Ionizer Or Air Purifier

Ionizer Or Air Purifier | Which One Do You Need?

What is ionization?

An ionizer has the same goals as any other air purifier, i.e., providing clean and healthy air for all occupants of a house.

And yet their operations differ in that an ionizer advances by releasing negative ions into space. These then come into contact with the pollutant particles of positive charges and then fall directly onto the ground.

This neutralization quickly produces gentle air, is pleasant to breathe and deodorized. To complete the action, all you need to do is use a vacuum cleaner to soak up the unwanted elements that have been grounded.


What is an air purifier?

Air Purifier

If you have breathing difficulties such as asthma, have allergies, or if you can’t bear the polluted air in your house, don’t hesitate to invest in an air purifier.

Knowing that we spend most of our time in confined spaces makes sense for us to protect ourselves from the effects of air pollution.

An air purifier consists of an indoor device designed to suck contaminated air out of your home, filter pollutant elements, and finally dissipate incredibly healthy and pleasant atmosphere to breathe. In short, it aims to eliminate all types of air pollution that are usually considered extraordinarily volatile and elusive.


Difference between an air purifier and ionizer

Although an air purifier and an ionizer have the same goals, they differ in their operating principles, which have already been explained. However, it should also be noted that their uses are also different.

The ionizer is cheaper than the filter air purifier; it is also less effective than the filter air purifier in neutralizing unwanted gases, vapours and odours. On the other hand, it is smaller, consumes less energy when it is not equipped with a fan and is then wholly silent. Since it does not have a filter, it is not necessary to change it!

The filter air purifier is very popular for its overall efficiency, especially its ability to eliminate chemical gases, vapours and odours.


Should I buy an air purifier or an ionizer?

Due to its efficiency validated by experts in this field, we believe that purchasing an air purifier is more interesting than an ionizer.

And for a good reason: in its very complete filtration system, no pollutant is neglected by a high-quality filter air purifier. The only counter-argument that is most acceptable to us is that the filters have to be changed every year or every two years.

Even if you have an ionizer, make sure you vacuum regularly to get rid of the pollutants that have fallen to the ground. And don’t just buy any model, some of them release too much ozone, which completely cancels out the purified air’s positive effect.


2-in-1 ionizer and air purifier

However, suppose it is difficult for you to choose between an air purifier and an ionizer. In that case, you should know that the market also offers models that combine these two technologies at very acceptable prices.

These models use both a system of overlaying multiple filters and an ionizer. The most important feature of this 2-in-1 product is that the ionizer function accelerates the device’s cleaning performance while simultaneously disensifying negative ions to the room air. After all, there is no more suction, as HEPA filters capture the dust generated by negative ions.

As a bonus, it can be used continuously or occasionally, depending on the air quality of your home.

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