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IPVanish Review, To choose a VPN provider, you have to look at some key elements: speed, security, features. In this review on IPVanish, we will see what offer is offered and its performance. Once you’ve read this article, you’ll have all the cards in hand to choose your Virtual Private Network.


What is IPVanish? How do I install it?

If we choose to opinion on IPVanish in 2022, the supplier is increasingly talking about it in the French market. Indeed, it has long been criticized for its shortcomings, especially in terms of servers and speeds.

Today, the proposed solution is exciting and at a price more than affordable (but we will see later). Before going into the details of the IPVanish tests we conducted, here is a summary of the solution’s strengths and weaknesses.

Its strengths:

  • Quality customer support
  • 10 devices protected simultaneously
  • The simplicity of installation and use
  • Works with Netflix and downloading


  • speed
  • Bypassing censorship
  • Untranslated site and apps


How do I install the app?

Let’s start our review of IPVanish with the installation of the Virtual Private Network. On this subject, we will not help you anymore because the download is elementary and well explained: the different steps leave no room for doubt.

Personally, we downloaded and installed the app optimized for macOS. But the installation processes are similar depending on the device.

If you’re on your phone (Android or iOS), go directly to the Appstore or GooglePlay to download the app. If you are on another device, go to the company’s website.

And if you ever run into trouble, don’t hesitate to ask us questions or look directly into the installation guides available in the “Support” tab.

A small point about this site: it is entirely in English, with a few exceptions. It’s a shame for those who don’t speak English, but it’s still possible to translate the page directly via Google. It works pretty well. We’d rather let you know just in case.


How do I use VPN?

The use of the VPN is quite simple; the grip is fast. When doing this review on IPVanish, we particularly appreciated the work that was done on the interface. In addition to its aesthetic aspect, the interface is very qualitative because it will allow you to quickly access the information that interests you and set the VPN according to your desires.

As you can see in this image, you will have access to a dashboard before you log in, showing your current location, IP address, and the available servers. You can choose to let the software choose the most appropriate city and the most suitable server or select the one you want directly via the drop-down menu.

Once logged in, you have access to all the login information: your new IP address, location, the protocol used, etc.

If you want to connect to another server, go to the “Server List” tab and choose the one that suits you best. It’s as simple as that. If you have any doubts, check out our guide to using VPNs.


Speed test

Let’s get to one of the most important points of this IPVanish review: the speed test. We always have the same test for all suppliers to be on equal footing, thanks to the site speedtest.net.

Speed without VPN

At first, we look at the speeds of our connection without any VPN protection or totally naked.

As you can see, with 105 and 104, the speeds are pretty good. This will allow us to quickly see if there are changes when we go through a provider’s server.


The speed with a server in France

For this second test, we chose a server located in France, and more particularly in Paris.

There has been a large drop since the speeds have been almost divided by 2, whether we consider downloading or loading.

Therefore, the quality could be much better, but it must be admitted that this should be more than enough to download files or stream content in HD.


The speed with a server in the United States

To finish our IPVanish speed test, we chose a server in the United States. What for? Because this location is much further away, and U.S. servers are often highly sought after, especially to unlock Netflix. But speeds still need to stream content in HD!

As you can see, the speeds have once again dropped. In a sense, this is normal since the server is much further away from our actual location.

Speeds are still acceptable; we are far from the catastrophic speeds we have seen in some suppliers. But we must admit that this does not really weigh against market leaders, for example, ExpressVPN and NordVPN …

It is up to you to choose according to the activities you carry out most regularly on the internet. If you are looking for a VPN for downloading, this will surely be too limited for you.


IPVanish testing for streaming

Many users are looking for a VPN to stream more content. It’s very convenient to access Netflix’s national catalogs or to stream and download safely.

Warning: some IPVanish servers don’t unlock Netflix. We tested several of them and met the famous “proxy error” that prevented us from streaming content.

But we wanted to go beyond these simple servers: we asked the support service directly if there were any dedicated servers for Netflix. And that is the case.

With these, no problem, you can access Netflix.

The support warned us that the servers’ list changes regularly not to be located and blocked by the platform. Don’t hesitate to contact them to get it if you have a problem with your server!


Security and privacy policy

Security is paramount when choosing your Virtual Private Network: why pay for software if it can’t guarantee you optimal protection?

Various elements need to be analyzed to understand a provider’s security level: protocols, IP masking, privacy policy… That’s what we’ll look at in the rest of this review on IPVanish.


First of all, the protocols used by IPVanish are the best on the market. You will find OpenVPN, but also IPSec and IKEv2. No worries at this level, especially since the encryption is also optimal.


IP test

To show you the VPN’s effect on your IP address, here is the test we have carried out.

First, here is our IP address without any VPN protection. Our address and location are therefore visible from all that can be dangerous.

Now, look at what it looks like when you choose a server in the United States. Our French IP address is automatically replaced by a new U.S. IP address corresponding to the server in question.

Therefore, our location and identity are completely invisible, which proves that IPVanish can hide your IP and make you anonymous on the internet.


Privacy policy

If you’re wondering if IPVanish is a no-log provider, we have the answer: yes, it is. This is one of the excellent news of this review on IPVanish, as it is a central element of a Virtual Private Network’s security.

