06 Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

Our bedroom,that space that is the only one not common for the whole family, becomes our most beloved place in the house.

That corner of the world where we spend many hours. In which we disconnect. In which we recharge our batteries to start a new day.

Therefore, it is probably the room to which we dedicate the most care and the most beautiful we want it to be.

If we start to reflect, when we enter to live in a house or a new apartment, one of the requirements that many people have is that the bedroom has a warm and cozy decoration to make us feel more at ease and that transmits that “homely warmth” that we need.

We take the opportunity to leave you some ideas to decorate a room and adapt it to make it as cozy as possible.


1. Bed


If we want a cozy bedroom, we can choose a bed with a structure and wooden headboard. A sure success, since it combines with everything.

Although the most important thing is to have a good mattress on which to rest when we sleep. There are many mattresses, but few in which you are comfortable and can rest.

Don’t start the house on the roof, start at the base. If you want a cozy bedroom it is essential to have a good mattress. In Alsobre you can find the mattress that best suits your body.

Accompany it with a good piece of furniture and a good box spring. Be clear that you are not making an expense but an investment in health and decorative aesthetics.


2. Carpets


Not everyone likes to add carpets to their decoration, however, it is an element that creates a somewhat more cozy area feeling.

But, it is true that, if we have a small bedroom, the carpet can make it look even smaller than it is. Therefore, it is better that we opt for a carpet according to the measurements of the bedroom.

To choose the right carpet consider some things such as, for example, where to place it, if you have animals, or if it is a more or less traveled space. As for the colors, think that a carpet of light colors you will have to clean it many more times if it is in an area where it is given a lot of use.

Carpets printed or with geometric shapes are more suffered than smooth carpets in light tones.


3. Cushions


Another idea is to decorate room cushions. The great forgotten of the decoration of a bedroom on many occasions, when they are very important.

Placing cushions on the bed provides a feeling of comfort and desire to get into bed to rest and never go out.

There is a big difference between seeing a bed with the pillow “rasa” or another with several cushions perfectly chosen and placed that invite you to want to get lost in them.

They are usually always placed from largest to the smallest size (from back to front), so it is possible not to detract from the prominence of any. They can be placed asymmetrically or on a ladder, as you like.

Of course, do not overdo it, having more than 5 or 6 cushions can achieve an effect contrary to the one sought and can be too overloaded.


4. Wall decoration

Wall decoration

The wall decoration may seem the least important, but without going any further is what gives that cozy touch to your bedroom.

There are a thousand ways to decorate a wall: with small framed sheets and placed with a certain aesthetic criterion, paint a wall of a different color from the others or paint some decorative motif.

Even with something as simple as putting a vinyl we will achieve that homely point we are looking for. There are millions of decorative motifs to choose from depending on the style you want to give to your bedroom. Choose between larger, smaller, colorful, white, black…

Of course, it is better to put them on a smooth surface that does not have more decorative elements.


5. Curtains


Curtains are those textile elements so basic that they can change the image they project 200%. Some people think that they have gone out of fashion, on the contrary, they are still a very attractive element for a bedroom. You have many shapes and colors, long, short, with fall, double …

On the other hand, curtains are not a fundamental element, but they are very useful to achieve that warmth we are looking for.

The curtains are very personal and go according to the rest of the bedroom, but warm tones such as pastel yellow, nude, or mink will always provide something more of “homely warmth” than if we opt for black or white curtains.


6. Bed linen

Linen and 100% cottons are the fabrics that best perspire and the kindest to our skin. In addition, they usually have light colors and tones that create serene and cozy environments.

The white, clean and bright, combine with everything and is always a good choice. You can also bet on colors such as beige, brown, gray or pastel tones.

A detail that will bring warmth and feeling more cozy is putting a down duvet with a nice cover. Don’t put it inside the mattress, drop it!

In addition, add a blanket on the feet of the bed, apart from doing a decorative function, it will bring a feeling of being a more cozy bedroom.

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