thick hairs. You may need to pull out hairs again and again from the same portion of your skin, resulting in skin irritation.


5. Side effects

Wax removes hairs, dead skin, and tanning. And an epilator can remove dead skin only if you attach an exfoliation head. 

You may experience common side effects after both methods, namely,

  • Redness
  •  Irritation
  •  Rashes,
  • Bumps
  • ingrown hairs

The reason can be your sensitive skin or fault in the technique of using the device or wax.

Waxing itself is a form of exfoliation because of which, you may also experience sun sensitivity or burns after using wax because the pores open up. 

Advice: Use moisturizer right after waxing or epilating. 


6. Pain

The process of epilation is said to be a little more painful compared to waxing. People who continue using epilators will feel less pain over time. 

Why does epilation hurt more? It is because you experience a pinching pain on the removal of every strand. Unlike epilating, wax pulls out a bunch of hairs together on one pull. 

During waxing, you feel the pain at once, but you feel the pain continuously on epilating. People who use epilators say it is painful only at the beginning. 


7. Results

Outcomes of all hair removal methods are almost similar. And now, if we talk about waxing and epilation, inconsistencies may occur because of the wrong way of its usage. 

If correctly done, you will get long-lasting results of up to 4 weeks.

As you know, wax pulls up too many hairs together, but an epilator does not. And so, epilation picks up even fine hairs that waxing leaves behind.

Results of both methods are smoother, but it also varies from person to person based on their skin type.


8. Durability

An epilator is a machine; it will wear out eventually. If you buy an epilator of high quality, it will last for 3 to 5 years. And lower quality will wear out quicker in 1 to 3 years. 

Instead of wearing out, it may start working slowly. In such a case, you can change the head of your epilator.

The durability of wax depends on the condition you are keeping it in. Usually, it expires within 12 months.

Tip:  It would be best to change your wax when it stops working correctly and starts breaking. Also, you can check it through its fragrance, consistency, and colour. 


9. Cost

The cost of a product is essential to consider before buying it. Thus, the cost of an epilator depends on the brand and type. And for wax, the price depends on where you will go to apply it. If you prefer a salon, then it will cost you higher than using it by yourself. Also, the cost of waxing depends on the city you reside.

Buying an epilator is a long-term investment as it is a one-time purchase. In India, a basic epilator will cost you 2500-3000. Otherwise, the cost ranges from 300 rs to 6000 rs, and the price keeps on revising. But, choosing to wax is spending money around 600 to 900 every month.


Quick Comparison Between Epilator and Waxing:

Waxing Epilation
Use Cold wax for sensitive parts.Hot wax for other parts of the body. An epilator with attachments is safe to use on all the parts of our body.
Time required It depends on the time of preparation. Maximum 30 minutes.
Process Wax pulls out hair when stuck with wax on a wax strip. An epilator is a mechanical device that plucks out hair by rotating its tweezers.
Cost 600-900 a month One-time purchase at 300-600rs.
Results last 3-4 weeks 3-4 weeks
Side effects Redness, Irritation, Rashes, Bumps and ingrown hairs Redness, Irritation, Rashes, Bumps,  ingrown hairs, sunlight sensitivity, burns, allergic reactions, and infections.



1. What should you do to minimize ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are common in both waxing and epilation. You can minimize it by applying warm compresses to the affected area. Exfoliate before and after epilation. If you choose to wax, then exfoliate a few days before waxing. If it does not work, you need a medical checkup.


2. Who should avoid waxing?

Do not use wax on your skin if you have skin disorders, susceptible skin, or undergoing surgical treatments, such as acne medication, varicose veins, sunburn, fractures or sprains, etc.


3. How do a person with sensitive skin wax or epilate?

A person with sensitive skin should apply chemical-free methods to remove unwanted hair. They can either buy it from the market or even make it at home. Natural products available at home will not harm their skin. 



It is a win-win situation for the epilator as it has more benefits than wax.  We differentiated both methods in terms of all the key points. Buying an epilator works as a multifunctional device. It is also a less time-consuming, convenient, and one-time purchase. 

Both waxing and epilation last longer, but you can use an epilator for short hairs also. In comparison to wax, an epilator shows rare side effects. It is less painful when you start using it more than twice or thrice.

We hope you found this article helpful. And we are always here to clarify your doubts and confusion. Share your experience and doubts regarding this article in the comment box. 

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