Indeed, how can a provider better guarantee the protection of its users’ data? Being “no log” means that no VPN log information (time stamping, activities performed, sites visited, data transferred…) is backed up. Thus, no one can access this information, whether for an ill-intentioned third party or the authorities.

You are, therefore, anonymous and protected during your activities on the internet!

And if you want more information about it, the provider has a page entirely dedicated to its privacy policy.


Does circumventing censorship work?

If you plan to travel to a censored country like China in 2022 and are looking for a VPN to continue accessing your favorite platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.),” be aware that IPVanish is probably not the best solution.

Indeed, the vendor’s server domains are blocked. Thus, even if the corresponding IP addresses are not currently, the application does not circumvent censorship.

We, therefore, advise you to turn to another supplier, such as ExpressVPN, for example, to be sure that it will work once you are there!


The network of countries and servers

To review IPVanish and its server network, we looked at 4 items:

  1. The number of countries you will be able to access
  2. The number of servers spread around the world
  3. The number of servers per country, especially for the most in-demand such as the United States or Canada
  4. The number of IP addresses available.

With more than 1,400 servers in 75 different locations, it’s a rather interesting and extensive network that you’ll have access to. Although the number of countries involved could be improved (there are currently 53 countries), the servers are very well distributed, especially in the most sought-after locations.

Besides, you will be able to access more than 40,000 different IP addresses.

Therefore, the observation is very positive: IPVanish is at the rendezvous at this level, even if it is still below the best VPNs (notably CyberGhost and ExpressVPN, having more than 3000 servers in the world).


IPVanish customer support test

Customer support is something we pay a lot of attention to when we do our tests because it often indicates its mentality: is it really listening to its customers?

Our opinion on IPVanish on this is rather positive because, as you will see, the provider has developed many elements to make the use of its Virtual Private Network accessible to all.

As with the vast majority of suppliers, you’ll have FAQ spaces and installation guides to help you. Note that they are only available in English.

But what particularly seduced us was the online chat.

As you can see in this image, you will be able to interact with real experts from several different teams depending on your request: billing service, sales service, technical service…

The response times are very short (almost instantaneous), the chat is available 24/7, and the explanations are always clear. This is a perfect point of this review on IPVanish; we can only congratulate the supplier for this approach, worthy of ExpressVPN or NordVPN. It’s rare to see smaller suppliers aligning themselves with the best at this level.


Offers and pricing

For the rest of this review on IPVanish, we will move on to an element often highly anticipated by Internet users: the analysis of the offer and the prices offered.

A small clarification: if the price is an important element, it should not be absolutely decisive to make your choice. Indeed, in the field of internet protection, what matters most is safety and performance. It’s better to pay a few euros more and have real protection than to pay for something that doesn’t protect you daily.

IPVanish offers the same type of offer as most competitors: a unique and comprehensive offer of protection, which comes in 3 tariffs, depending on your commitment time.

The 1-month offer is exciting, as it is one of the cheapest VPN on the market. This is very convenient if you are looking for protection in the short term, for example, when traveling abroad.

But despite everything, the offers for 3 months and especially 1 year are more interesting in terms of price. If you want to protect yourself daily, we advise you to opt for a one-year commitment.

However, keep in mind the performance we talked about earlier: if you’re a streaming fan, for example, the speeds may be slightly insufficient. In this case, we advise you to choose another provider, for example, CyberGhost or ExpressVPN.

Please note: if you want to make your own opinion on IPVanish, you have the option to get a refund within 7 days in case you are not satisfied. A good opportunity to test the solution. The refund is very quick on your credit card or your PayPal account.

A little clarification about the pricing that we personally liked: if you are a student, you will have the possibility of having a 20% discount on your IPVanish subscription in 2022. This is an approach that we welcome because it proves that the supplier knows how to make offers tailored to small student budgets to protect themselves still.


More information

We are nearing the end of this review on IPVanish. Before concluding, here is a summary of all the complementary features you will access if you opt for this provider.


The number of simultaneous connections

While the number of installations is unlimited for all market players, the number of simultaneous connections is often limited.

At IPVanish, you’ll be able to connect to no less than 10 devices at the same time. That’s much more than most suppliers.

So don’t hesitate to install the VPN on your various internet-connected devices: phone, computer, tablet, and even on all your connected objects by installing it directly on your router!



As you can imagine: our opinion of IPVanish could not be positive if the vendor was not compatible with all operating systems.

So you’ll be able to install the Virtual Private Network on all your devices, whether they’re on macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android.

As mentioned above, it is also possible to install the solution directly on your router, to protect all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.


Extension Google Chrome

As you can see from the previous image: you can also use the IPVanish extension on Google Chrome to protect your data during your internet searches better.



Our opinion on IPVanish is, therefore, on the whole, rather positive. The performance is interesting, and so is the associated pricing. We note the company’s many efforts, especially in customer support, interface, and pricing (with the special offer students).

Of course, compared to market leaders, speeds are lower, and your download times, for example, will be impacted. The server network could also be developed to offer more alternatives. But overall, this is a good VPN.

That said, IPVanish is far from the best value for money. If you’re looking for an even better VPN, we recommend ExpressVPN or CyberGhost, for example, because they combine optimal performance with cheap pricing.

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